National: Never EVER Again! Facebook Group post by Terry Nicholas · Opinion: Australia wants to drag NZ into it’s mess with China

Let’s not beat about the bush here, Australia have pissed off the dragon and are now backed into a corner and looking for an easy way out or a distraction.

Their immature behaviour towards China is costing them and the Australian economy greatly, now Australia is pointing the finger at us for not being as stupid as them is how I see it.

What has Aussie done to upset China?“If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy.”

It is the bluntest assessment of the relationship ever delivered by a Chinese government official and the list is a clearest indication of how deep the fracture in the relationship runs.The list includes:

  • Banning Huawei from the roll-out of 5G over “unfounded” national security concerns
  • Foreign interference laws, “viewed as targeting China and in the absence of any evidence”
  • Calls for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus – “siding with the US’ anti-China campaign”
  • Speaking out on the South China Sea
  • Speaking out on human rights allegations in Xinjiang, accusing the government of “peddling lies”

“Thinly veiled” allegations against China on cyber attacks which Beijing says lacks evidence

And new foreign relations laws which give the federal government power to veto state, or local government agreements with foreign governments

It would be impossible for any Australian Government to satisfy all the demands without ceding its sovereignty.

“For years China has applied a strategy to Australia: shut up and take the money,” Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings told 9News.

“They don’t want Australia to be expressing views about what we think is important in regional security.”No Australian can live with that, no democracy can live with that.

“Increasingly we are going to be at loggerheads. I’m afraid Australians need to get used to this being the reality of how our relations with China will work probably for years to come.

“Last night, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian rattled off a similar but shorter list of accusations levelled against Australia, accusing the Morrison government of a “blatant violation … of international relations”, by speaking out over what it viewed as risks to “democratic processes” in Hong Kong and human rights abuse allegations in Xinjiang.

Mr Zhao said Australia had “slandered and accused China of engaging in intervention and infiltration activities in Australia”, and engaged in “political manipulation” over the independent inquiry into coronavirus.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson also accused the Australian government of being to blame for the state of the relationship, saying responsibility for the deep troubles, “doesn’t lie with China at all” and urged Australia “do more things conducive to enhancing mutual trust”.

China has already imposed trade barriers on beef, wine, barley, lobster and timber.

After Australia spoke out about the disqualification of opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong, warning it “seriously undermines Hong Kong’s democratic processes”, the Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wengbin warned, “should they insist on going down the wrong path China will make firm, legitimate and necessary reactions.

“The Australian government has been left in no doubt how the Chinese government feels.”

The Australian Government makes sound decisions in our national interest and in accordance with our values and open democratic processes,” a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

“We are a liberal democratic society with a free media and a parliamentary democracy, where elected members and media are entitled to freely express their views.”



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