Gerard Otto Facebook: Saturday Morning dirty dishes and revenge is best dished up hot

Who told Dr Smith that Tova had the story and was going to leak it on Tuesday?

Whoever – that person was within the National Party – they misled Dr Smith and it now looks like National are covering up and hiding the facts in a cesspool of secrets and shameful, disgraceful dishonesty.

Jude the Ripper – refuses to tell the truth to New Zealand voters ( especially National voters ) about who told Dr Smith – the misleading and false story that Tova had that story.

Instead Jude says “I’m not falling for that one” and laughs it off – in the face of every New Zealand voter – but she’s always known that her ally is Dr Smith’s replacement.

“I just feel National voters should smell the coffee”, said an organic punga.

“This is how Jude operates”, said a flax bush.

There’s no way National voters should vote for a party with this sort of internal dysfunction going on.

Can you imagine them trying to deliver something as they misinform each other, threaten leaks and then deny they ever did anything like that?

Meanwhile – Dr Smith now must realise that either he was blinded by fear like a guilty man in the headlights and he just made it all up – or – he was misled, told false information, encouraged to flee, to go to ground, dig a hole, to cover his scrawny arse and get the hell out of dodge.

Residents say red lights were seen glowing over the hills of Nelson last night – and many figure it’s Dr Smith seething with rage …at the deception of Jude the Ripper …as she cackles like a witch on a broomstick.

Now New Zealanders wonder if Dr Smith will plan UTU upon Jude and tell everyone – who told him that Tova had that story – who created that false impression – who misled and misinformed him – that – this was going to happen on Tuesday last week.

“It just seems National are one big lie”, said G from G News, “at times like this Kerre McSnider, the angry toilet brush and Duplicity tend to talk about other topics, because it’s way too damaging to confront just how rotten National really are.”

“Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies”, said Mr Louis staring out the window. If only Chris Bishflap or Simeon the Scaremonger had some integrity – they could both put energy into revealing the truth here – instead of playing partisan politics and showing voters that they will help cover up things that matter.

It does make all that pompous self righteous waffle about cracking down or coming clean – seem – nothing but a self serving convenience – if both Chris and Simeon are now deliberately silent.

Come on Chris and Simeon – stand up and challenge Jude or Dr Smith to tell the truth for the sake of those last National voters who still have faith that you are worth voting for?

Now is the time to show who you really are to the public.

Don’t bury the truth from every single voter in Pakuranga and every voter in Hutt South.

Show them who you really are – deep down inside.

I expect to see both Chris and Simeon go online today and spill the beans in the name of open and transparent Opposition.

Surely there must be one or two honest National MPs?

Someone who will care about the voters?

Someone who won’t spit in the face of every National voter as if they just don’t matter one little bit.

Or are these National MPs all in a conspiracy of dishonest silence?

A silence which is nothing but a parade or immorality, of devious skullduggery, defending lies and perpetuating the rotten core that harms the lives of New Zealanders…as they pretend to be the “good guys” on the side of society.

Are they really playing snakes and liars…playing a board game …trying to win…like crooked people – nobody can trust to deliver on anything they may say?

Why don’t National MPs they do their research instead of just shrugging and pretending they know nothing?

I’d feel like I would change my vote over these sorts of critical moments of character – if I was a National voter.

If someone shows you who they are, believe them”, said Maya Angelou.

Jude the Ripper has shown us all she is not fit for leadership of the National Party with her lack of transparency over who misled Dr Smith. She has also shown us all she is prepared to use fake news about racist dog whistling just to win votes.

Surely every National voter must be shaking their heads now and regretting they ever voted for National.

Some say I am pouring it on too thick, and Dr Smith will not stand up and tell the truth about who told him Tova had the story last Tuesday – just to get revenge on those who misled him and caused him to run like a coward from the media.

Yes – they say Dr Smith is too loyal to do that – and now after being lied to with a knife in his back – Dr Smith will try to go quietly into the mist as if he did something honourable and magnificent – as everyone claps his 30 years and the matter of honesty will be swept under the carpet where it belongs in National Party culture.

Like you – I just don’t know – but I do know that this does not look like a government in waiting – a party you could actually vote for.

It looks like dirty dishes.

Covered in dishonesty and deception.

It’s best to just pour some hot water into the sink and scrub those dishes squeaky clean with some open transparency – rather than leaving them till later – to be done by media.

Hopefully Dr Smith will turn on Jude and serve up a final sting in her tail for misleading him – and get those dirty dishes done, for the sake of democracy and for the sake of every New Zealander.

It’s always good to have a clean kitchen.

It only takes a bit of honest work really.

Which National MP is up for it? Saturday Morning dirty dishes

G 🙂


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