Gerard Otto Facebook: How TV1 made Government’s good 1.7% Q2 GDP result look bad by destructively putting the most negative spin on what should have been positive good news for Labour & NZ economy

Tonight’s Propaganda from TVNZ 1 News

GDP rises 1.7% as border opening helps economy bounce back

Here’s a summary of propaganda to help the National Party in tonight’s TVNZ 1 News at 6PM segment about the June Quarter GDP growth of 1.7%.

1. ) TVNZ started the segment by featuring a background graphic saying “Rising Costs” with a red arrow pointing skyward as Simon Dallow read the teleprompter. This choice of background about costs going up instead of a graphic about GDP or rising growth was a deliberate choice to signal bad news to the audience and at best a secondary aspect behind the main topic. TVNZ however – bent over backwards to make a positive feel negative using this visual device.

2.) TVNZ summarised the main takeaways as – “we are all spending less and reopening the borders is helping steady the economy and kept the country out of recession…that’s the main takeaway from today’s GDP figures which showed small economic growth.” The figure of 1.7% growth was described as at the top end of the forecasts by all economists and exceeded the growth of Canada 0.8%, Australia 0.9%, Euro Area ( 19 countries ) 0.8%, European Union ( 27 Countries ) 0.7%, Japan 0.9%, OECD Total 0.4%, UK -0.1%, and the USA -0.1%. None of that was mentioned by TVNZ 1 News who described the growth as small – leaving New Zealanders ignorant of the relative large growth NZ had experienced in the June Quarter.

3.) Katie Bradford told a tale of two economies – and positioned Grant Robertson at a breakfast where today started with “eggs bene” to make him seem like the privileged rich – and pulled down his optimism about opportunities by arguing opportunities are a lot harder at the City Mission. Wow? A guy called Nicolas who had lived for 13 years under a bridge but who now had a roof over his head at the new City Mission building said “Paying rent these days is over the top”. Bradford then went on to add more and more people need help …before finally making a massive leap to try and make all of this bad news link to today’s GDP figures by saying “the financial pain had showed up in today’s GDP figures”. Yet Bradford did not explain how or where? All of this was a giant smear on the government – when talking about GDP growth in Q2 which was greater than in most economies.

4.) There has been a 3.2% drop during the June Quarter ( 3 months ago ) in private consumption – but instead of pointing out today’s figures were in the past and represented conditions in April, May and June – Bradford rushed to three random vox pops of people today saying they were trying to cut down on 1. electricity, 2. “Can I afford to buy a block of cheese” and 3. “travel and treats”. A 3.2% drop in private consumption was mostly driven by a decrease in durable goods purchased ( cars, stereos, white-ware, furniture, BBQs, Computers, TVs ) not electricity, cheese or travel and treats ( non durable ) So all of Katie Bradfords examples of “pain” and cutting back were pretty irrelevant and out of date by 3 months.

5.) Katie Bradford said there was a “big fall” in construction but that fall was only 2.4% – an amount she called “big” while the 1.7% GDP growth was referred to as “small”. Wow talk about diminishing one figure and exaggerating another – when they are only 0.7% apart. Bradford also failed to mention that a decrease in construction was a good thing as it’s a big driver of domestic inflation. The biggest.

6.) Luxon said the look isn’t good for New Zealand at the moment – “we’ve got rapidly rising prices, we’ve got inflation becoming embedded in the economy and we’ve got declining real wages and that means that everyone is going backwards.” TVNZ did not challenge any of this – by saying CPI inflation past it’s peak in June and is now thought to be declining by nearly all economists, real wages have not really declined after record wage increases in Q2 mostly kept pace with inflation and nobody went backwards by much, especially the rich. There’s a small amount of inflation embedded in the economy and National are using that as their rhetoric now that inflation is falling and everything comes back to more usual levels over the next year.

7.) Grant said there were many reasons to be optimistic about New Zealand’s economy BUT Katie Bradford could not allow that – and dragged it down by saying “but with so many global and domestic pressures piling on not everyone was feeling that optimism.” An opinion with no reference to who or what exactly she is referring to which is a technique to link to the next part of her propaganda – not news and not factual – just a transition back to Simon.

8.) Simon Dallow read out the scripted question – and asked Katie Bradford what are the economic risks we need to be aware of? A breathless Bradford rushed through saying “there were some positives – if people come here and work in Summer ( which they will 100% ) then we will see some of that optimism from Grant Robertson be validated. But then there’s all those things we can’t control, the energy price crisis, inflation around the world, the war in Ukraine – and here the two big issues are skill shortages and inflation.” OMG – inflation is coming down and has been since June – and workers are already flooding into the country. A few weeks ago Michael Wood said “Since our borders have fully reopened we are seeing the return of working holiday makers with approximately 4,000 already in the country and over 21,000 have had their application to work here approved.”

9.) Lastly Katie Bradford made major errors – referring to last weeks food prices up 8.3% – and how people are now feeling the pain of that and because of that the RBNZ will keep on raising the OCR. Bradford said we’ll keep seeing interest rates go up ( everyone has seen the OCR track so that is not news ) and that will mean Kiwis will continue to tighten their belts for some time yet. ( about buying durables – not so much non durables like food and going out to restaurants etc ).

In summary – today’s news should have been about GDP Growth at 1.7% in Q2 but Bradford had made it about wealth inequality and how people living under bridges were getting along, positioned Grant Robertson as being optimistic while eating egg bene with plonkers, omitted the relative stats from other nations who did way worse than NZ, called 1.7% small but 2.4% big, mixed up her vox pops which all referred to non durable goods with – falling expenditure on durable goods.

On top of that Luxon’s spin was embedded without challenge when it was grossly misleading as per usual and don’t forget that graphic about rising prices.

The news tonight was supposed to be about GDP growth in Q2…but just look at what they did to it to make it seem like bad news.

This article has been brought to you by G from G News – the good news.

Tonight’s Propaganda from TVNZ 1 News

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: G News is Back !!!

Forever Tuesday Morning

It may have come as a devastating blow for Jessica MuckInMyEye, BeenA dick Collins and the other one, what was her name again ( Maiki Sherman ), that none of them won the best political journalist of the year award from Voyager last week but trust me it got worse.

None of them were even finalists in the category.

The quality of their work was just not good enough.

It’s enough to make Simon Dallow grimace and ask for more on the story from 1 News political Reporter Jessica MuckInMyEye.

But shit – nobody in the TVNZ 1 News wants to report that news.

“We sucked badly”, was not going on a billboard at TVNZ anytime soon.

Yes it turns out that repeating misleading statistics about people sleeping in cars and crowing about National climbing in the Kantar Polls got Jessica nowhere.

Pointing a camera at herself has not made Jessica a better political reporter. Neither has ignoring Luxon’s mask use, how he’ll pay for tax cuts, nor which staffer knew what about Uffindell but failed to tell Luxon.

Jessica just wasn’t up to standard much like the rest of the TVNZ 1 news team in 2021/ 2022.

Maiki’s efforts to create a story about a Green Party Leadership Crisis was both too much, too little, and too late to score Maiki any points – and BeenAdick pretending Poto said things she never said about police crime stats just got him laughed out of town on 6 May 2022.

Even the semi retired Audrey Young ( former winner ) who now sits around doing her knitting at the NZ Herald between naps – beat the crap out of the TVNZ 1 News team according to the judges.

Audrey snuck into the list of finalists while Jenna Lynch from Discovery NewsHub took out the “prestigious” award despite being away having a baby for much of the year.

That’s about it really.

The winner was absent much of the time ( irony laughs ).

Which brings me to the point.

I don’t care about awards really because it’s mostly an illegitimate attempt to make these wallies seem legitimate, a kind of lozenge for a sore throat, an ego rush for insecure scribblers – while they collectively bury the real context of the events they report upon.

Right now who cares about the Sharma Drama other than wanting to see a naughty boy brought to justice for grandstanding and labelling everyone bullies?

Everyone is a bully apart from Sharma.

That’s the gist of it.

Yet Sharma never got beaten with bed legs in a bed, or had to jump out a window to run away did he?

Heart and centre of that story was Sharma who could not properly manage staff and three of them complained – one desiring death before he’d work for that Sharma fella again.

Sharma was offered help and a pause was put on his ability to hire more staff until he acquired the skills to be a much better manager.

Cue extreme kamikazi Sharma Drama – a helicopter of accusations spraying all over the place without evidence while the “award winning” media sit around unable to talk about anything else for nearly two weeks.

Next somebody will win an award for how they covered the Sharma Drama but truth is the whole thing is a distraction and right now it feels kind of fictional like House of the Dragon.

Loads of soap opera and bright lights but essentially about nothing really.

The news has grown thin and flimsy when there’s Climate Change adaptation knocking on our doors ( see Nelson roads ) which will make 100 year weather events happen every week soon.

The racist underbelly of rural NZ ( folks who don’t mix with city folk much ) is evident in “stop three waters” signs up and down the South island – while Kīngitanga rebukes Luxon over co-governance and he continues to spout his memorised “whites must rule your asses” spin to their faces.

“No say for you lot” at the white “public services” table under a Luxon government.

The same Luxon who barely understands there was a Maori version of the Treaty.

We’ve got the likes of the Wright family backing Squid face with more Maori bashing on The Platform.

Like you I rolled my eyes like I had swallowed a “Fuckery Grenade” and silently digested the ill effects – when I read that Mr Wright was so Mr Wrong about WFPM Jacinda Ardern and how she chose Jessica and Tova to speak first at 1PM Health updates during 2021.

Mr Wright thought that order of events was about media corruption by the government – when it was only about the fact that Television Networks went first by convention – associated with audience size.

Inheriting wealth does not make Mr Wright smart.

But Squid Face ( Plunket ) has a platform again as a result so we get to change the channel, knowing people with brains the size of acorns are up tight about 3 Waters again.

It’s all about poor critical thinking, white fright and fragility.

Don’t talk about chocolate bars.

Plus who can forget the possibility of forcing beneficiaries out of bed with all sorts of health disabilities, hitching them up to a heavy load with a job coach ( one Luxon can’t afford without privatising ) and cracking that rich man’s whip on their backs until they make a chart look better for Luxon to boast about to Jessica?

He cares so deeply.

But mostly about his own record, and if Jessica is down the road by then – it will be some other ambitious glory seeker in the media busting to win an award by being hard hitting.

A perfect recipe for more Gotcha sauce and an absence of context.

Everyone’s aware there’s another parliamentary protest happening today, but less than a thousand science deniers who hate democracy are involved and this time the cops are ready, blocking cars and all that other nonsense that lunatics rant about.

Alt Right Barbie Girl in her Alt Right barbie World will be layered up with all the required hair products and foundation, only not of FaceBook.

It’s kind of like a curiosity, maybe good for a few laughs?

If you take a step back from this theatre, there’s bigger stories that should have been told over the past nine months that our pretty useless, self praising media should have told.

G News is talking about the way the Opposition get in first when a problem comes along – selling “solutions” without showing you the money, claiming the government “shoulda done it sooner”, claiming “it’s too little too late” by the time the real solutions are applied – and hurrying on to the next topic before it becomes clear that the Government solved the issues and there were no terrible outcomes.

The “award winning” media never tell that story.

Remember tales of doom about the “Brain Drain” linked to cost of living, the “law and order crisis” and a spike in ram raids, “The gang crisis and guns”, the “health crisis in our hospitals” with raging Nurses, “the second omicron wave”, “the cost of living crisis” with no workers filling roles, “Inflation is lower in japan and Australia”, “$3.50 petrol at the pumps”, “talking up an inevitable recession” by Brad, and of course the usual anecdotes on the street about the cost of a block of cheese ha ha ha.

Yes just look at that pile of shite that media did not show the public any details about what was forecast ( no inflation forecast were published in any media ).

Look at how low Omicron case rates are now.

Look at how many migrants are flooding into New Zealand.

Look at how many ICU beds are free,

Look at how inflation is coming down.

Look how many nurses are arriving.

Look at the lower number of reported gun shots and ram raids.

Look at that EU FTA

Look at that pathway for citizenship in Australia

Media did not show you how the issues would peak and then ebb away as the Government solved these problems.

Finally Uffindell, the real bully, waits to hear his fate in secret after National covered everything up again.

Luxon says he wanted the voters of Tauranga to know the truth while covering up the report ha ha ha.

Yes G News is back.

No awards, no bright lights, just the facts.

And a little bit of humour.

Let’s keep moving.

Forever Tuesday Morning

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Amber lights on the dash and Luxon’s Uffindell cover-up shitshow

Amber Lights are on the dash

When Todd McClay saw those amber lights on the dash he immediately contacted an emotional junior staffer rather than Christopher Luxon because it was not his role to inform the leader.

It was the Party’s responsibility not Todd’s but he had gone above and beyond to let an emotional junior staffer know about a highly confidential matter that the leader should not be privy to.

That’s why Todd told media it was not his role to inform the leader after he had informed the emotional junior staffer – it all make perfect sense.

If only Christopher Luxon had known about Sam and that emotional junior staffer had ruined the open, honest process.

Luxon implied in hindsight fantasy talk that – he would have discarded Sam’s rights to privacy and the confidential Party process – and shown everyone in Tauranga what the victim had to say about Sam and made the case that Sam had changed now before the 18 June 2022.

You’ve got to make your case and take the people with you.’

It’s all about open, transparent democracy from a national, National Party who represents all New Zealanders.

Had Luxon held a press conference and declared there were amber lights on the dash before the Tauranga By-Election – then Sam’s former flat mate may have come forward to tell her story before the by-election as well.

Yes voters may have had the opportunity to be fully informed before they decided who best represented them. You know, aligned values, integrity and a deep respect for others rather than old school lying politicians covering up secrets.

National were past all of that now after the reset.

Billboards of women’s underwear hanging on the coat rack in Sam’s old Dunedin flat might have made a “very popular” billboard on Tauranga motorway off ramps alongside Sam holding a bed leg in his hands.

The opportunity for this type of honest open transparency was something Christopher deeply regretted as he told the press he was not telling them anything at all – about the emotional junior staffer.

Hindsight fantasy meets present day reality.

After bringing his staff into it Luxon said he did not want to bring his staff into it, even if they wanted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about a national, National Party.

Just like with Simon O’Conner, nobody had been gagged but who would come forward from within the ranks?

G News understands from a credible source that nobody knew Jami-Lee had lost his job as a swimming pool lifeguard for taking photos of girls in their bikinis.

Reportedly nobody who worked with him would come forward officially. Which is similar to the situation today about Todd and his weird choice to inform a staffer ( Luxon’s office ) but not Luxon himself.

Poor National such rotten luck with staffers who are not as reliable as email.

Todd really should have known by now and just copied in the staffer ( office ) and addressed his communications to Luxon instead.

That’s if Todd sent an email – because Luxon does not want to go there right now.

Todd knew that an emotional junior staffer had previously deleted a petition off the National Party Website and later got into a dispute with the National party after alleging media were lied to, two sources close to the situation said at the time.

Then there was that staffer who told on Nick Smith being abusive in a fit of rage …or something like that….and Judith knew about it. Nick had to go – bye bye Nick.

Yet despite all this Todd foolishly trusted staffers with this vital red flag information about Sam.

Todd knew the amber lights may not come up on the dash but he took the least reliable and least confidential path anyway.

Good one Todd.

More recently Todd also knew staffers were to blame for Luxon not managing his Te Puke video on social media and failing to change the captioning.

There’s a National Party bus with heaps of emotional staffers underneath it where they had all been thrown while media watched on.

No wonder Todd was being so oblique with the media on Tuesday 9th August – saying it was not his role to inform the leader about the amber lights on the dash.

They call Todd’s words – arse covering in the suburbs.

Luxon says he typically picks up a phone when there are amber lights on the dash and asks hard questions like how many people have come forward about Sam today, what kind of underwear and who else knows about that?

How many ICU beds do we have today and how many allegations are there against Sam Uffindell today?

Apparently a woman in the US is about to step forward about Sam according to social media reports and Luxon wants to know.

That kind of thing.

It’s proactive leadership really and Todd knows that.

So many amber lights now on the dash.

Amber lights appeared on the dash about inflation earlier this year but none appeared about Sam Uffindell so what could Luxon do?

The last thing Todd needed was Luxon being proactive, trying to get things done, you know – picking up the phone and asking if a “deep check” had been done on Sam, were there any amber lights on the dash, risk management and all that stuff a real leader would do…

Luxon was paralysed and could not pick up his phone unless someone sent him something first.

It’s what real leaders do.

Just sit there in your Crusaders shirt and make another video.

But of course Luxon now says we are where we are – because of that staffer and so nothing can be done about the whole murky mess – especially not bringing them into it after already bringing them into it.

Staffers make honest mistakes.

Should some staffers now come forward with evidence that Luxon did know about the amber lights on the dash – then that would be the end for Christopher so it’s not like there is any pressure on staffers to stay silent right now.

Luxon’s whole political career now rests on staffers staying quiet.

“We care deeply about staffers” springs to mind, especially when they suddenly have to go on jobseeker to just be free of the bullying.

Bringing Staffers further into this – so the public knows the truth is far too big a risk for Christopher.

They might go native on him, hey and we don’t want that after the National Party Conference and TVNZ’s poll.

So the truth must be covered up and we must move on soon so Christopher can be the next Prime Minister.

It’s all about who we really are deep down.

Underneath all of this people on all sides – people are worried that everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet in Wellington and where do we draw the line, because if we push too hard for the truth – a scandal war will erupt and crikey – all sorts of underwear will appear in the press.

Imagine the skid marks.

Nobody reading this is Gerry Brownlee!

OMG the association…is too much.

Yes we can’t handle the truth about that dirty laundry so Luxon is drawing a line – like he did about Maori Co-Governance in the public service.

Truth has to know its limitations just like those bureaucratic staffers from parliamentary services.

Staffers are some of the bureaucrats who Luxon is going to sack anyway to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy if he can win the 2023 election.

I hope those staffers have brushed up their CVs because there’s some very real amber lights on the dash and there’s plenty of room under that National Party bus.

Maybe it’s time one of those staffers thought about all the future victims caused by their complicity and silence.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Amber Lights are on the dash


G 🙂

Gerard Otto: How National and Luxon with complicit media help manage and bury the Uffindell scandal in eight easy steps

Corporate Opposition Procedure when caught

1. Immediately swarm and huddle to assess the risks – no media

2. Discover all evidence that links the leader to knowing about the scandal?

3. Can we bury it? Can we destroy it? Can we plausibly deny it? If not sack the offender and admit a small error like “we should have changed the subtitles” or “I accepted the view of the selection panel”.

4. If you can destroy it, implement the – “I had no idea until yesterday” media line from the leader and dig up a distraction strategy about the Government to limit media focus

5. Push offender in front of cameras to make full confession for two days until distraction story dominates news cycle. Make the offender into the victim if possible. For pities sake – he said sorry and fronted up – he was just a white privileged kid and we all make mistakes. Use the words like – “he has made himself accountable” by throwing himself at the mercy of the Party…and we think he’s suffered enough. We believe in him. He told me in a heart to heart frank conversation. I looked him in the eye. Stuff like that, you know – eat your crow early and move on.

6. Leader to make a statement before friendly media about real genuine disappointment and shock and surprise to only just learn about this but – after a full and frank apology, we’ve decided to give the offender a second chance…because we are bigger than that. Every New Zealander who is white, rich and useful deserves a second chance. That’s who we are unless you are a brown kid who became a gang member, ram raid teenagers, or other people on the job seeker benefit who might have brown skin. For them the free ride is over…but for Sam …have a cigar, you’re gonna go far, you are never gonna die, they are gonna love you…

7. Reinforce the message that “I had no idea” multiple times and say “That’s up to Sam to reach out to the victim” and point to planted media who shift the focus away to the distraction strategy topic about last night’s poll ( for example ). End the conference abruptly and put on mask, but remember to place it over nostrils until cameras stop filming.

8. Media to summarise what we told them and move on quickly. Scandal managed and over in three days maximum.

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Shambolic National bench their 10.25% tax bracket shift proposal

It’s been since 2010 since tax brackets were last adjusted and how much CPI inflation has happened over the past 12 years compared to LCI wage cost inflation?

Tricky question but Statistics NZ data tells no lies and in June 2022 Stats said, “wage increases have typically exceeded consumer price increases over the past yen years”.

There’s been about three spikes in CPI inflation over the the past decade where temporarily CPI Inflation got a gap on LCI wage cost inflation for about a year – but sure enough CPI Inflation declined and things middled out back into that target zone ( between 1% and 3% ) while LCI wage costs dominated.

So what can we say about tax bracket creep if wages have mostly kept up with consumer prices?

I think that the argument for a tax bracket adjustment – which is an attempt to keep things constant is strongest when CPI inflation is outpacing wage cost inflation.

Well honest Bill English was all good about not adjusting tax brackets in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 but when he was the PM in 2017 in an election year – honest Bill decided to make an adjustment .

The 2017 Budget created by “honest” Bill English included a plan to increase the bottom three tax brackets but Bill’s cunning plan was reversed and reallocated to the families package by the Coalition Government.

Poor Honest Bill – Winston had foiled his plans and National set about being as obstructive as possible in Opposition because they were filthy sore losers.

Honest Bill wasn’t feeling it anymore and decided to cry off into oblivion – mentoring any possible future Ruth Richardson clones, which allowed “glorious loyder” Simon Bridges the opportunity to conduct a sausage roll limo tour that resulted in the biggest Jami Lee train wreck New Zealand had ever seen.

But Simon Bridges had a thick skin and although he had no fresh original ideas – he sure knew how to reheat crappy ones.

On 30 January 2019, Simon Bridges ( sly little bear ) reheated honest Bill’s tax bracket shift idea – and Bridges pledged to index tax thresholds to inflation to prevent wage and salary earners from being pushed into higher tax brackets by inflation.

Something a wage increase will do anyway.

Well Simon Bridges was the toast of the sleepy NZ media town at the time – standing ovations as the media praised this bold “new initiative” from National and mostly skipped over the way such a policy might work when CPI inflation is in decline after one of those spikes or wages cost inflation is beating CPI inflation.

National’s idea to deal with CPI Inflation spikes on the decline included getting Treasury to provide advice to the government in the year after each election and to include a veto clause so the government did not have to act in the “rare circumstances” that there was good reason not to.

That’s the background – then entered Christopher Luxon after the dark days of Jude the Ripper.

Luxon stepped out of the shade and announced on March 6 2022 :

“One of the hidden costs of inflation is bracket creep, where earners are paying more tax solely because of inflation. Someone on the average wage now has a marginal tax rate of 33 per cent. That’s not right.”

The 33% threshold is at $70,000 so Luxon is talking about those on $72,000 ( the 2021 average wage – not median wage ) and how a small part of earnings ( $2 K ) is taxed at 33%.

Then Luxon said …

“At the upcoming budget the Finance Minister should adjust the bottom three income thresholds to account for inflation we’ve seen in the last four years under Labour.”

There is something political and arbitrary about that selected four years “under Labour” when tax brackets have not been adjusted for twelve years.

During the past four years – wage inflation outpaced CPI inflation for three of them – and any adjustment should ideally be calculated using the “difference between wage inflation and price inflation ” over 12 years.

As we previously noted …”wage increases have typically exceeded consumer price increases over the past yen years”.

Despite these matters National proposed an increase in tax thresholds of 10.25% across the lower three brackets.

This meant someone earning $45,000 would save $2 a week.

Someone earning $55,000 would save $15 a week.

And someone earning $78,000 would save $18 a week.

A perverse outcome that gave the least to those who needed support the most and the most to those who required it the least.

There was no comparisons to the price of a block of cheese made by media – like media did when Labour proposed a $27 a week temporary payment.

Incredibly media objected to Labour’s solution being not enough – when it was thirteen times more than Nationals for someone on $45,000 during the peak of the inflationary spike.

National’s proposed changes would have cost $1.7 Billion from Budget 2022 but once these changes were made – there would be no adjusting the tax brackets back down again in subsequent Budgets as CPI inflation returned back down to between 1% and 3%.

Every year in the future – the missing $1.7 Billion would accrue meaning there was billions less to spend on public services, less for wage increases for nurses, doctors, police, teachers etc.

Programmes of work would have to be slashed. Perhaps these would be climate change action projects, reforming the health system so we got better outcomes for Maori and optimised workforces across regions, or just kicking the can down the road about long overdue water infrastructure reform?

The hidden future damage and aspects that made National’s proposal unfit for purpose were largely brushed off while nobody actually estimated that real gap between CPI inflation and LCI inflation since 2010.

It’s that accumulated gap over the past twelves years that should have been the basis for any real adjustment to tax brackets.

Generally the gap appears to be in favour of wage growth apart from spikes in CPI in 2008, 2011 and 2021/2022.

On August 2022, TVNZ 1 News reported :

“Average hourly earnings have increased by 6.4% Stats NZ said today. People working in manufacturing are the big winners, with average wage growth up 8.2% to over 35. Health care and social assistance was up 6.7% “

The average earnings increase of 6.4% is only 0.9% behind the June quarter CPI Inflation of 7.3%.

The small gap of only -0.9% represents how much on average kiwis are going backwards over the last year.

The 12 year figure is likely not even a negative gap.

Did this type of small gap of -0.9% between wages and prices – really justify a 10.25% tax bracket adjustment as proposed by National given all the downstream impacts for public services and the fact that the outcomes were completely arse about face?

Not likely – and suddenly the “shite hit the fan” yesterday when National stopped campaigning on this proposal, nearly three months after Budget 2022.

Ongoing communications from National about the proposal should have emphasised straight after Budget 2022 that this was just a proposal made for Budget 2022 – when inflation was on the rise in early 2022 and how it would permanently effect all Budgets for years to come.

But National did not communicate these facts at all after Budget 2022 and when they suddenly ditched the settings used ( 10.5% based on CPI inflation over the last four years under Labour ) it seemed like National were caught out – sneaking about – shifting the sales spin…hand in the cookie jar.

Unable to easily explain – National went into a scramble – and bought time yesterday morning from friends in the media as – they scrambled to deflect the facts about this blaming Labour for National’s bad communications and swore they would keep tax bracket shifts in future – perhaps even larger shifts than 10.5% – in case the polls were being impacted by their incompetence.

Labour poked fun at National’s stupidity and Chris Bishop looked like a demented outraged barn owl as he made pathetic childish noises which were pure deflection.

New Zealanders were not impressed with TVNZ 1 News for cobbling together a “they are all naughty boys” story instead of digging into some of the background I have detailed here.

Now inflation is said to be past its peak in New Zealand and National’s tax bracket shift proposal will look increasingly weak, unfit for purpose and like a really bad idea looking for a shallow grave to fall into.

The spike in inflation is temporary not permanent.

Proposing a permanent fix to a temporary problem is stupid.

Proposing a solution that was arse about face was stupid.

Yet National have mocked Labour’s right sized temporary solution for a temporary problem and mocked the much more effective support that $27 a week gives than $2 a week to those who need it more.

National’s position about this has now all changed and new positions arise and fall away with the rise and fall of CPI inflation.

The public are confused and bamboozled just like media as National Party clowns rush up and down making new – ever changing announcements in a polling period.

The parade of the Nat Clowns shows us all on some level that National’s previous proposal – was really like undertaking invasive permanent surgery that would leave us all crippled for life – when a bandaid over the temporary inflation wound would do just nicely thanks.

National bench their 10.25% tax bracket shift proposal.

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: National’s bandaid tax cut falls off

National’s bandaid tax cut that Christopher Luxon pretended to be a permanent solution to the cost of living crisis during March, April, May, June, July 2022 suddenly – turned out to be just a temporary bandaid.

It was a bandaid solution.

A fake bribe for votes.

Nicola Willis knows that National’s permanent tax cut to solve the cost of living crisis – was really National promising to pour more inflation onto the inflationary fire and she cannot take this policy to the election.

It was all make believe.

A story told for votes while Claire Trevett clapped and said “well, well, well Mr Luxon – take a bow”.

National had not done full costings – but many others had and despite some of our media repeatedly telling Luxon that his tax cuts won’t help – Luxon doubled down and basically blew off every criticism.

Luxon mocked Grant Robertson – but look at Luxon now.

The bandaid tax cuts – were backward tax cuts – and it was all about winning in the polls – not what New Zealanders really needed.

It was a deliberate ruse, a trick a sleight of hand, a pure deception to fool voters over a period of five months.

National knew Treasury had said tax cuts would be inflationary for months – but they persisted with misleading voters until they had no other option but to admit they were faking it.

“They made it up on the fly”, springs to mind, “and they got their deception done”.

National have been manipulating the public with tax cut bribes they did not intend to deliver.

“It’s our job to oppose and propose” roughly translates to “It’s our job to oppose and flip flop on fake bribes for votes”

A blood relative of mine who loves National so much he wears the blue shirt, poses for selfies with Luxon and appears sure of a win in 2023 – described National’s five point plan on 1st August 2022 as :

“Nothing make believe just facts”

I must admit I worried about him this morning – now that National had sucker punched him so badly in the guts and betrayed his blind faith in them.

It’s really hard even for the most ideological party faithful to take this cruel punishment. Why did Luxon and Willis do this?

The media appear to be in a kind of shock this morning.

The only article about Luxon’s massive flip flop on tax cuts is at the NZ Herald – and the topic is not featured anywhere else yet.

Had the Tax Payers Union – sent some of David Farrar’s “disturbing” initial poll results to his mates at the NZ Herald?

Alarm bells are ringing, while media keep a stiff upper lip and carry on.

By mid morning today – the only news about Luxon on most major news websites is about how he will join the “immortal” with a puppet made in his likeness at Back Benchers.

Will Luxon even make it to the next election? Can media save their hero?

I went around all of the political pages on Stuff, RNZ, TVNZ 1 News and NewsHub and all of them had hesitated to headline the huge flip flop on the bandaid tax cut – as if they were all waiting for something?

This was a chilling sign about how our media may have been captured by a political party and were doing its bidding in broad daylight.

This looked like “Fear” and “Favour” from our media to me.

Surely Claire Trevett must eat this crow now – and address these major issues – not just in fine print – but in big headlines as the Political Editor for a major New Zealand news outlet?

Come on Claire it is your job?

Hopefully Fran O’Sullivan will give National another lashing for misleading the “soft” business community about tax bracket shifts now National have mucked them all around again?

Where is the certainty that is so precious to National?

Where is Jason Walls criticising National’s big bandaid tax cut deception and lack of certainty?

What about Doubting Thomas – will he ignore this headline news at the expense of his credibility for all time down the ages?

What has Chris Bishop got to say about delivery right now?

Surely we can trust Chris Bishop to be honest lol?

Have media been caught here – with their pants down in the middle of a polling period?

There is panic in newsrooms.

So many questions like this are facing all of us as we wait for media to do their job.

Even Act reportedly began to call National out for being so misleading and riding the recent waves of popularity in the polls earned by – bribing the population with a pretend solution that could never stack up.

Yes today’s news was entirely predictable.

G News pointed out recently that now that New Zealand is thought to have passed the peak of inflation at 7.3% in the June 2022 Quarter – that the coming months were the “last dance” for National – as inflation will now start to decline.

National eventually had to fess up to the facts despite Luxon’s blind blinkered adherence to his script.

There’s a CPI Inflation forecast graph from the Reserve Bank from the May MPS that shows the forecast decline – and G News reported that right now was National’s “last dance” as we now pass that peak.

National can see ahead to the 16th August 2022 when the RBNZ will produce its updated CPI Inflation forecast which is likely to show inflation coming down for the rest of 2022 without the need for any permanent tax cuts.

There is no longer any way National can sell the need for permanent inflationary tax cuts that were targeted to help the wealthy the most – people who really do not need it.

It’s all become untenable.

Now the bandaid tax cuts have fallen off and media are in shock.

National shot up in a TVNZ 1 News Kantar Poll that was conducted in early March 2022 when Christopher Luxon used the peak of Omicron to deliver his message that National will repeal Labour’s tax laws and how simple tax bracket shifts indexed to inflation will solve things for the squeezed middle.

Media amplified this March poll result for weeks to build momentum.

The way media repeated headlines about that poll looked like media crafting a “close race” between Labour and National.

Yesterday Christopher Luxon doubled down on how a simple shift in tax brackets indexed to inflation will solve the cost of living crisis in an interview with Stuff’s Luck Malpass.

But welcome to today.

Will Luke hold Luxon to account for this now? Or will Luke look the other way?

Will Jessica, Maiki, Benedict and Katie just move on and pretend none of this happened on TVNZ 1 news at six tonight?

If our media do just continue to ignore this – then we should all be deeply troubled about them – and what is actually going on?

National need to front up to media today and explain.

Who is running the show Luxon or Willis?

Why did Luxon double down on bandaid tax cuts for five months in his plan?

Will Jack Tame mention any of this on NewsTalk ZB on Saturday morning?

What about Tova over at Rova?

OMG the bandaid tax cut has fallen off – and you could not make this hypocrisy up – especially after National have made such a fuss about “getting things done” and “poor implementation”.

The hypocrisy is rank in the air.

Women take note about National’s flip flopping and how they cannot be trusted at all concerning abortion law reform.

National will say one thing today and flip flop about it tomorrow.

Labour and Green voters must be wondering why media have produced dozens of scathing negative articles on all channels about the 99% successful cost of living payment for three solid days – but now suddenly – something has got media’s tongue and this massive flip flopping news has been swept under the carpet as if it was not even newsworthy.

It’s dirty, it’s rotten and they all appear to be scoundrels.

Hopefully they will attempt to redeem themselves soon.

National’s bandaid tax cut falls off


G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Crooked NZME and partisan National Party aligned media

Wednesday Morning Coffee

When I read the NZ Herald I keep in mind that NZME just paid out an undisclosed sum of money to Clarke Gayford for spreading baseless rumours that were not true about him and then fought Gayford tooth and claw until they were forced to apologise and hand over some compensation for the damage they did.

You’ve got be pretty special to double down and defend such gutter behaviour over an extended period of time.

Not only that but I remember how NZME currently employ a political journalist who recently attacked a female scientist for participating in a documentary which cost $20,000 of tax payer money that she did not gain anything from – while NZME accepted over $8 Million in government subsidies.

That’s like an attack on women and scientists at the same time and the attack created a swift backlash.

Despite this – there was no apology nor redress from NZME – who appeared to simply ignore this dangerous misogyny and hypocrisy on their part.

Tantamount to flipping the bird at female scientists really.

Plus I keep in mind that NZME brands like NewsTalk ZB and the NZ Herald tend to promote and support the likes of Heather Duplicity Allan who did say that the Pacific Islands ( including the people who live there ) are leeches – and who was shortly afterwards promoted by NZME into the 4PM drive slot.

To me all of these strands, the defended defamation, the brazen misogyny, the overt anti-intellectualism, the disgraceful racism, the naked hypocrisy – when woven together to form a thick rope of evidence – spell out that there’s something wrong with NZME deep down in it’s core.

This is what these people really represent to me – based on these verifiable examples.

So when I read the opinion of the Chief Political Editor – Claire Trevett this morning – I kept in mind that this is the same NZME culture that put this person into such a gateway role in our democracy.

Here is what Claire Trevett said today about David Parker’s answer to question 4 in parliament – in question time yesterday :

“Revenue Minister David Parker came in to clear it all up, due to the fortuitous international absences of both PM Jacinda Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson. Parker was perhaps the best choice. He dealt with it by using his most soporific tone and offering up lengthy dry, complicated explanations of how tax datasets work. By the time he was done, people still didn’t know the answers but had at least had a refreshing nap.”

I certainly was not bored nor sleepy after listening to David Parker yesterday – especially when he read out the statement in response to the primary question :

“Eligibility decisions are based on the best information that Inland Revenue holds. That information is and always will be high quality but is and always will be out of date at the margins. The vast majority of people getting the payment are hard-working New Zealanders who are entitled to it. We’ve got the balance right, providing a time-limited income boost to help out 2 million kiwis during a period of heightened cost of living.”

Nothing sleepy about that and Parker went on to say…

“IRD does not have perfect and up-to-date information in all cases and never will. The alternative would be to have required over 2 million people to apply for it. The cost of that would have been much higher than the savings and would have delayed the payment.”

These were answers provided by David Parker that Claire Trevett claimed people did not know after listening to them . But I suspect Trevett was letting her political bias get in the way of reporting the facts – the two sides to the argument. David Parker added about any alternative application process …

“We also know that the extra hurdle would mean many people who were eligible would not apply.”

Plus most damning to National and omitted by NZME’s Claire Trevett :

“It’s far better than alternatives like tax cuts that would give $2 to the lowest income earners and tens of thousands of dollars not just to CEOs but to overseas landlords.”

Trevett’s opinion was so one sided that she scrubbed all of that and panned it as being sleep inducing.

I wonder why?

Even when the estimated number of ineligible people who got the payment is estimated at only 1% – Trevett was still doing contortions to find some way to cast shade on such estimates.

Here is what Trevett wrote :

“It remains unclear whether that was 1 per cent of 2.1 million or of 1.3 million”

Franky that’s most likely to be a 1% of both – like a constant error rate – just like a margin for error in a political poll.

Can you imagine such ongoing over the top dramatic fussing over these matters if there was not some vital political issue at stake right now – for those opposed to Labour?

That vital matter is there is a Tax Payers Union Curia Poll starting around now at the start of the month.

Trevett and her cohort rubbished Budget 2022 for four days straight after one day’s grace – until the end of a Kantar polling period – and now we are seeing this huge drama playing out again – during a polling period.

In summary – Labour’s arguments and voice is crushed and buried in the fine print of media reporting – while at the same time headlines blaze and scream National Party messaging like one hysterical voice across all media.

Trouble is Luxon is inept and like an egg with a string – pull it and it repeats the bogus five point plan that will not solve anything.

When Luxon goes off script Willis has to correct him.

It’s looking increasingly like Willis is the leader and Luxon is the imposter trying to sweat his way through his lines.

It also looks increasingly like media are in the employ of the National Party.

There is hardly any push back on Luxon, hardly any challenge about his bogus 5 point plan to address the cost of living, dodgy assertions in TV stories that are factually incorrect or misleading about people sleeping in cars since 2017, abrasive badgering of the PM about her responsibility for inflation when media themselves have had an inability to quantify the relationship between government spending and non-tradable inflation for eight months, urging people to move on from Te Pukegate and to forgive and forget for Christopher’s sake, pleadings about honest rookie mistakes, omission about central banks with 100% focus on inflation, …on and on …it’s all so one sided.

Of course they deny it all – doubling down in their own defence.

In the exact same way they treated Clarke Gayford, Siouxsie Wiles, and the good people of the Pacific Islands …

Crooked as – and rotten to the core…that’s what I think.

Increasingly it’s up to us to keep calling it out.

Wednesday Morning Coffee


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Gerard Otto Facebook: The week that was

G News – The week that was

Media spent much of the week talking up the possibility of instability in the Greens, talking up damage to James Shaw next year, talking up the “need” for an inquiry into Reserve Bank’s pandemic decision making, talking up severe weather events and talking up the start of the Common Wealth Games.

At the same time media also spent much of the week talking down Te PukeGate ( just an honest mistake but smack on the hand for being out of touch – lets move on etc ), talking down the coming “Cost of Living Crisis” payment ( let’s dwell on who might miss out ) , talking down the behaviour of NZME ( confidential and let’s move on ), talking down the departure of the Head of News at TVNZ ( let’s move on nothing to see ), omitting inflation figures in Australia ( Let’s not cover that ), and talking down the domination of National by Labour in Parliament this week ( let’s make it seem like a close contest ).

Yes it’s almost possible to see a pattern of talking up National and talking down Labour – along with scrubbing out the good news – but there were also a few honourable mentions.

Honourable mentions include saying farewell to Ash after a magnificent job in really tough times, the reviews of Andrea Vance’s book which did not hold back, asking Luxon to put his job on the line over abortion, almost calling out Tova about her “brutally throwing Ash under a bus” media fiction, the publishing of an average rise in wages of 6.8% and the fact the average rent has levelled out and even gone down in some places across New Zealand.

Here’s my take on some of the coverage about the above topics.

The Greens are not unstable at all and without any data about the future popularity of James Shaw – media ( Like NewsHub’s – The Nation ) have no business seeding such speculation and casting aspersions upon James. It’s all just pure baseless conjecture and fanciful reckons from the cheap seats. Keven Hague spoke well about how the Greens might like to find a less public way to resolve differences of opinion than airing them in leadership votes and he pointed out that the whole Green Party decided to take the position they have in Government with Labour. Sue Bradford said it was a tactical error to vote to demote Shaw with no confirmed candidate to stand in his place. The only people to benefit from all of this overhyped talk – was really the National Act block and we saw TVNZ 1 News take an activist catalytic role in stirring up the matter. Ironically the Greens were up on social media clicks this week but this is a dead topic that TVNZ 1 News and NewsHub are desperate to keep alive but it’s over – like Tova.

We’ve just had an extensive review of the Reserve Bank legislation which started in November 2017. I understand there are three parts to this reform, two of which have already happened. Monetary policy reform was enacted in 2018 by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand ( Monetary Policy ) Amendment Act. The main objectives of that bill was to amend the objectives of monetary policy to require consideration of maximum sustainable employment alongside price stability in monetary decision making – and to institute a monetary policy committee to make decisions. National did not know if this was a good idea at the time according to their statement in the third reading – but now they definitely want to repeal this ( although Luxon is at the same time saying we need to establish in an inquiry if these changes had an effect on current inflation )

Yes – National’s five point plan is definite – about changing back to what used to be the single focus ( price stability ) – while at the same time saying they don’t know and need an inquiry to find out.

But wait there’s more – the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021 modernised the institutional arrangements of the Reserve Bank by replacing the single decision-maker model with a governance board, strengthening reporting and accountability requirements. National opposed this bill because it claimed it was not happy about efficiency and a few other minor quibbles about who can sit on the governance board. Luxon even made a call in the third reading on 10 August 2021 about this. On 1 July 2022 the new board was appointed – eight new governors including Adrian Orr and three new members who whakapapa to Nāti Rārua, Rangitāne ki Wairua, Ngāti Kuia, Tūhoe, and Ngāti Mutanga. Look no further for gripes amongst Pakeha National Party folk about these appointments …same old shameful story.

As you know Grant Robertson will most likely reappoint Adrian Orr as governor of RBNZ in March 2023 so big efforts to disgrace Orr are now in full slight from National.

Severe weather has been ravaging New Zealand with the wettest July for ages – and over in Europe Climate scientists are saying the European heatwaves are ten times more likely because of Climate Change. Kiwis and media are waking up ( apart from Groundswell and some National party folk ) that Climate Change is upon us and – we are all slowly discovering that insurance for low lying houses will be a thing of the past soon. Next month the Government will release its Adaptation plans and while Luxon promises to get drilling for gas off Taranaki and to cut incentives to decarbonising projects – the rest of us will do what we can to help those likely to be hit hardest.

Yes we won gold in the cycling and silver in the triathlon ( what about that 10 second penalty ) and rank second overall so far in the Commonwealth games – but these events are on late at night so it’s annoying – but there it is.

Te Pukegate was massive because it showed how callous and out of touch Luxon is to be pretending to care about struggling kiwis while he suns himself on a flash holiday and appears to cover it all up. The way Luxon handled this was just more of the same bull in a china shop attitude that turns people off. Media quickly moved to suggest it was all just an “honest mistake” and apologists for Luxon quickly urged us all to move on. Yet I doubt many of us will just close our eyes to this …it goes to the heart of how privileged people think about the wage slaves and bottom feeders.

On Monday several thousand people will miss out on the first of three cost of living payments and Chris Bishop will rip his spleen, open his torn sack and beat his tail on the mudflats – while media make headlines everywhere. It’s 100% predicable. Negative headline making from a media on the same side as National will abound on Monday. There will be vox pops, anecdotes, references to bandaid solutions, poor implementation and no real context about inflation coming down now. It’s all so depressingly predictable in order to stamp out the good news and help National win the 2023 election.

How dare NZME treat Clarke Gayford so poorly – putting him through the whole wrangle when they were so wrong. Most fair minded people are disgusted with NZME and the way this matter was shut down to limit damage to NZME was typical of the same low lives who drag others through the muck for weeks and months. The dogs of DumbTown are howling and so many morons can’t believe how gullible there were.

Inflation in Australia is forecast to rise until December while back here in New Zealand we are all waiting on an update from the Reserve Bank on 16 August. The session will be a media event so that’s good – cos we’ll be able to see the whole statement and forecast and Q&A about things – not just Katie Bradford’s simplified reckons about things.

World famous PM Jacinda Ardern totally smashed Luxon in parliament this week – especially about school attendance figures and actions. There was a media black out about the details in order to help National and keep Luxon’s spin about school attendance alive. Media did not cover the topic at all – and were more interested in the “battle of the refreshed National team with Labour” than the facts in the exchange.

Nobody reported how David Seymour was booted out of the house neither.

Over at TVNZ – the fact nobody knows who signed off on the deal to employ Yuri’s mate – was buried under the idea that Yuri never told key people like Simon Power about the missing reference checks. Excuses, excuses when there was no solid policy in practice for presenters and the Angry Toilet Brush said he has no CV – and just gets shoulder tapped for jobs cos he’s so magnificent. ( vomit ) As per usual – nothing to see here and TVNZ closed the issue down after leading with the story once – and moved on as fast as possible saying the dark days are over.

Ash did a magnificent job by New Zealand and will be missed. Not often that someone is adopted like this by most people – and if anyone deserves some kind of recognition it’s Dr Bloomfield. His parting message was not to give up now, keep fighting the good fight cos we are not out of the woods yet.

Tova’s name was not mentioned by NewsHub at all – when it turned out Ash 100% denied that he felt thrown under a bus by David Clark. Yes Tova made it all up and was applauded for asking the tough questions – when this was blatant fake news and muck raking.

Andrea Vance’s book lacked the heft of evidence from the likes of someone like Nicky Hager and read more like a pile of insider gossip from people who did not wish to be named. However it made good reading in parts and suggests Luxon is a bit susceptible to the latest fancy idea and not fit for the complexity of the job. Willis is painted as very tactical and with her eye on the prize if Luxon should fall. I have not read the book – just some reviews…so please add your comments if you have read it.

Luxon would not put his job on the line about future flip flopping on abortion this week. This signalled a flip flop might happen in future if a brand new caucus formed after a hypothetical National Party victory in the next election. Whateva, lol.

Wages are way up and petrol is down by twenty cents – signalling that times are getting better as inflation starts to decline. This should have been much bigger news – but wasn’t.

There’s always a list of things I missed out, ( You forgot about Matty finally pushing back and you forgot to mention the covid cases coming down from a peak of around 10,000 on July 15 to just under 7800 on Thursday ) but on the whole that’s how I saw the week.

A week where National sucked in Te Pukegate and Labour shone in parliament, where media covered up everything they absolutely did not have to report – and moved on fast when it suited National, but lingered too long over the Greens non story.

Looks like world famous PM Jacinda Ardern will be on Q&A tomorrow …and it’s time to go for a walk while the sun is shining.

G News – the week that was

G 🙂

Gerard Facebook: Chris Te Pukegate Luxon no one can trust and the media/expert complicity in fanning National’s narratives as they all deflect and scream out for expensive inquiries

Friday Morning Coffee

Inflation in Australia is now forecast by the Aussie Treasurer to reach 7.75% in December 2022.

New Zealand media at TVNZ 1 News, NewsHub and NewsCrap ZB will carefully avoid making any headlines about this new forecast.

Otto’s Law states that – the only times New Zealand media make comparisons to Australia are when the comparison suits National Party narratives.

So far this week NZ media have been quiet about inflation in Australia.

The good news for our Aussie cousins is inflation is also forecast to drop to 5.5% by June 2023, falling away to 3.5% by December 2023.

The fresh Australian forecasts also came with news that there are signs things are going to get better. Here is a quote from “The Conversation 28 July 2022 ” :

“There are now tentative indications that some of the disruptions to global supply chains that played such an important role in the rise in inflation around the world over the past year or so are beginning to ease. Especially in the United States, surveys that picked up some of the producer price pressures which subsequently showed up in rising consumer price inflation are now pointing in the opposite direction.”

Meanwhile back here at home our media are fanning the new National Party narrative that an inquiry into why the Reserve Bank of New Zealand did – what nearly every other Central Bank also did in 2020 – to stop double digit unemployment.

The sudden new need for an inquiry just after inflation is thought to have have peaked in New Zealand – centres around the notion we can all learn from a good expensive inquiry – never mind the costs.

Right now we already know that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand was the third earliest central bank in the OECD to start tightening the OCR up again in 2021.

So it’s getting pretty nit picky to suggest we should have been the first in the world – to boldly go where no other central bank on Planet Earth had been before.

“Outrageous I demand an inquiry”, screams DumbTown.

We also know that on 17th August 2021 we went into a nationwide lockdown because Delta was in our community before we had high vaccination rates. Many companies needed business support and workers needed wage subsidies for a further 12 weeks – and the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee decided to stall tightening things up by holding the OCR rate – on Monday 18 August 2021 for another six weeks until 6 October 2021.

Such an inquiry into these circumstances would make a useful political football for opposition parties if it could be conducted in election year, drag on – and the results come out – in the weeks before the 2023 election.

The Dominion Post editorial called it politics.

We are now thought to be passed the peak of CPI Headline inflation in New Zealand in the June quarter – so the National Party have likely long planned that there must be a transformed political narrative about inflation – implemented right about now.

Headlines must commence as former Governors of the Reserve bank who were appointed to power by National etc – suddenly all spring out from out of the woodwork and sing from the same Captain Hindsight song sheet.

Yes it’s pretty obvious – and there’s Brad from the flat ringing a bell chanting “Bring out yer dead” as the sad pack of stooges make hindsight noise in the streets.

Remember how earlier this year in February 2022 – Christopher Luxon told us all – he had seven and a half quarters to plan his election campaign to get one in two voters, voting for him?

Winning is Luxon’s singular goal and his entire focus is upon it – despite the terrible gaffes.

There is likely an election campaign plan per quarter – and this quarter ( July ,August, September ) part of the plan involves changing the conversation about inflation as it starts to come down and National’s nonsense about Government Spending being a big driver is a total giveaway.

Yes previous fibs now need some revision.

Evidence that Luxon has such a plan can be found on Saturday 28 May 2022 when Christopher Luxon spoke at the National Party North Island Conference in Hamilton and said :

“the cost of living crisis, that’s how we’ll win this election”.

Yes there’s a plan to use the “cost of living crisis” as a tool to win and this takes a team in the media and appointed “experts” to drive the narrative through certain gates.

Throw a dog in DumbTown a fake bone – and it will slobber all over it as if it’s the real thing – which is why so many National Voters already blame Grant Robertson who Luxon claims is “addicted to spending”.

Just don’t look at Australia right now and that dog will happily keep gnawing on that bone as Luxon blithers on repeating his script in small towns – according to his social media team lol.

Meanwhile rents are levelling out and falling in some places, petrol is down by twenty cents, tens of thousands of migrant workers are arriving in the country, 6000 migrant critical health workers are coming to the rescue in Health, exports are way up in the year to June, on average wages have risen by 6.8% and everyone had a massive laugh about Te Pukegate.

Despite all of the manipulations from National and some newsrooms who are part of National’s election planning – most kiwis can see that New Zealand has done a fantastic job of keeping science in the centre of our pandemic response – saving tens of thousands of lives – saving hundreds of thousands of jobs and we’ve also adjusted with new variants and opened up in tricky conditions as the pandemic is not over yet.

National and Act both called for even more spending on business support in 2020 and 2021 but now that it is 2022 …nobody in DumbTown really wants to be honest and own up about all of that.

Once again it all comes down to not being able to trust Christopher Luxon or Nicola Willis.

Both have been extremely economical with the truth and everyone saw that with Te Pukegate.

New Zealanders will give someone a fair go – but National are taking New Zealanders for fools if they think nobody can see what they are doing.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to be repeatedly lied to by Christopher Luxon with his revisionist sales script and his choir of Captain Hindsight cronies.

Media have propped this tragic misleading nonsense up for far too long already.

Friday Morning Coffee


G 🙂

Luxon has sleepness nights over struggling Kiwis doing it tough with cost of living pressure and his heart is broken over flood victims but decided to have a family holiday in Hawaii to get away from it all [he hid from the public and lied about] because he deserved one

Gerard Otto Facebook: Proof why Luxon cannot be trusted on abortion a must see interview

Luxon gives NZ women huge clue he may flip flop over abortion

Christopher Luxon raised nationwide alarm bells again today – that he may strip away a woman’s right to choose if elected.

Women now have even more good reason to feel fresh doubts and it feels like nobody who cares – should trust the salesman and his promises. Luxon repeatedly refused to put his job on the line over sticking to his word on the matter, which showed he might easily change his mind downstream. Luxon repeatedly dodged the question whether he would resign rather than break his word – posed by Doubting Thomas Coughlan. The sheer evasive tactics from the slippery Luxon sent intuitive shockwaves of doubt like ringing alarm bells to everyone with a sixth sense. If he can’t pledge on his job – he is likely hiding the truth about what he thinks will really happen.