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Gerard Otto Facebook: Nikki Kaye tied to Woodhouse and Boag

Nikki Kaye tied to Woodhouse and Boag
If you google “Stamford Plaza Woodhouse” you will find Woodhouse was the author of an article on Sunday 21 June 2020 which in the cache reads :
“Stamford Plaza residents were rightfully concerned to find out people were being quarantined at the hotel without their knowledge…”
If you click on the link – you will also find the National Party have made strenuous efforts to delete that article from their website.
“The Page you were looking for was not found” – is all that remains of that article today.
Why would they try to hide that article?
The same article can still be found on Voxy and the article draws attention to how Nikki Kaye hosted a meeting with residents.
“At a meeting today with the residents of Stamford Plaza, hosted by Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye, the anger and frustration the residents were feeling was apparent.”
So what?
Woodhouse was at that meeting.
On Friday 10 July 2020 Kathryn Ryan interviewed Michael Woodhouse about how he came to have private patient data sent to him by Michelle Boag and Woodhouse told Kathryn Ryan he was at a meeting at the Stamford Plaza when he received a text from Boag.
Boag had caught wind of the fact Woodhouse was handling the publicity about the issue and how do you think she found that out?
Nikki Kaye please step out of the shade and into the light.
What communications had Kay been having with Boag about this “information that may be useful”?
As you know, Boag and Nikki Kaye enjoy a close relationship and Boag stepped down from Nikki Kaye’s Campaign committee – on Wednesday 8th July – a day AFTER – she confessed to being the source behind Hamish Walker’s leak to three media organisations.
Asked why she did it – Boag said she was not going to get into that and that was a matter for Michael Heron QC.
Boag was still covering up and was also hanging on to her National Party membership.
The State Services Commission had published the Terms of Reference for Heron’s inquiry on Monday 6th July and this had set a fire under National.
The scope included these objectives :
1. ) what caused the incident;
2. ) whether any particular individual or individuals were responsible for the incident;
3. ) whether there is a risk of ongoing breaches or further exposure of the information.
After this information came out Woodhouse deleted his emails from Boag and Boag coughed up – but it took an extra day for Boag to resign from Nikki Kaye’s campaign committee.
Nikki Kaye took to twitter on Wednesday 8th July to clarify to Simon Wilson ( NZHerald ) that Michelle Boag was not her campaign chair – just on the committee.
But obviously by Thursday 9 July some members of the press had been tipped off about Woodhouse because they asked very specific questions of Todd Muller about Woodhouse and what Todd Muller knew and did.
Reporter: Was Michelle Boag a source for Michael Woodhouse? Have you spoken to him?
Muller: Ah no I look again I don’t really understand where you’re going with this.
Reporter: Have you checked with Woodhouse specifically whether he received that same information from Boag?
Muller: Ah no.
This was way too close for comfort and I wish I knew who that reporter was – but you can be sure – the press know more about all this than they have let on.
In fact Heather Du Plessis-Allan went to air and said she knew who the real source around Woodhouse really was, and it was not Boag …and don’t ask…and she went on to suggest Woodhouse was a good operator.
Who do you think that source was Nikki Kaye?
Kaye seems wrapped up in the centre of all things Boag – but also artfully absent all the way through the week until Boag was flushed.
Anyway back to Todd on Thursday being blindsided by the press who knew too much.
National freaked out behind the scenes on Thursday evening and Woodhouse and Boag were both set to work explaining and distancing themselves from everything – because now Todd had the press on his throat and he was lost at sea.
Predictably ….the very next morning both Boag and Woodhouse released press statements – because the game was up and they had to make it look like they were being honest.
Meanwhile Nikki Kaye prowled around the edges here and likely hoped her possible involvement in conversations between Boag and Woodhouse at the Stamford Plaza would not be in the scope of the Inquiry.
Just look at the kind of data Boag was sending out and saying might be of some use to people like Walker, Woodhouse and possibly Nikki Kaye…
On 3 July 2020, the New Zealand Herald stated that it had received “a spreadsheet with the names, date of births, age, location of isolation, location of quarantine of 19 of the most current active Covid-19 cases.”
Radio New Zealand reported on 4 July 2020 that it “has seen a document that includes the full names, addresses, age and the names of the hotel and one hospital the 18 have been quarantining in.” Other media channels have also reported having seen the information.
It’s time the press demanded Nikki Kaye state for the record exactly what communications she had with Boag and Woodhouse about any of this type of information in National’s campaign to undermine the Government’s efforts to keep New Zealand safe at managed isolation facilities.
So far National have drip fed the truth ONLY when they have been forced to.
Should Nikki Kaye state her involvement in all of these matters – or deny them categorically for the record?
I think Nikki Kaye needs to come forward and be 100% honest – especially given her knowledge about these matters is likely from 21 June onwards – given her proximity to Woodhouse and Boag at the Stamford Plaza.
Michael Heron QC is going to want to know whether there is a risk of ongoing breaches or further exposure of the information.
National know that.
Nikki Kaye tied to Woodhouse and Boag
G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Sir John says it best – when he says nothing at all as he appears on Paul Henrys Show “Refucking Paradise”


Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 11.04.57 AM

Sir John says it best – when he says nothing at all

Paul Henry Hope was far from hard hitting when his life long idol and BFF ( best friend forever ) – Sir John appeared on Refucking Paradise the other day.

Instead Paul pulled his bigoted, bullying head in – and assumed the manner of a very friendly bum licker.

He talked to Sir John like he was on a hot date.

Smooth soft tones…gentle love and romance …the sensitivity of a man lost in admiration so deep, that he might cum in his pants at any moment.

“Hello John.”

“Hello Paul”

The sycophantic saliva dripped off’s Paul’s drooling brown tongue as he greeted this wondrous human being.

Oooh, God he is so fine.

Paul gushed that Sir John was the “Chinese whisperer” and asked his fabulous hot date whether this Government was being far too cautious in a Global Pandemic?

“At the end of the day, achtually – they’ve told us about what we can’t do – but not what we can do” said Sir John like a hawk eyeing a bald squirrel.

“So you are saying they are being too cautious John?” – prompted Paul.

Which was the closest Paul got to probing the bottom of that remark.

Paul was really begging for a yes to make his show the centre of attention.

But Sir John was not going to let Paul lick his arse on the first date.

No, no, no.

Sir John played hard to get on this point.

Saying the Government was being too cautious just so NewsHub would have a headline – would later involve Sir John having to explain his comment with a load of details and examples.

Sir John simply would not be able to justify things.

No this conversation had to be kept vague and general.

So he avoided saying the Government had been too cautious.

The same effect could be achieved by unaccountable innuendo and let’s face it – that was the role Paul played by not digging into what Sir John was implying.

Too much scrutiny would reveal to the public that the Government are announcing new initiatives almost every other day during Alert Levels.

That was not Sir Johns intention – and neither was it Paul’s.

All sorts of details would have to be put on the table.

Like how all those financial packages were announced without waiting for Budget 2020.

You know – the loss carry back scheme, wage subsidies, rent increase freeze, 80% risk share with banks – etc etc etc.

Like the launch of 35 new employment centres and online tools to help the unemployed find a job – which Jacinda was talking about just last night.

Like the fact we know the RMA is being fast tracked by David Parker because he told the Epidemic Response Committee that work is in rapid progress on this last week.

Like how Hunting was banned at level 4 but not at level 3 – you can hunt locally now, as well as swim, surf, drive to a beach in your region, fish off the shore, collect some fast food, buy freshly made coffee, slightly widen your bubble.

Like how Grant Robertson has told us that the previous budget responsibility rules are now waived – which means more than the initial $54 Billion is on it’s way to help us all.

Like how we know the government is meeting with heads of industry every day to figure out targeted relief.

Like how the public now knows real help is on it’s way to help businesses and landords with commercial leases – announced by Jacinda yesterday.

Like how 400,000 extra people can now go to work at level 3 – which means the New Zealand economy is operating at 75% of normal levels.

75% of can do – versus 25% of cannot do.

“Instead of waiting till the end of Level 3, I just think the Government should be waking up every day and thinking what more could we do.” – said Sir John.

Uninformed viewers looked at each other and said ..

“He’s right you know”

Which was really the point of the whole love fest between Paul and Sir John.

It was not Paul’s job to challenge Sir John on his “hard hitting” show.

It was about Refucking Paradise.

It’s Paul’s job to agree with everything Sir John says, to bow low before the God’s of money, to worship elite Bankers and to blindly cuddle, lick and fawn over every panty wetting word.

Oh Paul wriggled in his seat, his knees clenched tight together.

With an absence of facts, an absence of detail, an absence of challenging the opinions of past politicians – the public could be persuaded that Sir John ( The Chinese Whisperer ) was actually pointing at something very sleepy going on with Jacinda’s Government.

Paul never did ask Sir John to clarify whether Level 3 should just unravel on a daily basis and how that should relate to scientific advice about risking a return to Level 4.

No – where is the sexy fun in that?

Who needs science and pesky public health experts?

Not National – nor it’s fans.

Instead after a good bum licking – Paul concluded that fair points had been made by Sir John.

It was implied this Government really was asleep at the wheel – waiting around for level 3 to finish – doing nothing in between.

Viewers were left thinking there really should not be any restrictions at all – on what we can do during a global pandemic.

But informed citizens knew better.

They knew National are on the rocks, the Government has never had so much support, Public Health matters, Paul’s show is shit, and Sir John can’t actually get into the details of what he is talking about.

The smile on his face let’s us know he’s pretending

The touch of Paul’s hand says he’s still a good friend

When National should fall…

Sir John says it best – when he says nothing at all


Gerard Otto Facebook: Partisan National Media in Self Isolation for years

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 9.11.25 AM

I woke up this morning to hear a disturbing sound.

The jingle jangle of modern NZ media suggesting we blame Ashley for shit he could not do anything about – when Media had not raised the alarm themselves for years.

Can you recall Media like Stuff or NZME putting the issue of New Zealand’s EPIDEMIC CONTACT TRACING capability on page one at any time during the past decade?

“You’d better think” said Aretha

“You’d better think about the consequences of your actions”.

The Media are supposed to hold Governments to account – according to themselves ( snigger ) – but I’d bet four fried chickens and a coke – nobody can find any evidence of Media doing their fucking job on this point.

Instead they want to blame Ash.

The guy shouldering the effort to protect us all.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

But I hate a lazy media as well.

They have filthy mouths and bad attitudes.

Stuff wrote today how we should not be afraid to ask questions about Ashely’s performance when Stuff were themselves “back in five minutes” all through January and February.

How about not being afraid to ask Media about their own performance?

It’s only THIS week that Media have gotten around to raising issues that have been sitting in the corner for years.

Begging to be highlighted by a media that actually gets out from behind it’s 24 hour news cycle keyboard.

Yesterday Grant Robertson raised the point to the bespectacled ferret Goldsmith – that he would struggle to recall fighting for more contact tracing capability back in 2016.

Yes National, what did you do about it?


Infometrics told us National cut $1.7 Billion from the Health Budget between 2010 and July 2015.

“How often does the media train run by here?”

“So often you won’t even notice it”

That’s the other problem.

If it’s not a scandal it’s not a headline.

Professor Skegg told Simon Bridges he’d written a book about how successive governments have ignored Public Health concerns – trading them off – like economists do.

Fix the cigarette lighter.

Nobody in the media has gotten around to highlighting the issues in Professor Skegg’s book – even now.

Instead Simon Bridges has quarantined long term Public Health issues and focused solely upon the time it has taken to respond urgently to a situation National is partially responsible for.

Yesterday Bridges ( the most isolated figure in NZ politics ) told media his bogus petition garnered 50,000 so he is not worried about how 24,000 furious kiwis think he is a cock.

A petition pleading for policy already in action.

Bridge’s is hardly on a mission from God.

You can’t lie to the Penguin.

Yet again nobody in the Media said to Bridges :

“You miserable slug! You think you can talk your way out of this?”

Instead the folks at Newshub, Stuff and NZME did the usual job of leaving it up the public to decide – apart from Clare Trevett who had the good sense to write :

Comedians know they are in trouble when they find themselves explaining their punch lines.

Media should remember the situation Ash has been dropped into and how we’ve all been lucky to have such a great dude doing whatever it takes to get us through this.

There are 106 miles to Elimination, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.

Now is not the time for a lazy media to lash out at the driver.

Instead they should take a good look at themselves.

Media in Self Isolation for years


Gerard Otto Facebook: Jobs vs Lives The dichtonomy Labour- Kiwi lives take precedence versus National- jobs and business are more important your choice Election 2020

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 8.29.38 AM

Jobs versus Lives

Even while the South Korean CDC reported two days ago that 51 patients recovered from the coronavirus, tested negative, then positive again within a relatively short time – money was all some people cared about in New Zealand.

Was this a case of 51 false negatives – or did this virus REACTIVATE?

If so – what does that mean for all the money men stirring the pot around about now – how some small businesses will fail soon unless we hurry back and start coughing on each other?

Reactivation – will mean this thing goes on longer – and don’t forget there is still potentially 14% of cases in new Zealand that are still under investigation – which could be counted as community transmission.

Unless all of this is very well understood in 9 days time – odds are we’ll be staying in lockdown for a further 14 days.

And that will cause some shit to go down with the money men who do not buy this medical expert opinion stuff anymore.

Howling, moaning, weeping and wailing about money will start to be amplified by Newshub, Newscrap ZB, the NZ Herald, TVNZ and of course Sean Plunkett – as National gather it all up and accuse the Government of destroying our economy unnecessarily.

They wouldn’t do that?

National have just pulled off a blatantly political stunt in broad daylight with their bogus petition AFTER knowing full well – mandatory quarantine was already planned by the Government.

These people have brass necks.

Now the National Party are focusing upon the 20th April – when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will show her hand and most likely announce Lockdown will continue for a short while longer for solid reasons to do with unknowns, uncertainty and be not risking fucking things up.

“An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”

That’s the line – and PM Ardern will hold that line and defend it against greedy political fuckwits who are already practising their howls.

We will require another two weeks to complete all the necessary testing to seal this sucker off and run it down into the ground, and know for sure about matters like “Reactivation” and “Community Transmission”.

On the 21st March, Sam Stubbs wrote :

“..Facts don’t often get in the way of a good panic..”

Which is a two edge sword about panicking to get back to work OR panicking to go hard and early to prevent deaths.

Economic facts are tied up with medical facts in the days we now live in.

Medical facts suggest once you are dead you will not recover.

Economic facts suggest we recover from recessions and even depressions, but at the cost of great suffering.

Sam was saying the worst case economic scenario may not necessarily happen and we should be careful not to “talk down” the economy – two days before NZ went into Level 2.

Today – Sam is saying :

“Perhaps a decision to move into Level 2 or 3, sooner rather than later, may be what’s necessary to keep both Covid-19 under control and the economy alive.”

Which all boiled down to Sam worrying about public opinion and the fact Winter is coming.

Where have I heard all this before?

The truth is – you know nothing Jon Snow – and neither does Sam.

Which is why for the sake of another two weeks of Lockdown – most intelligent Kiwis will support a decision by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to finish what we started based on scientific evidence and the best medical advice.

Looking around at the record death rate in New York yesterday, the downplaying of Covid-19 by Trump in the early days – and the plight of Sweden now after talking about protecting their economy…and ignoring medical facts…

I know who I trust.

And it’s not the greedy Lannisters.

Jobs versus Lives


Gerard Otto Facebook: Sticky the stick Insect lashes out (#aka Ova Tova)

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 7.16.42 PM

Sticky the stick Insect lashes out

Simon Bridges was in a world of bother today as some of the press finally got around to noticing – that he was driving up and down the North Island – when he could have stayed at home and used Zoom to do his job.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a room full of journalists that it was not up to her to tell the Leader of the Opposition how to run his operations – but it was obvious Simon was being a total pillock and risking front line services having to rescue him if he had an accident.

“Eye wool do what eva eye want to cos eye is impotent” – said Mr Bridges earlier today as he flipped the proverbial bird at the nation once again.

“Important – not impotent” – remarked a kid who could read.

“Dat’s wot eye said” – reckoned Simon.

Suddenly what looked like a knobbly dry stick – bent forward in it’s dry knobbly seat and asked in a dry knobbly tone …

“Will you be asking David Clark to resign …”

Everyone in the room groaned and said For Fucks Sake – under their breath.

Sticky the stick insect – otherwise known as Tova O’Biased – had been chewing her bark off, obsessing day and night about David Clark for at least 5 straight days now.

“What a fucking lecherous mole, wasting the time of the PM in a pandemic like that”, murmured decent citizens all up and down the nation.

The PM explained how David Clark was a very competent minister and how she would be doing no such bullshit thing just so Sticky could write her dumb partisan story and drag shit on for almost a week.

But sticky the stick insect would not pipe down.

On and on she bitched and moaned about apologies being needed by hospital workers, and the PM cut her off like a chainsaw cutting through … a stick.

Would Newshub run the story about Simon Bridges for five straight days – like they had about David Clark?

Of course not.

All Nat based media had turned a blind eye when David Bennett urged kiwis to panic buy – and now Simon Bridges had once again proven he was a dinosaur using a laptop and preferred to waste Limo fuel ….there would be no 5 day campaign in the media to nail his sausage roll to the wall.


The dire bias of New Zealand’s mainstream media was required to prop up a hopeless shambles of a National Party who were a dog’s breakfast right now.

Sticky the stick insect stalked off to lampoon David Clark for the sixth day in a row …while the rest of the nation sighed a collective sigh and moved on – knowing they could never expect an even playing field from these media assholes.

And they wonder why – they are going broke.

Sticky the stick Insect lashes out


Gerard Otto Facebook: What do National voters vote for? Lets go back to nine years of neglect mismanagement and corruption they say

Flag D

MBovis – they opened the gates
OECD record breaking homelessness
Cold damp classrooms for kids
Big parties at $10,000 a pop for an invite
Tiny surpluses at the expense of ACC
Deficits for six years in a row
Petrol taxes
Super expensive motorways we can’t afford
Shit pay for teachers and nurses
Shit running down hospital walls
Being at the centre of global tax evasion scandals
Dirty politics on the 9th floor
Booting innocent housing tenants onto the street
Refusing to seek scientific advice about meth contamination
Making backhanders with crony mates
Deleting 450 texts
Bashing down doors at 3am – stroke force raptor – rah!!!
Not taxing multinationals
Drilling around nearly extinct dolphins
Cold pensioners in Winter
Rising electricity costs
Foreign donations split up to look legal
Miserable minimum wage increases
Removing workers rights
More beggars on the street
Cold damp flats
Drilling for fossil fuels forever
Not attending Waitangi Day
Cracking down on protests with violence
Scandals, leaks and gossip
Widening wealth inequality
Poisoning rivers, lakes and streams
Plastic shit everywhere
Forgetting what they did when caught
Getting drunk in the changing rooms
Paying for US TV coverage
Sending other people’s kids to war
Saying Pike River mine is too unsafe
Doing way less on Climate Change
Pulling pony tails
Making light of that – when the victim complains
Dishing out Knighthoods to themselves
Tax cuts for the rich at election time
GST rises for the poor after promising not to
Being 70,000 houses behind their supply targets
Unaffordable houses – fuck the first home buyer
Racist school curriculums
Underinvesting in the regions
Killing off rail
Appointing old mates to run the GCSB
Cutting foreign aid to our neighbours
Ripping up conservation land
Forgetting about fuel pipe lines to the airport
Promising 10 bridges in Northland
Vile hateful texts while having affairs
Going to ground when the heat is on
Fake news and how it can be exploited to win
Attack ads that are dishonest
Refusing to even measure poverty
Lying about 11.7 Billion dollar holes
Borrowing $70 Billion
Refusing to invest in the super fund
Turning a blind eye to tax avoidance
Covering up bullying reports
Unlimited Immigration
House price inflation
Weak capital reserves in banks
Selling our water as fast as possible
Selling our land as fast as possible
Installing foreign spies
A bent and crooked opinion based press
No public broadcasting
A meaner, more disgusting New Zealand

What do National voters vote for?


Gerard Otto Facebook: The self interest of the NZH and National MPs who own multiple properties who object to a CGT

Steve West shared a post.
3 hrs

The fact 75% of National MPs have investment property and vow to repeal any CGT is not self interest according to the NZ Herald.

Gerard Otto

The self interest of the NZ Herald

Who pays the NZ Herald? Advertisers and subscribers.

While its free online reach has grown, the circulation of the country’s biggest paper, NZME’s New Zealand Herald, has been tracking steadily downwards for years, falling in 2016 from 134,000 papers a day to 127,000.

It now offers subscriptions for $1 a day and “premium content” ( lol ) will retreat behind a paywall soon in order to rescue the bleeding business model.

The demographics of the NZ Herald’s shrinking audience is well known to both the marketing and sales departments within NZME and it is careful to point out that it does not necessary agree with everything it publishes.

The demographics of the audience are also well known to the NZ Herald’s advertisers.

But let’s face it – it’s always been a conservative audience made up of get ahead empty nesters and self congratulatory recent retirees.

This is why the NZ Herald political page was covered with anti-CGT headlines yesterday.

The content feeds the prevailing opinions and prejudices of the known audience.

That’s how you keep them.

Plus the content is frequently also aligned with the prevailing views of major advertisers as well ( but not always ) especially when the vast majority of business decision makers vote National.

Neutrality is trumped by the bias of commercial imperatives.

Mike Hosking and Barry Soper ripped their spleens about how if every recommendation in the TWG report was not adopted by cabinet then it’s just not fair and a sign of bungling weakness by a naive government.

This was clearly preposterous.

No working group ever expects every one of it’s recommendations to be adopted and it is standard operating procedure in New Zealand law making that only some portion of the range of options are adopted by ANY government.

For example Judith Collins decided NOT to adopt the recommendation from the Electoral Commission to lower the MMP threshold from 5% to 4% whilst adopting other recommendations made by the commission.

This is normal and you don’t find Mike Hosking and Barry Soper ringing the bells about these matters unless it’s an issue that matters to the prevailing demographics of the audience or to advertisers.

The infection of self interest is not in dispute.

Constituencies matter including dwindling revenue streams for newspapers.

Bryce Edward’s “roundup” role is to reinforce conservative views because repetition with reach is the formula for shifting public opinion.

Top of Bryce Edwards reinforcement article today was the views of Hosking and Soper – along with Guy Espiner who had also fretted about watering down the proposed CGT to one that only focuses upon property investments.

This is all standard propaganda, feeding an audience with the prevailing perspectives it wants to hear.

Jacinda cannot walk the talk is the sound bite.

Ironically the NZ Herald Editorial today is all about how self interest plays no part at all in the decisions made by MPs when falling into their respective party political camps.

The fact 75% of National MPs have investment property and vow to repeal any CGT is not self interest according to the NZ Herald.

Their reasoning is that a poll suggested a majority of New Zealanders were opposed to a CGT in a polling period well before 20 February 2019 and because only 20% of the population own 80% of the assets that would be taxed – this clearly shows the public is not self interested but principled instead.

The weakness in this argument is that the Newshub/Reid Research poll they refer to was conducted before the release of the TWG final report to the public on 21 February 2019 and it’s not until 21 April 2019 ( approx ) that cabinet will decide what recommendations to adopt or scrap.

54% were opposed but 14% of the respondents were unsure in that poll – so there’s a fair margin for swing here.

As the public forms a view about any specific proposal – those numbers are going to move around. Some of the NO votes might became YES etc.

It’s not until AFTER cabinet release it’s policy that the NZ Herald could reasonably argue who was in support of a policy involving a CGT.

The poll they should refer to is yet to come.

But self interest might tempt them to suggest such matters are already determined and fixed in stone to their shrinking revenue base right now.

The prevailing pattern in our media starts with a huge build up of speculation and waffle which rises to a crescendo before a cabinet decision making process takes place.

Media reports what other media have already reported and a helicopter of possibilities takes off and flies around while Judith and Simon and Amy get in front of cameras and Mike Hosking knows all the answers from his pulpit.

Then something entirely unexpected happens – and cabinet makes a sensible decision that gets one day of coverage before everyone rushes off to speculate on the next topic.

Right now the CGT Speculative Helicopter is buzzing over rooftops and swooping into households, offices and retirement villages.

However it will land eventually and when it does we’ll all have some facts to consider.

In the meantime self interest rules for the press who make hay out of frenzied ongoing speculation and for the National Party who are determined to repeal any CGT no matter what it is – no matter how unfair or fair.

That self interest is etched in folding paper, timber and mortar despite the rest of the world all evolving to a far more principled position in the 21st century.

The self interest of the NZ Herald



Gerard Otto Facebook: G News – the good news after the China rift beat-up After a week of factless ranting about our non existent catastrophic relationship breakdown with China now its CGT

G News – the good news

After a week of factless ranting about our non existent catastrophic relationship breakdown with China, the MSM suddenly dropped the topic and fucked off onto a new topic for the next weekly news cycle.

The good news is that after a week of gnawing angst from our MSM over baseless hype about New Zealand’s relationship with China – this pile of bunk was tossed into the rubbish bin and we moved on from that shit.


Not so good was that it was immediately replaced by feverish speculation about what parts of the recommendations from the Tax Working Group might stick and become legislation.

As if speculative spin will do any good two months before anything is decided.


Utter morons suddenly became tax experts like Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson, Mike Hosking, Audrey Young, Simon Bridges, Gerry Brownlee and Paula Bennett.

Like a flock of fuckwits they all rushed to pen their opinions that the sky was falling, two months before the Coalition decided anything.


Rubbish I know, yes, it’s boring but still some of us ignored it completely.

Somewhere in Point Chev someone celebrated a birthday and staggered home, entirely oblivious to all of this shit – while the MSM fuckwits bleated frantically about the end of the world.


Notably every single fuckwit claimed the middle classes would be most effected while none of them referred to any hard statistical data to support that bogus claim.


The vast majority of the extra tax would come from the wealthiest 20 per cent of Kiwis, who own more than 80 per cent of the assets that would be newly taxed.


The reason National have to lie about how a CGT will mostly impact the middle classes is because they don’t have the numbers amongst the top 20%.


So they have to misinform New Zealand hard out.


Even Michael Cullen said he reckoned this tax shit would end up being reduced down to just the property related tax and the business tax etc would be dismissed by Cabinet.

In which case Winston will be hailed a hero again.


In other news – Paula Bennett said she was worried about Taxi Drivers in Taranaki in 30 years time, after a bogus report paid for by BIG OIL was passed around the MSM as if it were the gospel truth.

Nobody believed Bennet gave a rats arse about Taxi Drivers and most people never even read the Big Oil report she was bullshitting on about.

Yet they still held opinions about it and that dreadful woman wanked on about how worried she was – after helping to decimate the Taxi Industry herself.

Thankfully the report was 100% bebunked because : it was crafted to leave out 30,000 new jobs that would be created by alternative energy industries, the report also ignored the 100,000 square kilometres of sea bed that is still be explored under existing permits and….and the report was based on another report that said – this is an attempt to quantify the almost unquantifiable.


Jacinda kicked Simon’s ass again about the Housing Waiting lists after she revealed National had removed Category C and D people off the list in 2010 to make it artificially look better.

The far more open and transparent Coalition put those categories back onto the list and it sprang back up to 2010 levels. ( over 10,000 )

Thousands of angry Nat Troll barked and foamed at the mouth over this with no fucking clue what had really happened.

I watched their ignorance and said nothing.

No headlines clarified the matter and most people did not even know about the issue.

Speaking of not knowing, a gathering of men at a “Men’s Night” in Sandringham grumbled about how Labour promised no new taxes , but not one of these men ( so smug, so knowing ) knew how they had been lied to about what was really promised and none of them could accept they were uninformed or too lazy to check what they heard.

Well maybe one of them could.

The MSM had shortened “No new taxes beyond those we have already committed to in our first term” down to “No new taxes”, but the men at the men’s night were all blissfully ignorant about this and comfortable in their misplaced outrage over this lying government.

This same microcosm of ignorance is repeated across large segments of New Zealand society.

Sometimes it is best to say nothing unless you know your facts.

Facts like none of us are Gerry Brownlee.


New Zealand beat Bangladesh in the cricket but nobody could say what that meant after India gave NZ a towelling in the first three ODIs.

You’ll have to wait till the World Cup to find out.

PM Ardern told the Aussie PM that Aussie deporting people who hardly lived here to NZ is corrosive to our relationship with them.

You can tell an Aussie , but you can’t tell em much!

Remember the underarm?

I’ve got to go make a coffee for the wife and make the bed.

G News – the good news



Gerard Otto Facebook: ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ National and MSMs latest beat-up China relationship and trade tensions hysteria

The Emperor’s New Clothes

New Zealand’s exports of all goods and services to China were worth $16.6 billion for the year ended September 2018.

A year before then this was only $14.0 Billion.

Check that out – in one year of working with Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern, David Parker and others – New Zealand exports to China have grown by a massive $2.6 Billion.

Shit yes.

That is a phenomenal amount of growth in our exports under the Coalition Government.

That extra $2.6 Billion in export growth to China has ALSO occurred during the Pacific Reset – which was announced in early March 2018.

Which can only mean it does not fucking matter what speeches about “asymmetrical power in the South Pacific” are made by Winston.

None of that impacted our rapid growth in exports to China.

Instead they grew by $7,123,000 per day.

Wow that’s a great deal of growth but while it’s growing away like the clappers our media are writing headlines with these words in them :

“We have a big problem with China.”

The media are running around like chooks about a delegation who cancelled a visit to an event, a few rumours about tourists cancelling trips, speculation there might be an issue for exports, and a plane trip that was turned around due to an administrative error.

Yes apparently while we are experiencing record export growth with China and not one dollar of trade has been refused nor one kilo of milk powder stopped at any port – we have this huge problem all of a sudden.

So far the big problem involves media thinking we should have had a meeting by now.

Unless you have a meeting at the same times that John Key had his AND IN THE SAME LOCATION – well – there you are!!!

John Key said he took what the Chinese media had to say with a grain of salt after he endorsed the decision at the Hague to declare China’s rock hopping claims in the South China Sea to be illegal.

Yep – and at the time the media did not hop up and down claiming we had a big problem.

John went to China and our media relaxed.

Especially Barry Soper and other subject matter experts like Corin Dann ( LMAO ).

Funnily our exports to China dropped massively from $13.296 Billion in 2014 to only $11.125 Billion in 2015.

I’d say that was indicative of a relationship problem – despite meeting with the President in Beijing.

Hilariously this terrible drop was precisely at the same time when the same NZ media started to report we had a “rock star economy”!!!

Instead of wailing in unison that we had a problem with China while exports tumbled, the media and National supporters were triumphant.

Not so today.

Worried heads shake in fear.

The list of grave concerns is repeated at a surface level and passed along for instant comprehension and consumption.

Much is made of how Winston begged for US foreign aid in the South Pacific and pissed off China.

Yet none of the commentators can see that this is wholly appropriate at a time of American protectionism.

No not one of them, including professors at Victoria University.

There’s Trump pulling the plug on aid and funds for the likes of the UN and rattling sabres about better trade deals and the USA not paying so much – so of course New Zealand needs to make it’s case for a continuation of US aid and even more support from the USA in our region.

On top of this there’s been six coalition ministers visit China within the last year.

Yes six. Or was it five? Doesn’t matter.

That’s fairly active and busy.

David Parker met with his Chinese equivalent in November and had a right old chat about trade and that upgrade to our FTA.

November 2018 was not long ago really.

Last week China’s ambassador, Wu Xi, invited Winston to dinner where he and she talked about inside information.

Information that none of the media nor members of the New Zealand China Council are privy to. ( David Mahon, Fran O’Sullivan etc. )

But oh we have a BIG PROBLEM – apparently according to them.

As you know Air New Zealand admitted they made administrative errors but half the population are still out of the loop about that red herring.

Notably only after headlines claimed it was political and about our relationship with China.

PM Ardern has met both the President and the Premier of China since becoming PM but those meetings were not in Beijing.

Our media think it’s time the location of the meeting was stressed rather than actually having a meeting.

This is like the media in Fiji being pissed off until their PM has a meeting with ours in Wellington.

OMG I know!!!

Never mind the fact our PM visited their PM in Fiji or they met at trade talks.

Not enough hoopla.

That’s how our media are behaving towards China.

It’s a bit of reckless disregard for our exporters really – stirring up a hornet’s nest from perfectly booming trade.

The other fact is National would have done the same over 5G and Huawei.

The TICSA legislation that governs the GCSB in this area was after-all – passed by National.

Yes – so they can bugger off about their fake positioning about this.

If anything this week’s hype about our “big problems” with China is a study in who is politicised in our media.

I wonder who is paying some of these media hacks behind the scenes to dress up the narrative that our relationship with China is clad in problems?

Whoever that is – is keen to dethrone the New Zealand government and take control.

Desperate enough to harm our economy in the process!!

Now who fits that description?

Someone wearing blue.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

 ( I’m not back, just had to say something this once )


Gerard Otto Facebook: The desperate and irrelevant Centre Right play catch-up after a year of ZERO new policy release and trivial petty wedge politics

The centre right play catch up

After a year of having nothing sensible nor comprehensive to say about what it would do differently – the centre right now expects it will have something to say later this year.

In August 2018 John Key said, “”If you look at what has driven a lot of New Zealand’s demand in the time I was Prime Minister from ‘08 to ’16, it was a significant increase in migration, a very strong housing market, a lot of confidence running around in the business community, what was very low interest rates, and over time globally a capacity for governments to spend a lot of money.”

Key went onto to say that most of the things that drove demand were now reducing.

Truth be told the Chinese GDP growth rate was reducing all through Key’s term – but whilst it was slowing down – it was still growing and still is.

The consequences of record migration pouring on top of a tax free inflating housing market are now obvious to two thirds of the population while we sit and wait for the Tax Working Group’s recommendations about rebalancing a “revenue neutral” tax system.

The centre left ( and others ) saw the consequences of growing homelessness years ago while Key stood there and said there was no housing crisis repeatedly.

New Zealand burst into first place in the OECD – when it came to homelessness – and housing affordability hit near historic lows.

Rome burned while Fran O’Sullivan fiddled how great Key was and what an amazing rolodex he had built up as he attended Davos for the first time.

Simon Bridges was asked what he would do differently from the Coalition at the same time Key made these comments – and after a long rambling mangled journey through the woods and across the sea – his reply boiled down to spending more on education, health and infrastructure ..and he threw in science and innovation as after thoughts.

In other words National had no specific idea nor direction at all and hid behind the excuse that it would be imprudent to reveal their hand too soon.

While National issued statements criticising working groups and costs – it also concluded that Labour must have been lazy in opposition.

Cheerleaders in the press nodded despite the fact MMP meant that manifesto policy work had to be negotiated, modified and transformed after the 2017 election – and that much of the detailed implementation could not be done properly in opposition because no opposition has access to the necessary resources.

Don’t even mention Royal Commissions of Inquiry and how none have ever happened based on the whims of an opposition party.

The public were fed a line by the centre right that it should ignore all of those realities as if they simply did not exist.

The centre right decided to peddle the notion that promises were broken after just a few months into a three year term.

This dishonesty was cynical and showed that the politicking from the centre right was well and truly now in a post truth era.

They were treating New Zealand as if it was stupid.

But there is evidence some of it is.

Budget 2018 was clothed in helpful clues that transformation takes years and not everything can be done in one budget – yet nearly every commentator wailed how that budget was not transformational enough.

A severe lack of patience and understanding about a longer term view emerged. The transformation would not be televised in one week according to it’s news cycle.

To the contrary Television got it’s nickers in a twist about two cancelled interviews when Jacinda went off and delivered a speech about the unified coalition high level 12 point plan.

The centre right moaned about trivia like who was in the audience while Jacinda delivered the high level plan saying – hold my beer :

Build a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy

• Grow & share New Zealand’s prosperity

• Deliver responsible governance with a broader measure of success

• Support thriving & sustainable regions

• Transition to a clean, green and carbon-neutral New Zealand

Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families

• Ensure everyone is earning, learning, caring or volunteering

• Support healthier, safer, & more connected communities

• Ensure everyone has a warm, dry home

• Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child

Providing new leadership by Government

• Deliver transparent, transformative and compassionate Government

• Build closer partnerships with Māori

• Value who we are as a country

• Create an international reputation we can be proud of

“This plan represents our shared vision and priorities; Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens. It establishes the foundation for the Government’s work and includes issues of particular importance to each of the parties which are supported by all of them, Ardern said.

Few in the media could get their heads around what a high level plan actually is versus a detailed implementation plan…but all of the 900 detailed work items in the coalition work programme would slot under the appropriate high level bullet point.

TVNZ gave the plan a begrudging one minute of head shaking coverage on a Sunday evening.

Simon Bridges rubbished it the next morning but had no plan himself.

Centre right commentators instead concerned themselves with wedge issues that did not exist – over things like refugee numbers and – the vastly important matter of Karel Sroubek.

That was the Centre Right and it’s vision.

National were awarded 8/10 by Tracy Watkins for this.

Now New Zealand only has to wait until mid 2019 until National start to talk about RMA reform and how it will speed up building houses or roads.

The idea is not new – it’s been around for years – and streamlining it involves balancing the conflicting forces between the environment and investors.

Small government means no regulations standing in the way of the bulldozers or oil drills and most of the centre right cherish this notion – that freedom is the freedom to plunder.

While PM Ardern attends Davos and makes her influential contributions about climate change, mental health and the wellbeing budget ( one that shows people matter not just money ) …the Centre Right will roll over in bed and sleep in again.

This is not the hardest working opposition – it’s a lost gravy train searching for legitimacy whilst still following the blind vision of yesterday’s mistakes.

The centre right play catch up



Gerard Otto Facebook: G versus Liam Hehaw (Hehir) National progandist

G versus Liam Hehaw

It’s clear Jami-Lee Ross inflicted some damage on National. Quite how much is unclear.

Soyman’s on 7% and National are sliding around 37%.

Nevertheless, I doubt anybody within the party’s caucus would deny its armour has been dented by the fiasco.

They would read whatever script was given to them.

But assuming nothing else emerges, National seems ready to take the lessons on board and move on.

They were moving on as fast as they could – refusing to answer all questions.

For the most part, the media seems to have become aware of the dangerous territory its coverage was veering into.

The fact Soyman was conspiring with Pullya to hoodwink the media and …then there was the truth…you know …dangerous stuff …what was that disloyalty stuff all about? I suppose democracy is the loser if we never find out the facts.

The fact Parliament is in recess provides additional breathing space for Simon Bridges while the whole affair, he must hope, will continue to fade.

Oh it won’t – we have very long memories and so does Jami-Lee. It’s just a breather.

Parliamentary recesses are also, of course, an opportunity for Government ministers to seize the initiative and set the agenda with positive news.

Like 95 regional projects underway? Like those 68 new Kiwi build houses down in New Plymouth announced today? Then there is $30 Million being spent on State Highway 3 announced today as well. Yesterday we heard the government would spent $20 Million on a new health centre in Westport. We also heard about a 10 year plan to restore quality in early learning yesterday. Yes – such news is always happening – but frequently its a bit buried by scandal.

Announcements can be made in a question time-free environment. It’s kind of like a free hit in twenty20 cricket.

We’ve seen announcements most days by PM Ardern – whether parliament was happening or not – which is more than that past government did.

During the last National Government, for example, there was an expectation something significant would be announced at least every other day during a recess period. At least. It was something ministerial advisors built up to.

This is where you tell a big porky…go ahead…

Interestingly, it’s not something the Ardern ministry has been able to replicate.

Ha ha ha – the Ardern Ministry exceeded it – easily.

Probably the biggest news last week was Andrew Little confirming the Government would press on with its plans to re-enter the Pike River mine, which was sealed following that terrible explosion in 2010. All things being equal, it looks like re-entry will begin in February.

Before you go on – let’s look at the announcements made last week. 12 November announcements – 1. The Inquiry into the process that led to the appointment of a Deputy Commissioner of Police has found that the process was sound. 2. Royal Commission of Inquiry into State Abuse scope was expanded to include Churches. 13 November Announcements : 1. Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters officially opened New Zealand’s first resident embassy in Ireland at a ceremony in Dublin. 2. Minister of Housing and Urban Development Phil Twyford and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff announced a partnership that will fund $91 million of roading and wastewater infrastructure to support the building of 9000 homes at Wainui, north of Auckland. 3. NZ calls on Japan to stop Southern Whaling programme. 4. Former Governor-General and High Court Judge Dame Silvia Cartwright will lead the public inquiry into EQC. 5. The Government is pioneering a new approach to allow whānau and communities to flourish with an investment of $15 million towards whānau-led community housing developments. 6. The Minister of Māori Development, Hon Nanaia Mahuta announced 24 community-led housing repair projects will receive funding from the Māori Housing Network, totalling $5.8 million. 14th November announcements 1. The Pike River Mine Drift will be re-entered. 15th November announcements 1. NZ Women’s Rugby will host the World Cup in 2021. 2. A $40 million investment from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) will enable KiwiRail to build a new regional freight hub near Palmerston North. 3. A $400,000 investment from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) will be used to fund the first stage of an Advanced Aviation Hub at Whanganui Airport. 4. Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced a Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) package for Manawatū-Whanganui of about $48 million. 5. An upgraded free trade agreement with Singapore will make it easier for New Zealanders to visit and do business in South East Asia. 16th November announcements 1. New Zealand and Australian Ministers for Foreign Affairs announced today a joint commitment to partner with Pacific Island countries to enhance our collective cyber resilience. 2. New Zealand, Chile and Canada today reaffirmed a commitment to work together to advance trade that benefits all their citizens. – – I missed out a few but you get the picture. Now some of these are significant and others less so – but they are all news and all happening at a frantic speed during recess.

This confirmation will be gratifying for many of the families of the deceased miners, of course. And it reaffirms a longstanding commitment to re-entry on the part of the Labour Party.

Plus NZ first and the Greens. It was the right thing to do old bean.

New details were also announced in relation to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the historic abuse of children. Its remit has been expanded to include religious institutions and the commission has been re-named accordingly. The timeframe for the inquiry, which looks to be the most expensive in our history, has also been extended to reflect that wider mandate.

What were the costs of all that abuse? How much potential did it stifle in New Zealand – and how expensive is healing and justice…if we wish to ALWAYS mention costs?

Nevertheless, the point at which announcing developments in reviews, reports and consultations could be touted as political achievements for this Government is well and truly in the rear-vision mirror.

No it’s actually a new development that cannot be found in a rear mirror. It’s now. It’s about getting things right along the way – same with anything planned really…like say 100,000 New houses in ten years…it’s okay to announce new housing developments as they happen.

Looking through the Government’s announcements, it looks like it has joined in on an international declaration on biodiversity, agreed upon a shared commitment with Australia for enhanced cyber-security in the Pacific and determined farmers are making more and better use of the National Animal Identification and Tracing Scheme. All very good and worthy things, of course. None of them, however, is the type of thing that penetrates the public consciousness or puts the opposition off-balance.

Well National did no such thing with every single announcement – if that is what you are claiming? Instead – each announcement is just informing us of the unfolding plan.

On the first anniversary of the Ardern ministry’s foundation, I did a radio interview on its achievements to date. One of the things I had to credit it with was its achievement of internal stability. Plenty of people had predicted that a Labour – NZ First – Greens Government was bound to fall apart. But while there have been a few wobbles from time to time, the arrangements are looking pretty rock-solid.

Despite constant headlines about potential wedges every single day – it was all utter nonsense and spin.

For all their stability, of course, rocks do not tend to be agile. If the coalition has managed to overcome its internal contradictions by resolving to concentrate on reviews and international meetings then it will present a rather slow-moving target for the Opposition.

Obviously the Opposition cannot even keep up with the number of announcements let alone understand how agile the coalition is. Here you are criticising it for updating the scope of an inquiry and saying that is not an announcement – when it is the very agility you cannot see. Blinkers off young HeHaw.

National enjoys few natural advantages over this government in an MMP environment.

They have yet to read the manual.

One tailwind it does enjoy, however, is that if you don’t count ACT, which few people seem to do these days, it is really the singular voice of opposition.

On 37% and shrinking.

That gives it a lot of freedom in crafting an alternative agenda while the Government is weighted down by the need for three-way agreement on anything significant.

It has not slowed the Coalition down at all. They made over 1070 decisions in year one – in smooth consensus. There is no evidence of the nonsense you are talking about.

On its own, policy rarely wins elections – and rightly so.

National don’t even have that.

If you’re going to square off against a popular leader and the head of a first-term Government, however, then the right alternative vision is essential.

They are listening for the next year they say.

National needs to set out an agenda that is simple, responsibly populist and, ideally, something Government parties can’t plausibly seek to replicate.

It’s called a BRIGHTER FUTURE lololol.

Seeing a Government limited in its ability to do much more than it is already doing, the temptation for National might be to try to steal a march on it now. That may be a mistake.

Oh they are sinking – sinking – sinking – why stop now.

The next election is still almost two years away and, its alternative vision being one of the few things it can control, National shouldn’t rush how it crafts it.

Ha ha ha yes – keep doing nothing.

The unco-ordinated nature of the governing troika isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Such cohesion and unity – what a marvellous team.

In the meantime, there is one other thing that National does control: internal discipline.

Does this involve spankings or is this about diets?

The recent troubles appear to have been non-fatal. MPs would be wise to ensure the party is not put to the test again.

You mean no more lying to manipulate the press? Or no more hanky panky when you are married? No more bullying? No more harassment? No more arse covering? No more deleted texts? No more refusing to answer questions? Or no more driving the limo to pointless meetings? Whatever you mean – I doubt it will make a spot of difference. This lot needs a total clean out. Too rotten down to the core – and we’ve got a world leading woman at the wheel instead.

G versus HeHaw

Gerard Otto Facebook: The blue ribbon media dog and pony show

The blue ribbon media dog and pony show

It wasn’t long ago, only a week ago, that Brad from the flat was pumping fear into the hearts of listeners that the RBNZ would raise the OCR by 50 basis points and Brad wailed some Banks were saying that’s not the end of it neither. It could sky rocket even higher gasped Brad at the blonde AM host who told him he is always right.

But as we all know now – Brad was WRONG again.

Brad seems more of a misleading economist than a leading one and every week it’s “Doom and Gloom” from Brad about the economy no matter how well we are doing.

Nobody in our media ever says – hey Brad you got that wrong again – which is too many times – isn’t it time we gave you a pink slip or at least a slap across your fat head?

The fact this has not happened suggests there’s probably very good reason to keep Brad on – like a useful idiot – especially if there was some sort of political bias in the newsroom and Brad was saying what a Nat aligned audience wanted to hear.

Brad frequently appears to be saying whatever suits Christopher Luxon in an election year and here at G News we look forward to Brad’s National Party aligned messaging every Monday morning cos it’s always delivered with much pseudo authority and jargon.

As if Brad actually knows something.

Don’t question his authority.

This morning Brad said eligibility for Super should go up to 67 as long as we “support” those who find it too hard.

Yes it was easy for a young kid in a shoddy suit spouting Nat messaging to say – long before the arthritis and worn out limbs and joints kicked in.

Brad clearly had no idea what it is like to grow old…and so this was all arbitrary figures on a spreadsheet to him, but to thousands of New Zealanders this stuff mattered.

Brad and National were suggesting a huge amount of suffering and a wealth transfer from the working classes again, putting large weights on people’s backs and cracking the whip.

Leading the pack with Brad was that former tobacco salesman and perceived snap chat creep – bleating about “the right thing to do”.

Here was National wanting to steal $98,000 from the retirements of all voters under the age of 44 – because “it’s the right thing to do” and “It’s the moral thing to do” according to Chris Bishop but National could not show us the money to support the need for this anyway, not if we keep paying into the Super fund.

Carmel was correct that the commitment to keep the eligibility for Super at 65 was a line drawn in the sand – and it did force this new conversation on media who were expecting something new.

“What is this? Is it new? Well throw it away then if it’s not new, it must be new or it’s nothing”, was the media hot take attitude and this served as a way to play down this big election issue and keep it out of the mind of voters as much as possible.

We saw that same kind of cold water treatment from both NewsHub and TVNZ 1 News newsrooms and later on Claire Trevett at the NZ Herald joined the choir and sang loudly that there “was nothing new to see here”, whether it was about the age of entitlement to Super or the Apprentice Boost being made permanent.

Meanwhile none of them said National’s flip flop on housing was not new and some even suggested it was all about change – concluding that Labour equals nothing new and National equals change.

The back bending to suck up to the Nat’s knows no real bounds amongst our TV broadcasters really and haven’t we all been impressed with Jessica’s poll – that she implies all sorts of spurious conclusions from like a person that never did STATs 101?

Swallowing misleading narratives in the MSM is okay – but it’s not okay when social media does it – according to MSM who then shower themselves with awards for investigating that sort of thing on social media – sponsored by Voyager.

This morning we watched chumpy BeenADick hee hawing with Anna over “nothing new” and whether it was really worth it going to a Labour Congress and good old BeenA Dick decided yeah it was kind of okay to stick to the basics for Labour.

Stepping back from all of this – it’s plain to see a clown show in our media who are fighting the Government tooth and claw with fear, uncertainty, doubts and trivial shallow analysis which is frequently so far off target it’s like watching those dirty dishes stack up – while Brad stands before the fridge and says whatever National says.

Media are so focused on attacking Labour they don’t know how to adjust to an election year…and it shows in the rubbish they project onto New Zealand audiences.

Kay from Advertising says there is no media bias and because Cameron Slater is biased and G News is biased the truth is always in the middle and media are perfect, wronged by lop sided criticism.

Media do need to accept some criticism and here at G News we think ( Me and the late Mr Louis ) that the answers are in the details, which we focus in upon as often as possible.

Like what the RBNZ actually said in it’s latest MPS, what the actual affordability of Super at 65 really is over the next decades if we keep contributing to the Super fund, like why making Apprentice Boost permanent is very valuable for New Zealand and why media mocking that – is counterproductive.

Its probable Kay from Advertising thinks Cameron Slater is right on the money in some regards – and her truth is not the same as the objective truth backed up by facts that stand alone.

You know how cognitive bias only applies to others Kay.

Anyway I’m interested in your thoughts about the dog and pony show we have all seen over the past seven days and especially Brad, Jenna, Jessica and BeenADick.

The blue ribbon media dog and pony show

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Late Night Wrap

Today’s speech by Chippy wasn’t really covered in any depth by either TV News channel who instead deployed their usual tweedle dumb political editors to make snide snappy takes, more shallow than a saucer of snark and full of wanky media expectations.

Concision was the winner and an informed public the loser as per usual with Jessica and Jenna.

They clearly had high hopes and firm expectations for something fresh and new but were gutted like soft flesh snapper with the Apprentice Boost extension into permanency.

Erica flicked her hair, like a poser in a salon, grumpy that it was all just a revamp…and tweedle dumb political editors agreed.

Yet neither remarked that this scheme had seen a 61% increase in apprentices over the past three years and neither covered it’s benefits like addressing skill shortages and lessening the reliance on overseas labour.

TVNZ and Three at Six omitted things like :

” Since we launched Apprenticeship Boost in August 2020, we’ve supported more than 57,000 apprentices to stay in work and train towards their apprenticeship qualifications. The number of young apprentices has increased by 45 percent. The number of Māori apprentices has increased by 71 percent. The number of Pacific apprentices has increased by 97 percent. And the number of women in apprenticeships has increased by 112 percent. That’s more plumbers, builders, mechanics, engineers, hairdressers, drain layers, gas fitters, welders, panel beaters, and sparkies.”

Instead they scoffed at this typical cyclical Labour idea.

Jessica and Jenna made it clear they wanted a brand new idea and Chippy later said – the Budget had a few of those, but the shallow ones remained unimpressed.

They also compared Chippy to Jacinda rather than to Christopher Luxon in order to tall poppy the boy from the Hutt, cut him down a level, position him as stagnating, pretend it was all an “everyman persona”, you know the snark.

“Willing to go where Jacinda didn’t – on the attack” said Jenna and how Jacinda got a longer clap and had more hype.

Yet the speech itself began by Chippy acknowledging how he was standing on the shoulders of giants – as he rattled off milestones made by Savage, Fraser, Nash from the Hutt, Big Norm, Helen Clarke and of course world famous PM Jacinda Ardern who had led with kindness, humility and strength.

This was about honouring the greats and those who valued their contribution to our way of life in New Zealand today.

The TV coverage seemed in too much of a hurry for any real substance,and just reminded people why we need better broadcasting.

Jenna and Jessica skipped over all the things Labour did under Jacinda’s leadership, like the 77 thousand children pulled out of poverty, free lunches in schools, NZ history in schools, the Matariki Holiday etc etc…the long list goes on and on …not to mention the challenging times we all faced – because well – it wasn’t news to them really.

Yes this very media practice about newsworthy angles maintains the “goldfish 12 second memory” of DumbTown who still insist Jacinda delivered nothing.

Clap clap for the big brain on DumbTown.

Chippy talked about the multiple challenges we all faced as a nation over the past years while Jenna and Jessica were bored out of their tweedle dumb minds – waiting for Chippy to use an “Attack line de jour” like “The Coalition of cuts” in order to feed the concerted media attack that “Labour were just talking about National and nothing else”.

Yet Chippy also talked about the work we still had to do and his vision to make the country Healthier, wealthier, cleaner, and more successful than it’s ever been before. One that works for all not just the wealthy.

OMG unlike you know who.

Yes media sought to censor and shame Labour for clearly stating the consequences of a “Coalition of Cuts” like – driving down wages, pretending Climate Change is not happening, meddling with Super and slashing spending on public services we all rely upon.

How dare the commoners attack our precious favourite elite political party – was the tone from both newsrooms.

Sure enough Jessica wanted to articulate any reference to Chippy’s parents and domestic life as “Getting to know him” and there was a montage of clips where other Labour MPs talked about Chippy’s habits and lifestyle choices. Which all really added up to – trying to make something authentic look as fake as Christopher Luxon – but only Jessica was buying that.

There was some real moments of gratitude for the great work of Grant Robertson who had consistently gotten the balance right, when opposition parties wanted to spend more during Covid, Grant got the balance right, when the opposition wanted to invest too little and bring on austerity – Grant got the balance right…etc etc etc…something neither Jenna nor Jessica could stomach really being far too cool for school in some Press Gallery clique mindset.

We’ve got to remember these Press gallery people film Grant eating at every budget and they operate on a very petty level.

Kelvin was thanked for bringing people together and the relationship between Crown and Maori was given a mention – but not on your news channels – hell no.

There was mention by Chippy about the role of leadership :

” I believe the role of leaders is to light the path forward, not exploit the fear that comes from the darkness of uncertainty.”

Something no TV Network would touch, oh no no no. Gotta keep that one under the carpet.

The biggest thanks went to Jacinda and there was a long applause for her and rightly so. How wonderful she was – but Jenna snarked at Chippy over this.

She got a longer clap or some such childish petulance.

Chippy talked about Education and the negative impact National had had upon it …and all the tangible things Labour have delivered, yet of course TV had no time for any of that.

The track record could not be repeated or reinforced – ain’t nobody got time for that when concision is the winner.

It was true that Labour and Chippy know how to lead a country and Christopher Luxon does not.

It’s also true that the Labour team are battle hardened now and ready.

You can trust Labour but you can’t trust National.

Labour roared Bring it On !!!

Yes it was rousing stuff.

Nothing timid about it.

It’s fair to say, you had to watch the speech yourself online to really get a real sense of it – rather than just taking the tall poppy concise snark from TV News in this country.

As for Chris Bishop and his “Housing Flip Flop” – Labour value the bipartisan agreement that National dishonoured today – and Megan Woods sought some kind of explanation for National’s sudden bad faith actions.

Labour were thinking of all the interested industry stakeholders now made uncertain by National by its knee jerk political posturing.

Deep down I was impressed with Chippy today and think all he said was based on solid facts.

It’s a shame our media let us down so badly at these times but increasingly the deep down truth is getting out there anyway.

Late Night Wrap

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Standing on top of Mount OCR and Brad from Infometricks gets it wrong again

It was all bad news for Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis yesterday when Adrian Orr explained that 5.5% was the projected peak OCR rate cos it made all their post Budget speeches about “Higher for longer” interest rates look utterly dishonest and misleading.

Christopher wasn’t expecting 5.5 per cent as the projected peak for the OCR and Nicola did not want to talk about how the RBNZ expects rate cuts from the third quarter next year.

That’s bad news for National but good news for mortgage holders.

Yes the climb up the Mount OCR is projected to be over, we’ve reached the top and now it was time to take a good look around at the damage and resilience of it all.

Brad had gotten it badly wrong by paying too much attention to “Market Expectations” instead of doing those dirty dishes.

The doom and gloom every Monday morning from Brad was almost always wrong and now people just laughed like he was some kind of chucklehead.

TVNZ misreported interest payments in a Kantar polling period stating that people were paying $6K per fortnight in interest at 6.7% on a $500K mortgage and as you know that’s equivalent to paying about $150,000 in interest per year ha ha.

They would’ve gotten away with suggesting 6.7% was 30% if it had not been for a storm of complaints mid bulletin which made them mumble a belated correction.

It is getting harder for National to blame Grant Robertson when people see that the Reserve Bank contradict National’s rhetoric and say things like fiscal policy is more of a friend than a foe to monetary policy.

They are both contracting demand in harmony.

Yet everyone in DumbTown ( especially Fran ) automatically said Grant was banging his foot on the accelerator while Adrian was jamming on the brakes.

More like Grant and Adrian were a finely tuned Formula One team bringing down inflation together. Box box.

Such was the breathless stupidity of our media who lapped up whatever Nicola and Christopher spoon fed them as if they were beyond criticism in an election year.

Chris Bishop had rushed to post that swap rates had gone up straight after Budget 2023 but today the flapping flounder is avoiding talking about the big fall in swap rates.

A surprised New Zealand sharemarket rallied nearly 1 per cent after the Reserve Bank indicated it was done with raising interest rates.

Thomas, Jack, Luke and Brad did not see that coming as they slugged back hypothetical shooters all week and now had to change their positions to address the big reality hangover.

Meanwhile Christopher called it a “kick in the guts” even though the 25 basis point increase was already priced in and Adrian did not expect to see Banks raise their rates as a result.

Christopher now just looked like total clown trying to fool idiots.

“He’s making videos of himself about how the Government gave out electricity saving tips and how you could not make this up”, said an organic punga.

“AI can give you some strange results”, said a flax bush unsurprised that Luxon had made himself unwatchable.

Yes Grant did a bang up job of Budget 2023 as Christopher and Nicola shat in their own shoes over clawing back $5 Prescriptions , slapped their own faces over “higher for longer” interest rates, and looked pretty dumb about “The Blowout Budget” when their own $8 Billion tax cut policy had blown out by $1.5 Billion.

Today Nicola will turn up at the Finance and Expenditure Committee today where she will impersonate the fictional Wicked Witch of the East before Adrian’s house lands on her.

Yes it should be fun watching Nicola try to attack Adrian when we’ve reached the top of Mount OCR and soon we’ll start coming down as all the interest sensitive parts of the New Zealand economy are yielding.

“Do you think anyone will notice she’s been talking shit for all this time?”, asked an organic punga.

“Not if Jessica can help it”, replied a flax bush.

Tonight’s focus won’t be on the good news about reaching the top of Mount OCR – but the results of Jessica’s Kantar poll after Budget 2023.

“The close election thing is outrageous really”, said G from G News, “Clearly Grant and Adrian have done us proud while Christopher and Nicola have been talking shite. It beggars belief that sane, rational New Zealand swing voters support such clowns”

It suits media to have a close election race and nothing excites Jenna and Jessica more as they get to star in some weird simplistic non reality full of hypothetical shooters.

Adrian was visibly pleased that we’d reached the projected top of Mount OCR and now it was all about watching and waiting, fingers crossed there’s no more global economic shocks as inflation declines, mortgage rates slowly come back down and National try to maintain their misleading narratives which are increasingly ridiculous.

Grant was correct when he said on NewsHub The Nation that he did not expect Budget 2023 would cause the RBNZ to push up the OCR by 50 basis points cos he knew that fiscal spending was acting to contract inflation over the next years.

If only our media were better educated and not so easily misled by misleading economists like Brad.

Imagine if media were up to speed instead of a pack of child gossips?

Maybe tonight’s Kantar Poll will reflect what’s really going on but this should not even be a close race. It’s time to show Brad the door and for media to get onboard with the facts.

Standing on top of Mount OCR


G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Satire – Christopher cannot sleep

Two hours later and Christopher’s video of himself spinning meaningless words about Grant’s Budget – still only had 81 likes on Christopher’s FB page – but the trouble was 29 of them were people laughing at him.

Laughing at him – after Mr Cliché had said stupid things like we need a plan for growth when – we are already growing at a forecast rate of 3.2% and – we need disciplined spending – despite all the savings Labour are already making via reprioritisation.

The egg had proven he was selling us soap powder and taking us all for fools.

Heck inflation will be down to under 3% by the end of 2024, so why was this jive turkey gaffing on about some jack-shit conceptual four point economic plan without any beef in the sandwich?

Where is the beef?

New Zealanders weren’t just unimpressed with the pocketman, talking jibberish and expecting to be crowned king.

They were fed up to the back teeth with it.

Oh they had seen him in Te Puke, taking his elite holiday every July, seen him hiding the Uffindell report, seen him try to cancel Labour Day, seen him diss New Zealand overseas, seen him Mata you know Rangi, seen him “Little Experiment” Te Tiriti, seen him propose inflationary tax cuts at the worst possible time, seen him in those baggy trousers with Richie, laying flowers for photo ops, posing for selfies renting a crowd, sitting on a table before Maori, being called a DICKHEAD by school children and all that Black Mercedes, bottom feeding fake photo op crap …but today he was pure tedium and people had seen more than enough now.

National voters mostly could not stand him.

Nature abhors a vacuum and Christopher was sucking our will to live.

He was a deadly bore.

But worse, National and Act were lame ducks quacking and flapping in circles, unable to form a government.


Deep down all Nat trolls felt the icy grip of this undeniable reality rip their blackened hearts out of the selfish chests – and as their minds screamed in demented horror – they heard the tolling of the bell – and it tolls for thee…

Three more years

Three more years

Long salty tears

Three more never ending years

Yes all Nat voters now waded through marshes of deep despair for they knew the inevitability of the coming failure – balls to bone – deep as ditches – Chippy was the man and Labour had the plan ….

The egg was fried.

Power Denied.

Shoulda retired.

Sad and tired.

Such words echoed in the mind of Sue O’Neil and Jules Hill and all the other semi-illiterate Nat trolls scampering on all fours around the internet as they crashed about and staggered onto G News …only to ramble incoherently – without direction, banging into grammar, punctation, tripping over facts, incoherent and without anything credible to say.

Without real hope.

The game was up.

It was no use trolling anymore said the writing on the wall.

Three more years, down in the bowels of opposition, seething in the lava pit of equity resentment while Labour guided us all through to a better future.

The fury of the old gold denied it’s privilege burned now like a magnesium flare as the elite thrashed about like angry trout in a bucket of loserdom.

They only had themselves to blame for their shallow selection processes and uncaring materialism.

Christopher had made National a utter laughing stock today and long time supporters now crossed the road, punch drunk and cringing like raw lemons unable to escape the glass.

Luxon dipped to a preferred PM nadir – and even Nicola refused to respond to probing media questions.

You want the truth?

Nicola can’t handle the truth.

She blocked questions asking if it was true that Auckland business leaders had approached her with concerns about Luxon’s ability to become prime minister?

Come now Nicola let us speak frankly there’s only five months?

Why do you feed the truth through a mincer?

Unable to indulge in the painful truth, the CatsBum had fled the scene and now Christopher looked painfully isolated as National went through the same old standard operating procedures, playing out the script while the cameras rolled, but each dying inside – like they were all Barbara Kuriger under a pale street light on a dark and stormy night watching the cattle cut their hooves on the grate.

The kiss of Judas sealed the deal

And billionaires shifted uneasily in their chairs as whisky flowed still in crystal before shattering like dreams of influence and advantage.

Christopher left the room and somewhere out there his ego screams in the hollow winds of this pointy reckoning.

A fat head tosses and turns upon a silk pillow, as the mask of smuggery hangs flacid on the bedpost and Greed sits in a nighty on the end of the mattress but not tonight Josephine.

Three more years is not an option so when to cut and run?

Perhaps South America and a new life?

The red lights on the dash kept flashing and no amount of money could make them go away.

Tomorrow is just the same as any other day.

Make it go away. Make it go away.

Satire – Christopher cannot sleep

G 🙂


Gerard Otto Facebook: Why is National Losing?

Why is National Losing?

Only days ago Jules Hill said the immortal words on G News :

“Oh Gerald, bless your stupidity or rather refusal to accept the inevitable, labour are sinking like the titanic, they are hoping that the resuce boats come in the form of The Maori Party and Green lunatic fringe, this is funny as hell to watch…”

Yes Mr Hill had swallowed the same mistaken belief that many National Party MPs also swallowed, that bashing female Maori MPs for a month would somehow propel the right block far into the lead, but alas, for there was a wet patch on their sheets and the mark of the failing flapping flounder on the floor.

“The flounder flipped into a resuce boat here”, said an organic punga looking at resuce tracks in the sand.

“He would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t of been for his shocking spelling”, said a Flax Bush noting the resuce boat had sunk straight after that Reid Research poll.

Supreme Nat Campaign strategist Chris Bishop had denied his mother in law was part of his family to get away with a renting scam and he had claimed a non existent Agency who worked with the homeless – had “worked with National” to formulate their no cause eviction policy, but this standard level of utter dishonesty was not the problem worrying National Party MPs.

The problem was how National could not form a government AFTER National had thrown most of their Dirty Politics Mud filed in their top drawer at the Government.

National were still losing after all that effort – and all the dirty smears and scandals fell harmlessly to the ground like blue cataracts falling from Chris Rodenski’s eyes.

“Chris Rodenski to the Information Desk”, announced an organic Punga laughing through a megaphone.

“Why are you losing Chris Rodenski?”, said a flax bush grabbing the megaphone off the hysterical plant.

Yes the flapping flounder had failed to make any progress and dear Christopher was sliding into the well of “Rod moy Lups , eye wool be your glorious Loyder”….

You know, “The gummint eye loyd…” and all that crazy talk that only Nat trolls take seriously.

Nat trolls ran about blindly, banging into walls, and tripping over facts, and stumbling at even the smallest nuance, due to a massive overestimation of their own superior intelligence – as Janine Louis screamed “Your delusional!!!!!!” unaware why so many Kiwis cackled and howled with laughter back at her.

Everyone but Christopher Luxon knew Luxon was part of the deep set Nat problem as he lashed out on his FaceBook page about how government spending had increased since 2017 when the economy was 6% smaller than it is today.

“Talk about being frozen in time”, said an organic punga.

“Rod Kane says Labour has destroyed the economy when the IMF and Credit Agencies say we are doing very well”, remarked a flax bush.

Clearly Christopher had left the counterfactual unexplored – like would it have been a good thing if Government Spending had not grown along with the economy over the past six years? The best health response to Covid was the best economic response and we all know National had run down our school infrastructure, our hospital infrastructure, done nothing about Climate Change, closed down Police Stations, got rid of rape crisis centres, failed to give decent increase to benefits and the minimum wage, reduced AID to the Pacific, underfunded RNZ, and failed to invest in decent wages for Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, and rail and ferry networks etc.

All of which would have to be fixed by Labour.

Plus National failed to prepare for the Pandemic so yes more investment was required – we have to buy vaccines, establish contact tracing and social welfare jobs, get new PPE into the country, buy millions of tests etc.

And I have not even mentioned the Wage Subsidy and Business Resurgence Payments that most Nat Trolls took with their hands out.

Yes it would have been an epic fail if Labour had not increased Government spending since the irresponsible level of underinvestment in 2017 – and as we all know pre Covid – Grant pulled in some massive surpluses, as all our economic numbers looked great, and the Angry Toilet Brush wailed and wept, ripping his spleen in sheer hatred for Jacinda.

“People like Jules Hill think using some of the Covid funds for other purposes was wrong, but turns out he has no idea why or what parts of that spending add up to anything remotely significant, in the same way he has no idea if increasing debt is bad or good”, said G from G News.

Yes meaningful context and Mr Hill had parted company long ago as he swallowed small teaspoons of ACT propaganda.

New Zealand was nowhere near the debt ceiling of 30% of GDP where we might have to be concerned – instead we were rocking it on only 19% with heaps of headroom, something Jules simply had not been spoon fed.

Meanwhile Thomas Coughlan rocked back and forth in pure frustration, like a man expecting Chris Bishop to be correct, when there was no reason to feel that way.

National had made no progress in the past month and National voters swam about gaping like stoner goldfish, staring into a murky future which might involve something other than their own selfish interests, as the flounder hid under a rock somewhere out there.

National are probably losing for a number of reasons, ranging from a lack of relatable leadership, to bad policies that will not work or make things worse – to a lack of transparency about costs and cuts and the perils of a doing bottom lines with a rampant ACT Party destroying all that is good about Aotearoa New Zealand.

Someone needs to come to National’s “rescue”.

Sacking the flapping flounder and educating the white wing that their racism and hate is for losers might be a start.

Plus there’s a need for smarter trolls, these ones are dumber than a bag of cabbages.

What do you think?

Why is National Losing?

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Well Well Well Claire Trevett

Yes it was time to stop suggesting that support for Labour may have softened after last night’s NewsHub Reid Research poll put an end to NACT wishful thinking over at the NZ Herald.

Ever hopeful and always driving for a National Party victory, the results came as a blunt reminder to Claire Trevett and her faithful servant Thomas Coughlan not to get too far ahead of themselves, jumping at shadows, dreaming of some white unequal paradise where public services do not matter one fig and tax cuts for the rich trump everything else.

Here at G News the video of Christopher ruling out Te Pāti Maori last week went a bit viral and shot up to about 40,000 views as more than a thousand people commented on Luxon’s latest brain fart, a fart – which brought many stinking Nat trolls out of their holes.

Brimming with new found confidence, the anti Maori, racist ACT and NAT Trolls slunk onto G News and started gloating, beating their chests, making much of Claire and Thomas’ speculations, as they strutted up and down like squirrel nutkin, twerking and preening and flicking the bird in our faces.

Welcome to today.

The trolls beat a hasty retreat, apart from the thickest ( Yes Jules ) who tarried, only to prove his limited scope and sociopathic disregard for this country anyway.

Chippy had reminded smaller parties that they need to be careful not to rule themselves out of government – you know with – policies like scrapping FIVE EYES with Canada, Australia, England and the USA.

Nobody thought about the threat of terrorism or cyber war or anything serious like national security – peace and stability in the Pacific etc – instead they thought about how TPM might just sit on the cross benches while NACT dismantled Te Tiriti and built huge private prisons for all those brown faces.

Yes David Seymour and friends of Pullya Benefit had lots of cash to hand out to TV Staffers, producers, journalists – captains of industry and all sorts of people who would be prepared to do some kind of anecdotal fist shaking against co-governance, partnership, fresh water, healthy marine environments and climate action…

Notably Federated Farmers now stood in a shadow about whether all of their recent announcements and negativity were really ACT narratives – as the public realised what had really transpired.

National’s leader Christopher Luxon was plummeting down in public esteem with every photo op. The same old hands in pockets and fake diversity had produced headlines that screamed back at every Nat voter :

” Nearly half of New Zealanders believe Christopher Luxon is out of touch”

Now pundits wrote articles titled “Prime Minister Nicola Willis” but Christopher blundered on, doing the same things that do not work as if something might change.

There were all bad signs and not the bull headed qualities New Zealand needed.

Some said Kiwis were over the “Four point plans” and “we’ve got a plan they don’t” rhetoric – which made no sense whatsoever.

The so called plans were bollocks and so high level that Luxon and Willis showed their lack of depth, relying instead upon – riding on Labour’s coattails, but being relentlessly negative.

The most recent batshit crazy criticism from NACT ran along the line of “One Billion in Savings per year is only a tiny fraction of all Government Spending” when the whole operational allowance for Government Spending in the Budget was about 4 Billion this year.

As you know, that allowance is progressively reducing…but Willis and Seymour relied upon Claire and Thomas NOT to explain the deception.

Such was the “Game” being played out as media failed to hold NACT to account purely because they were in Opposition.

As we approach the election the game will change and rare events – like Amelia dumping hard on Luxon over Shane Reti’s misleading number of nurses leaving the health sector should become more frequent.

Christopher had also packed a massive sad over Attack ads recently which came across like a wah wah cry me a whambulance.

This guy was not match fit.

Just a poketman poser representing every social injustice we have a name for.

Christopher was focused on himself, Labour had pinned it, and the truth hurt, so Luxon squealed on his Facebook page like the jaws of truth had got him by the balls.

I don’t want to make too fine a point of it, cos you already know all this…but now it’s looking like Christopher will keep on getting worse, falling down, down past the tragic marks left by the botox vampire into the pit of the well where Soyman cried “Royd Moy Lups” a thousand times.

The days of elite Pokectmen were over.

The Fabergé Egg was going down.

National Party leadership woes have not been solved while Chippy is flying high like a red banner, blowing – fresh in the morning breeze as voters considered the coming war for the future.

The elves of the Green Woods joined the armies of Red Men and Women and TPM – the choice was clear.

Five more months until the election and things were now getting interesting, and G News will not abandon all the good work we have done – to torture and pain under a NACT government.

Let’s hunt some Nat trolls.

Well Well Well Claire Trevett


G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Truth hurts Christopher

On the 6 May 2023 Henry Cooke Tweeted that “Luxon was at a busy pub meeting in Westminster. Not everyone was here for him but at least a dozen were.”

19,800 people on Twitter saw that.

If you count the camera crew, and Luxon’s handlers, the real fan base was probably about six people.

The Two Chairmen Pub had at least forty people standing around outside it when Christopher arrived with his entourage for the staged photo op.

Here on FB – we all saw the resulting misleading photos of Luxon squatting with a female child and shots of Luxon taking selfies with anybody who would oblige in a large crowd – especially anyone with a brown skin tone because that shows Christopher’s ability to relate across cultural divides.

It was all about deceiving New Zealand voters.

An illusion, crafted and deliberately marketed after Christopher kept crashing out in his net favourability ratings.

While Christopher genuinely wondered if he wore his trousers better than Richie, back home the National Party launched a series of race based Attack Ads on Labour.

On 8 May. National Party aligned Chief Political Editor for the NZ Herald, Claire Trevett wrote :

“Well, well, well, how the tables have turned. Not that long ago, Labour and the Greens were sitting there smugly watching while chaos went on a relentless parade through the National Party ranks. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins landed back in the country after the King’s Coronation in London to be greeted by an attack ad from National, highlighting the turbulence on his own side. Goodbye royals, hello reality.”

Yes National had been spending some of its huge donations from the wealthiest tax light 311 families on attacking brown skin female MPs with the co-operation of almost all of our media – and now it was time to send a volley of cringe content out on social media.

Bigoted racists swallowed the National Attack Ads and shook their tight white fists at Labour, in the same way sheep run through a gate, as Chris Bishop, coughed up a lung and locked the gate behind them.

But wait something was different?

Labour fired an attack Ad back at National – showing Christopher at the Two Chairmen Pub creating a selfie in sheer desperation while the real Prime Minister of New Zealand met the Prime Minister of the UK and discussed much more important matters to all New Zealanders.

Yes I heard a small explosion.

Christopher had inflated himself but now he was deflated, like someone had popped the ego balloon that kept him afloat and all his self importance came crashing down in tatters, as a silver pin dropped on the cobble stones, vibrating to a state of motionless “well fuk” as shutters closed, cats curled up in balls, and nobody gave a rat’s arse.

The sobbing from Remuera carried across the water to Waiheke Island where I closed the window rather than listen to Luxon crying.

Yes last night Christopher was very upset with Labour and through a cloud of CEO tears, wrote on his FaceBook page :

“Another day, and Labour has run an attack ad against me for meeting with Kiwis at a pub in London. They are so out of touch. I meet incredible New Zealanders everyday to listen to them and share our plans to turn this country around.”

“Oh Yeah”, said a burp, “Pull the other one”, said the tissues.

But it got even worse when Luxon followed up with a plate full of red hot BS – which is what I wish to write about most.

Luxon wrote :

“After Labour’s MIQ lottery, after years of wasteful spending, after slugging hardworking Kiwis with more taxes, and after the last few weeks of division and dysfunction focused on themselves, a cost of living crisis, a health crisis and plummeting school attendance, I think Labour needs to spend more time listening to Kiwis. And after October 14th they can do that in Opposition. “

The MIQ Lottery thing was aimed at the so called “Million Kiwis abroad” in a global pandemic who could not come home “immediately” on the same plane, precisely when they wanted to.

The actual number of people temporarily inconvenienced by that system was less than a hundred thousand – and it came as no surprise that in life and death situations some solutions were not perfect, but Christopher was lashing out here – like in a domestic spat.

No country on Planet Earth responded perfectly to the global pandemic – and National’s solutions were pure unworkable insanity based on placing economic considerations before the lives of the 5 Million back at home.

MIQ had inconvenienced some badly – like jobs, funerals, etc – but there was also many who were griping over their right to have a few weeks holiday back home before flying back to Europe.

Back home closer to 5 Million of us thanked MIQ for buying us time to get vaccinated, cos saving lives seemed a bit more important at the time to people who trust in medical science and who have even a shred of empathy for others.

The so called wasteful spending Christopher is banging on about – is the Wage Subsidy that saw us through the lockdowns and the Business Resurgence Payments that National and Act demanded be even greater.

Christopher always skips over this bit.

It’s vital for National’s narrative that the pandemic never actually happened and all the things we lived through are just scrubbed from future debate with the full co-operation of the New Zealand Press Gallery.

Now Christopher is counting on you all forgetting how important and vital that temporary emergency spending really was to New Zealand. He wants you to call it a waste of money. He’s counting on that lie being swallowed, digested and accepted.

As far as new taxes introduced by Labour go – perhaps Christopher is talking about the Auckland Regional fuel tax or the extension of the Bright Line Test to 10 Years but I think he really means the 39% top tax rate introduced for those who earn over $180,000.

National has promised to repeal all of Labour’s taxes no matter what – and by doing so will tilt the table back in favour of greedy property speculators, shutting out first home buyers, growing generation rent, widening inequality, and reducing our ability to deliver public services we all rely upon.

Christopher is not going to bring your rent or mortgage payments down one cent and let’s be real, National stirred up the politics of scandal in the past month and then complained about how it was all a distraction.

The impacts of Covid have exacerbated most of Christopher’s gripes – like the cost of living crisis, the health crisis, the school attendance – and as the long tail of the pandemic slowly works it’s way through – all of these matters will abate and lessen and return to a more normal level – without any need for a change of Government.

Inflation is declining, migrant labour is arriving in huge quantities, the kids are back at school ( when it is possible ), RAM Raids are past a peak and declining, we have more police than under National, and Luxon is fibbing about the number of nurses leaving the health sector.

Christopher thinks Labour needs to spend more time listening to Kiwis – because of his photo op obsession every week in small towns – and Covid Free spin – but there’s a strong argument for Christopher to start listening to what kiwis are saying back to him.

Christopher should listen hard to that negative 7% net favourability rating he has with Kiwis.

That’s the reality Claire Trevett will never write about – while trying to pin the results of two polls on whatever National claims has changed. You know “Meka” or “Elizabeth Kerekere” or “Kiri Allan” etc.

Neither Claire nor Doubting Thomas mentioned that David Parker’s tax study was released on 26 April – and the shock waves rippled amongst the greedy that it could be time to pay the piper and National spun us all fibs about imaginary “Phantom taxes” they saw over by the curtains, running along the skirting.

Yes Nicola was standing on a chair screaming as I ate my coco pops and wished she’d do something about that phobia.

Truth is we are still far enough from an election that the concerns highlighted this week won’t be remembered on 14 October.

Christopher’s blubbering and crying about how Labour attacked him back just shows he has the constitution of a marshmallow and the honesty of a mistruth.

Half a dozen people showed up at the The Two Chairmen Pub on 6 May 2023 to see Christopher Luxon – while PM Chris Hipkins met heads of state and got on with the real job.

Truth hurts Christopher.

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook : Things that should have happened by now

1. We all should be living in Australia according to some pundits like Jack Tame and Tracy Watkins after Chippy recently brought home the bacon and freed up a pathways to Australian citizenship for us. However the pundits were WRONG as per usual with right wing media wallies and we are all still here.

2. Gary should have finished his investigation into who stuck the image of Jacinda on the toilet seat and who participated in the disgraceful mockery and abuse. It should not take more than a couple of days tops. Clearly such people should be booted out of Rotary after about three seconds of deliberation, but Gary is thought to be hiding behind the sofa and refuses to fess up with the facts.

3. By now Brad’s promised brain drain should be complete but instead we’ve got about a 65,000 person net migration gain in the year to March rendering most of Erica’s moaning all through 2022 utterly pointless.

4. Steven Mercep should have produced those RAM RAID and retail crime states he promised in late November 2022, …but TVNZ 1 Nat News still have not delivered on their promise.

5. Tama should have solved crime in Hamilton West but he’s done nothing really.

6. The angry toilet brush should have sold those cheap fake shoes on TradeMe and exited the country as promised years ago.

7. Nicola Willis should have shown us the money and what she will cut to pay for her tax cuts, but the sly little bear is still pretending it all adds up after Chippy got back to basics and Grant used up the $4 Billion to see us through.

8. Christopher Luxon should have asked his tailor for a refund. That was shocking. Worst I have ever seen. How did that even happen? Do people people vote for this?

9. Someone should have leaked the Uffindell Report, the Terms of Reference or Executive Summary instead of it all being so horribly hidden in such a non transparent way. Nobody can trust the Nats and there’s your proof.

10. Andrea Vance should he written the second half of her love letter puff piece to Christopher – but clearly things are still being negotiated behind the scenes. It’s all about a free press etc.

Things that should have happened by now

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: When National makes things up and so called “Lefties” join in

If Josie Pagani had mentioned that less than 7% of all cars that qualified for the clean car discount over the past 12 months were Tesla’s I might have had more sympathy for her National Party aligned take – published in Stuff this morning.

Instead Pagani stripped all of the real context – and evidence from her hit piece this morning – in an article titled “No, thank YOU Tesla buyers for saving us.”

Pagani seemingly did not want you to know that the Clean Car Discount programme had supported Kiwis to purchase around 74,000 Daihatsus, Fords, Hondas, Hyundais, Mazdas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, Subarus, Suzukis, Toyotas, and Kias, making up about 84 percent of total vehicles, paying out over $200 million- around 71 percent of total rebates, on these vehicles.

Instead she stuck to promoting National’s focus on the Teslas alone.

As you may be aware Chris Bishop and Simeon Brown went to town on FaceBook earlier this week – focusing solely upon Teslas just like Pagani :

“Labour is increasing the Ute Tax on farmers and tradies to make it cheaper for wealthy people to buy Teslas. Utter contempt for the productive economy” wrote Chris Bishop three days ago.

“Labour is taxing farmers and tradies to subsidise wealthy people to buy expensive Teslas”, wrote Simeon Brown.

Clearly both Chris Bishop and Simeon Brown were attempting to drive a wedge between the urban and rural new car buyers over less than 7% of the cars that attracted the Clean Car Discount, which was misleading and relied upon media stripping out the real context in order for their deceptions to be effective.

Enter Josie Pagani with the same “Tesla chip on her shoulder” over less than 7% of the sales involving the Clean Car Discount.

In some recycled version of “How to suck Eggs”, Pagani suggested that the poorest of us don’t buy new cars, as I rolled my eyes and waited for the price of second hand EV’s to come down in a couple more years.

20 percent of all new passenger car sales were electric in 2022. A substantial increase from eight percent in 2021.

The scheme is a success and just needed to be tweaked to be more sustainable but all this smoke and noise from the media blurs the facts.

Pagani did not mention how the Clean Car Discount is forecast to save New Zealand from importing 1.4 billion litres of petrol. At current prices the economy will save an average of $325 million a year on fuel, but none of that mattered to Pagani as she “coincidentally” assisted the National Party with its misleading attacks on the Government – again.

This kind of crap is all over our media – and I referred to some of it yesterday where I mentioned how good news is drowned by the surrounding negative takes and opinions and contextless news reporting.

Instead of Chris Bishop being dragged through the headlines for making up how National’s “no cause evictions” policy was “worked on by people who work with the homeless” – we never heard boo to a ghost about that in the NZ Herald, Stuff, NewsHub, RNZ nor TVNZ.

This was sitting right before their noses but it was “Chris me old mate” so why bother?

The Spinoff investigated and contacted pretty much all agencies who work with the homeless and they all denied working with National to develop their policy.

Silence from the Mainstream.

Chris Bishop is a bit like Nicola Willis really – another media sacred cow – while all media focused on Meka and soon Elizabeth KereKere – rather than report the deceptions of National’s Bishop or Simeon Brown.

Nicola Willis is busy making up “Labour taxes on unrealised capital gains”, while media look the other way rather than focus on her fake news.

If anything media attempt to support any whiff of a possibility about what might be discussed at Cabinet, as they join up in an anti-tax frenzy on behalf of the richest 311 families.

We did see media do it’s job for a single day over the deceptions of Shane Reti and the way Luxon did not care about those deceptions over nursing numbers – but it was like a brief shower in the desert.

This morning’s article by Pagani was pretty much a National Party smoke bomb focused on Teslas in order to attack the Government.

Much like Chris Trotter, Pagani is a vowed leftie who happens to adopt right wing narratives about 95% of the time – and then bleats about being wrongly characterised.

It’s one thing to pretend to be a left wing commentator and make a fuss about that – but another to consistently act like a National Party stooge, stove piping their messaging, with a shake of your hair as other right wing media nod in agreement.

Like you I am over the BS from these people who strip out the facts to make a misleading or obvious point and how they get paid large sums to do it once a week by media who claim to be neutral.

The cumulative effect is to muddy good news and maintain the conservative status quo, stoking up resentment with pretend arguments which omit the pertinent facts.

The likes of Pagani don’t talk about much about the emissions saved by 2035 or the 84% range of cars that are not Teslas.

Instead they stomp their feet and demand new cars be cheaper.

You should not have to resort to G News to discover that less than 7% of the sales of cars in the Clean Car Discount were Teslas – but the fact that you do have to – only supports what I am writing about.

When National makes things up and so called “Lefties” join in


G 🙂

Faux so called LEFTIES

Gerard Otto Facebook: Stuff news Andrea Vance’s Luxon puff piece one of many poonami puff pieces promoting the unpopular LOTO

It came as no surprise after another week that coldly exposed Christopher Luxon’s war on the peace of mind of rental tenants and his evasive tactics around a patently unfair tax system that instead of digging into this shocking stuff – Stuff chose instead to publish a glowing puff piece by Andrea Vance extolling how very nice Christopher is.

RNZ have already done a Puff Piece on Luxon but it did not work – so now Stuff was the new Woman’s Weekly.

I can see the headlines at the supermarket checkout …

He is so nice girlfriend. Like mmm mmm.

Andrea blushed like a school girl, so pleased to be surrounded by the artfully chosen beige – and to be given this opportunity to polish a gleaming corporate turd and promote it as very nice, if a little weird.

No nasty questions here about The Club and unfair Effective Tax Rates – but rather more why Christopher is not all those things people say he is – kind of like an advertisement for Christopher right now.

Andrea made sure we understood he was never really part of that loony bin fundamentalist Upper Room crap. He was more like an outsider – and left because they kept wanting free airline tickets.

Christopher had started out being Catholic but then the Baptists got hold of him which is more hand waving and talking in tongues.

God knows what Christopher’s people had to say to Sinead to line this up right now – but it read like cotton candy wrapped around some serious money.

I kept thinking about animal cruelty, live exports, people being thrown out of the flats for no reason, the $2.50 extra per week that someone on $48,000 might make under National, the kids in boot camp for 12 months, all those hospitals full of Covid ( cos we have moved on ) and of course no climate change action.

Surely Andrea would bring some of that up?

But no. That was not a journalist’s job.

This was about a fairytale mythology and the lure and swooning Andrea felt as she quivered before the Fabergé Egg right in the centre of Beige HQ.

Andrea’s fairytale tells us Christopher was a brand manager and he got taken more seriously after he won some awards for leading his team ( who did all the work ) but instead of going on to be the fattest, richest, plonker in the Universe – he selflessly bowed out of the rat race and offered his legendary skills to the National Party.

Andrea confessed she was wary how he asked her many questions, although she did not mention if the questions were about Stuff’s chances of future access to Luxon if this puff piece fell flat and rival exclusives he might make with the NZ Herald if Andrea was nasty to him.

So I guess we’ll never know what was really going on behind the scenes, as per usual with our media.

Andrea noted that Sir John reckoned nobody worked harder than Christopher – who also actually reads books – much to the surprise and delight of Stuff’s team.

It was like clap clap clap and blow the party hooter.

You know, one of those things that unroll and make a squeak.

Yes Christopher is a wonder kid who reads all about politicians in their biographies – and even dissects Question Time in parliament, and so – clearly he is amazing or something.

Yes I filed my little finger nail just like you.

Sir John did say Christopher needs to tell some better stories – which was thrown in – so nobody could accuse Andrea of being a floor licking sycophant – clearly everything was balanced now.

Several people wrote to me about this cringe this morning and I invite them to write some choice words of their own in the comments below.

Like most I watched the Nation this morning – and was most impressed with Nanaia – and just shook my head at Simon Shepherd who seemed kind of like a smug outsider who thought he knew stuff while Nanaia just actually did know stuff.

NewsHub were still trying to make out Nanaia did not travel much in early 2022 because she was lazy – when it was because most countries still had closed borders then – but no matter how many times you tell NewsHub – they still repeat the smear.

The debate between Chlöe and Seymour was like watching someone I agreed with ( Chlöe ) arguing with a rubber dummy who kept repeating simplistic slogans and dumb narratives ( Seymour ).

As for Janet Wilson – crikey look out for that giant toad feeding on speculation blowflies – ZAAAAP. Yes it was too much to watch that sticky tongue flicking a solid at the Nats.

In summary, we all have better things to do – but today is a very good example of the “easy ride” New Zealand Media give the National Party when it is at its most shocking, appalling and disgraceful.

A true media would have stuck the boot into Luxon over his “tax fairness” avoidance, his need to restore an “unfair practice” for renters, and the nonsense that we need to continue live animal exports.

But we do not have a true media in this country, which is why we talk about that kind of thing right here on G News.

Saturday Afternoon Session

G 🙂