Gerard Otto Facebook: TV1 News CYNICS orchestrate to call and accuse Governments surprise announcement CYNICAL

Monday Morning Coffee

Call me CYNICAL but whatever the government does to help you and the folks who transport food around in this winter of discontent – is all about self interest – according to TVNZ political reporters and the National Party who are curiously speaking with one voice about yesterday’s further extension of much appreciated cost of living measures.

Maiki, Katie and Simeon Brown all ran up the same CYNICAL tree at exactly the same time.

The stove piped message of the day from National Party HQ yesterday appears to be – to spread the word “CYNICAL” about as much as possible because the Government had not given TVNZ and the National Party sufficient notice that they were going to “do it sooner”.

The usual “shoulda done it sooner” attack line was now suddenly “Call me CYNICAL but they shoulda done it later”.

How dare the Government be agile.

Not giving TVNZ more than a few hours notice meant Maiki had to scramble a few camera bags together and move her arse down to the BeeHive Theatrette, barging Trevor Mallard out of her way in the corridor ( lol ), and setting up a question about the impact on inflation.

Not that Maiki would report how much these extended measures have helped reduce inflation so far cos that would not really help National.

So annoying to have your Sunday afternoon disturbed like that.

No wonder Maiki was compelled to talk about the CYNICISM of it all.

Plus the National Party and TVNZ did not have time to get Christopher Luxon before a camera early yesterday afternoon saying it was a bandaid upon another bandaid with no long term plan and no better outcomes.

That has to wait until after the CPI announcement today by Stats.

How much notice has the National Party given TVNZ today about their likely press conference?

Will Maiki and Katie complain about the short notice when it’s National?

Oh yes this is about a double standard as well.

Surely the Government needs to allow National and TVNZ more time to “get in first” like both Luxon and David Seymour have for months now to ambush all their announcements?

CYNICALLY ( lol ) the original set of these cost of living measures ran from April 1 2022 to June 30 2022 – and “CYNICALLY the Government refused to rule out an extension on the discounts way back then.

It’s almost as if the Government were monitoring the situation and acting based on the latest information about crude oil etc?

Then CYNICALLY on May 19 2022 the Government extended the same cost of living measures for two more months up until 31 August 2022.

Once again the Government CYNICALLY refused to rule out another extension back then on 19 May 2022 especially Grant Robertson who was “addicted to spending” unused Covid relief money which was already in the Government accounts and actually reduced inflation.

It was obvious to the CYNICS that the Government was being by not ruling out further extensions.

Simeon Brown was beside himself with CYNICISM like many Nat MPs.

Tonight’s a big night on TVNZ 1 News for Katie Bradford who will do most of the fast talking, paraphrasing the reality into a concise set of elastic sound bites using the same old rhythm and hyperbolic language.

The fact is today’s CPI headline inflation figures will tell us about the past – back in the June quarter – and it will go in the tin because it’s already a done thing.

Maybe it will be higher than expected – and if so – media will bask in the hype and DumbTown will gnaw on a bone growling about the squeezed middle going backwards.

Laughably Bernard Hickey reckons the “squeezed middle” are better off than National make out, having made around a 10% increase in income outpacing inflation.

However – it will be interesting to see how the afternoon pans out if there is a Post Cabinet presser today and world famous PM Jacinda Arden has something to say.

The PM is always able to smash the presstitutes who are always playing catchup and “shoulda done it sooner”.

There will likely be very little media coverage from such pressers because it will be the Katie Bradford show on TVNZ 1 News instead.

I suspect that TVNZ will shy away from any graphics that how where CPI inflation is forecast to go during the rest of 2022 and how it is forecast to decline to 4.4% by March 2023 by the RBNZ.

That would spoil the tabloid game of sensationalising a single statistic without real international context and where’s the fun in reporting minor variations from a forecast?

Here at G News we’ll keep an eye on Luxon and Willis today – especially any comparisons made to Australia before Australia updates its statistics for the June quarter.

The old tricks won’t work if the public keeps the pressure on.

Even the BNZ said things are not so bad really :

“We remain of the view that annual CPI inflation is peaking about now (Q2 2022) at about 7 percent,” BNZ said in its markets outlook late last month. “It is important to note that while prices continue to push higher, we remain of the view that they may no longer be accelerating.

TVNZ are already using the term “a three decade high” to describe today’s CPI figure before they know it and suggesting the government is “defending” its extension yesterday.

Call me CYNICAL but this looks like it’s about installing a fact poor National Party into government and pushing up TVNZ ratings …

What do you think?

Monday Morning Coffee


G 🙂


The usual biased anti- Government dribble by these two


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