Gerard Otto Facebook: Audrey Young wet nurse for Simon Bridges

Audrey Young wet nurse for Simon

“It’s not very often Simon Bridges gets one over Jacinda Ardern in parliament”, confessed Audrey Young today in blazing headlines in the NZ Herald.

In fact the only times Audrey ever reports the events in parliament are when she feels justified in telling a story about a National Party victory or moaning like a fat dying gurnard about Trevor Mallard.


All of the other times when Jacinda bounced Simon on his head and drop kicked him back into his seat were not news in Audrey’s book.

No headlines screamed how Jacinda steam rolled over Simon’s slow feeble petty questions – day after day, week after week.

Audrey threw those moments in the bin.

It was her job to suppress and mask those encounters from her audience.

Bury the facts.

Look the other way.

Ass up and nose down – all of those buried articles that could never be published because they made Jacinda look way too good – were now casually referred to in the words “it’s not often that Simon gets the better of Jacinda.”

Yes all those unreported moments had gone begging while Audrey waited for weeks for anything remotely like a victory for National.

Many who watched question time today and who read Audrey’s account were flabbergasted that she had interpreted it through such coke bottle blue tinted glasses.

National clapped itself

Nobody else did.

Audrey was aroused.

A minority of the house were impressed that National was now stooping to the level of trained trolls and calling Jacinda comrade because she once ran an NGO called The World Socialist Youth.

This was supposed to be hilarious and laughing loudly is all staged – just like the fake over acted expressions on Pullya Bennett’s face.

Audrey was impressed.

Surely the clapping and laughing seals had notched up a moment so admirable that Audrey would feel compelled to promote it?

Audrey literally rushed to her keyboard to report the huge victory.

This was all about Jacinda saying small business and farmers were top of her mind going into negotiations over the TWG recommendations.

The argument suggested by Hosking and other morons is you cannot empathise with anyone unless you have also literally experienced what they have done.

A sociopath would find this impossible.

Instead it seems more plausible to them that
you cannot care about a small business unless you have owned and run one.

The argument is weak and rests upon nobody challenging it too closely – but with National dwindling in the polls and Simon dwelling in the laughing stocks – Audrey is determined to even the score.

Last year Audrey was Simon’s lone defender while he brazenly lied to the public about why Jami Lee was standing down.

“It was just a half truth and Simon was just being kind” , wailed Audrey as she walked around trying to drum up support for him on 5%.

Was she being paid to defend him?

Was she just acting out her partisan desperation for her family party?

“Has Simon done an okay job? Hell yes” – insisted Audrey.

Talk about having a wet nurse when your mother party does not like you.

However what about our poor neglected democracy where a star female PM performer is never given her well earned due by the likes of Audrey Young?

Why must New Zealand suffer such flagrant failure by the press to tell the truth?

Instead Audrey attempts to undermine our trust in Jacinda by editing words from Hansard to fit her designs.

This happened last year when Audrey attempted to suggest Jacinda was less than honest over a relevant text she was sent by an applicant for a role.

Jacinda was 100% honest and even qualified her words by saying her words were from her memory.

Audrey made hay – out of the fact there were subsequently multiple unrelated and irrelevant texts also exchanged.

That sort of dishonesty from Audrey is disgraceful as is defending the indefensible and burying the facts when your team is losing.

So it was no surprise to see Audrey at her usual one sided partisan gutter best today praising Simon for a prestaged applause from a flock of trained seals crowing over an irrelevant load of bullshit.

Flop a tit out will ya – the baby has pooed it’s nappy again.

Audrey Young wet nurse for Simon



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