Gerard Otto Facebook: Todd must step down and Woodhouse must go.

Todd must step down and Woodhouse must go
Todd Muller said he found out about Hamish Walker leaking patient data on Monday 6th July 2020 lunchtime.
At that time Todd surely should have asked who else in his team had been sent these emails from Michelle Boag.
It appears Todd Muller either did not ask this question or he was holding on hoping things would just blow over.
The next day Todd Muller spent the day with Michael Woodhouse knowing there would be an inquiry about who had been sent this information.
This was the biggest issue on Todd’s plate since he stabbed Simon Bridges in the back seven weeks ago.
Todd surely would have discussed this huge political matter with Michael Woodhouse while he toured various sites in Southland with him.
Woodhouse remained silent all day with Todd – and had done so since 21 June when Boag had first sent him private patient medical data he had no business having access to.
Woodhouse should have immediately advised Todd Muller or even Chris Hipkins.
But National are now suggesting Woodhouse did no such thing and Todd was a dumb rabbit who knew nothing about Woodhouse all day long on Tuesday – until after Boag made her big confession.
Suddenly in the evening – only after Boag’s confession – Woodhouse remembered the four emails Boag had sent him since 21 June – deleted them – and rushed to let Todd know he may have pertinent information.
Todd did not ask if anyone else had been sent the same information – but said to Woodhouse – “talk to Amy Adams”
Woodhouse then took two days to get his story straight before Boag and Woodhouse released press statements together on the same morning.
This smells like a snake pit of lies – a big dirty snake pit of a manufactured storytelling.
Todd must have known earlier and all of these events were arranged in order.
Todd has most likely lied to New Zealand about when he first knew and Gordon Campbell sniffed a rat in the carefully worded responses used by Muller early on – days before Monday.
Michelle Boag did not volunteer that she had also sent private patient data to Michael Woodhouse.
Boag was trying to limit the damage – or to delay it.
Yesterday RNZ reported that Michelle Boag had said she only sent the email to Hamish Walker.
“Despite receiving sensitive emails daily, Boag said she only ever shared one with Mr Walker”
Obviously Boag was telling half truths and has now been shamed into resigning from the National Party.
Todd Muller has no excuse to be so uninformed about his own MPs and New Zealanders should expect far more from a potential leader of this country.
Todd Muller had the information from Tuesday afternoon but said nothing at his big speech under direct questions about who else had patient data sent to them within National.
If this was going on inside Labour – media would be crying out for sackings and new leadership.
Instead media are being soft and no such calls for accountability are being raised.
In other news the alleged National Party spy Jian Yang has quit politics – but surely now Todd Muller should step aside and let one of the women have a go?
They cannot be worse than Todd.
He is not a fit leader
It’s all going to come out in the Inquiry and right now Todd Muller is invisible, weak and no leader at all.
He just seems to be a dishonest man.
Todd must step down and Woodhouse must go.
G 🙂

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