Gerard Otto Facebook: TV1 News CYNICS orchestrate to call and accuse Governments surprise announcement CYNICAL

Monday Morning Coffee

Call me CYNICAL but whatever the government does to help you and the folks who transport food around in this winter of discontent – is all about self interest – according to TVNZ political reporters and the National Party who are curiously speaking with one voice about yesterday’s further extension of much appreciated cost of living measures.

Maiki, Katie and Simeon Brown all ran up the same CYNICAL tree at exactly the same time.

The stove piped message of the day from National Party HQ yesterday appears to be – to spread the word “CYNICAL” about as much as possible because the Government had not given TVNZ and the National Party sufficient notice that they were going to “do it sooner”.

The usual “shoulda done it sooner” attack line was now suddenly “Call me CYNICAL but they shoulda done it later”.

How dare the Government be agile.

Not giving TVNZ more than a few hours notice meant Maiki had to scramble a few camera bags together and move her arse down to the BeeHive Theatrette, barging Trevor Mallard out of her way in the corridor ( lol ), and setting up a question about the impact on inflation.

Not that Maiki would report how much these extended measures have helped reduce inflation so far cos that would not really help National.

So annoying to have your Sunday afternoon disturbed like that.

No wonder Maiki was compelled to talk about the CYNICISM of it all.

Plus the National Party and TVNZ did not have time to get Christopher Luxon before a camera early yesterday afternoon saying it was a bandaid upon another bandaid with no long term plan and no better outcomes.

That has to wait until after the CPI announcement today by Stats.

How much notice has the National Party given TVNZ today about their likely press conference?

Will Maiki and Katie complain about the short notice when it’s National?

Oh yes this is about a double standard as well.

Surely the Government needs to allow National and TVNZ more time to “get in first” like both Luxon and David Seymour have for months now to ambush all their announcements?

CYNICALLY ( lol ) the original set of these cost of living measures ran from April 1 2022 to June 30 2022 – and “CYNICALLY the Government refused to rule out an extension on the discounts way back then.

It’s almost as if the Government were monitoring the situation and acting based on the latest information about crude oil etc?

Then CYNICALLY on May 19 2022 the Government extended the same cost of living measures for two more months up until 31 August 2022.

Once again the Government CYNICALLY refused to rule out another extension back then on 19 May 2022 especially Grant Robertson who was “addicted to spending” unused Covid relief money which was already in the Government accounts and actually reduced inflation.

It was obvious to the CYNICS that the Government was being by not ruling out further extensions.

Simeon Brown was beside himself with CYNICISM like many Nat MPs.

Tonight’s a big night on TVNZ 1 News for Katie Bradford who will do most of the fast talking, paraphrasing the reality into a concise set of elastic sound bites using the same old rhythm and hyperbolic language.

The fact is today’s CPI headline inflation figures will tell us about the past – back in the June quarter – and it will go in the tin because it’s already a done thing.

Maybe it will be higher than expected – and if so – media will bask in the hype and DumbTown will gnaw on a bone growling about the squeezed middle going backwards.

Laughably Bernard Hickey reckons the “squeezed middle” are better off than National make out, having made around a 10% increase in income outpacing inflation.

However – it will be interesting to see how the afternoon pans out if there is a Post Cabinet presser today and world famous PM Jacinda Arden has something to say.

The PM is always able to smash the presstitutes who are always playing catchup and “shoulda done it sooner”.

There will likely be very little media coverage from such pressers because it will be the Katie Bradford show on TVNZ 1 News instead.

I suspect that TVNZ will shy away from any graphics that how where CPI inflation is forecast to go during the rest of 2022 and how it is forecast to decline to 4.4% by March 2023 by the RBNZ.

That would spoil the tabloid game of sensationalising a single statistic without real international context and where’s the fun in reporting minor variations from a forecast?

Here at G News we’ll keep an eye on Luxon and Willis today – especially any comparisons made to Australia before Australia updates its statistics for the June quarter.

The old tricks won’t work if the public keeps the pressure on.

Even the BNZ said things are not so bad really :

“We remain of the view that annual CPI inflation is peaking about now (Q2 2022) at about 7 percent,” BNZ said in its markets outlook late last month. “It is important to note that while prices continue to push higher, we remain of the view that they may no longer be accelerating.

TVNZ are already using the term “a three decade high” to describe today’s CPI figure before they know it and suggesting the government is “defending” its extension yesterday.

Call me CYNICAL but this looks like it’s about installing a fact poor National Party into government and pushing up TVNZ ratings …

What do you think?

Monday Morning Coffee


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The usual biased anti- Government dribble by these two


Gerard Otto Facebook : NZH Hayden Munro exposes Luxon’s foot and mouth trashing and dissing NZ business and its people on the world stage

Gerard Otto

There was a knock on the door

Sure enough the NZ Herald was there on my doorstep again early this morning and as I picked it up I found an article marked with a red felt pen that someone ( Mr Louis ) thought I needed to read.

The talking cat was right again so here is that article.


What was he thinking?

It’s a common question that gets asked when politicians put their foot in their mouths.

But Christopher Luxon’s decision on his recent trip overseas to criticise New Zealand businesses for “getting soft” is a particular head-scratcher.

There’s the obvious “why on earth would he say that?” element – it’s not a great look for any politician to go overseas and try to talk our country’s business sector down.

It was an unflattering contrast to Jacinda Ardern’s recent wins for New Zealand overseas – landing major trade deals for our exporters, winning new rights for Kiwis in Australia, and getting rave reviews from business leaders for championing their cause offshore.

But it wasn’t just the bad optics that have people baffled – it’s the substance.

Because it’s been a week now, and Luxon’s done a number of interviews trying to clean up his comments, and journalists still can’t seem to get a straight answer of what he actually meant by it.

Maybe Luxon was just voicing the traditional small government idea that major government interventions in the economy like the wage subsidy actually just prop up businesses that would go under in a free market, and so are bad for the economy in the long term?

But no, National and Luxon have always been supportive of the wage subsidy.

On Morning Report he was asked straight “why are you dunking on New Zealand businesses?”

He replied:

“Well, what I’m saying there, very clearly, is that we have some great innovation and great creativity and great entrepreneurship in New Zealand, but we’ve frankly got a government that’s actually not recognising that business actually needs to be empowered and actually get out and do things in the world.”

Obviously, that reply makes zero sense.

If what you mean is the Government isn’t doing enough to help businesses, why say the problem is businesses getting soft?

Pushed again, he came back with:

“Well, we want to make sure that our New Zealand businesses are actually out exporting in the world, you know.”

Okay, that’s a bit clearer – he’s saying New Zealand businesses have gone soft because they aren’t exporting enough.

Except, hold on, in the past 12 months New Zealand’s exports were up 11 per cent to $80 billion – literally the highest amount on record. In fact since 2017, our physical exports, actually selling products overseas, has increased by 36 per cent.

That’s a great result for Kiwi businesses who have been doing it so tough during the pandemic. It’s especially impressive when you consider that tourism, one of our biggest export earners, has been hit so badly with the borders closed.

It seems to me the most likely explanation is that Luxon was just playing to the crowd – a conservative British audience – and got carried away trying to attack the Government.

The reality is though, that after two years of pandemic, New Zealand businesses aren’t soft – they’re battle-hardened.

Up and down the country, business owners, especially those running small businesses, have sweated blood to keep their businesses alive and keep people employed.

Think of the hospitality businesses who have gone above and beyond to adapt to covid restrictions, or the tourism businesses who reinvented themselves for the domestic market for two years.

No one who’s been paying attention would call those people soft.

Because, any way you look at it, the country having record low unemployment and record exports is a great set of outcomes in the middle of a global pandemic.

It’s much better than in many other countries, and something Kiwi businesses should rightly feel proud of.

Now for the Opposition, it might be politically tempting to ignore those things or try to talk down the country’s success to make a point. There can be a tendency to ignore progress because you’re worried that your political opponents in the Government might get credit. It’s a common trap that makes Oppositions overly negative in response.

But overdo it and, as Luxon found out this week, you end up saying things totally out of touch with what’s really happening.

And if you find yourself doing that to a foreign audience, don’t be surprised if it rubs people up the wrong way back home.


Yes Hayden was correct again and although he was late just like Fran they both likely had good reason to remind us all now what really just happened right before our noses.

Luxon had really shown us who he really is while overseas.

“Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out they don’t unless our media tell that story”, I said to Mr Louis who was overacting with those big “I am not guilty so feed me” eyes.

“Being right isn’t nearly as important as knowing when to shut up”, said Mr Louis as I poured cat biscuits into his bowl.

There was no comeback to that.

There was a knock on the door

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Cartoon credit: Rod Emerson NZ Herald

Gerard Otto Facebook: Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by flim flan Fran O’Sullivan

Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by Fran

If there’s one thing that gets right up Fran O’Sullivan’s business centric nostrils it’s a lack of substance.

For years Fran had told the public that Jacinda Ardern lacked substance and how her stardust would soon settle – but now – like the Dark Lord’s Fireball Eye suddenly turning to Mount Doom – Fran focused too late on Christopher Luxon’s junket overseas.

There was a disturbance in the force ten days ago but it was all too late now.

Christopher’s popularity had taken a dive by 5.6% in yesterday’s Tax Payers Union poll ( National party poll ) and there were whisperings amongst the establishment that Christopher had taken a massive dump on New Zealand businesses by calling them too soft.

“It was the wrong call” snapped the snapping turtle pleading like a Luxon apologist with the public that Christopher’s prepared speech had some substance to it.

“There were some useful comments in his speech to the conservative Policy Exchange think tank in London.” – said Fran without detailing them.

Fran complained that although most of Luxon’s speech was pure boiler-plate, the undefined substance was ignored by local media and they had focused on a later Q&A where Luxon said New Zealand’s challenge was “unleashing enterprise”, and that “we’ve kind of got into a place where the public look to the Government for all their answers … now businesses are getting soft and looking to the Government for all their answers.”

The speech to the Policy Exchange in London on 6 July 2022 and now Fran was finally writing about it on 16 July 2022.

Yes with the benefit of ten days of hindsight bias Fran was now compelled to lash the errant hard boiled egg with a wet “wrong call” shoelace for daring to characterise the sacred cow of New Zealand business as too soft.

Fran’s bread and butter is the business community and she lamented how much more uplifting it would have been if Christopher had instead focused on how successful New Zealand firms have been offshore during the pandemic.

“For instance, Fonterra, Zespri, Mainfreight, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare — just some of the firms that have overcome pandemic restrictions and distance from markets to sustain their businesses, strong revenue and for the most part, increased profits.” chided Fran as she whipped the egg into a generalised scrambled mess.

Fran was only getting started, as she exchanged the “wrong call” wet shoelace for a “misleading disservice” flogger.

“In that same interview, Luxon claimed “we haven’t been out and about hustling as we would have been in the past,” pointing to the trade partnerships that Australia and Britain had signed with India as an example of where New Zealand had lapsed.” – wrote Fran as she flayed Saint Christopher the patron saint of safe travel for his sins.

“This is quite misleading and does a disservice to New Zealand’s trade negotiators”, wrote Fran spelling out that the Ardern Government has just beaten Australia to the punch by signing a free trade deal with Europe.

Truth is Luxon first started to put down New Zealand’s trade efforts way back on 1 June 2022 when world famous PM Jacinda Ardern met President Biden.

“”We’re a big trading country, we need to be able to do business all round the world, and frankly I think we’ve been a bit off the boil. If you think about the UK and Australia doing free trade deals with India just recently, and if you think about the US – having a free trade agreement with the US, there’s a lot for us to be able to do.” – said Saint Christopher on 1 June 2022.

Fran had missed the substance of these remarks despite other media reporting them at the time, but now Fran had transformed from snapping turtle with a wet shoelace into Madam Lash with her big boots on.

“It is true the Indian negotiations stalled. But that happened on the National Government’s watch in 2015, which was when the last round of formal negotiations took place.” said Fran as she walked around the beaten and whipped egg before administering the ball breaker ….

“Misrepresenting New Zealand offshore does not go down well.” – wrote Fran in eggy letters ten feet tall on the city walls.

A standing ovation for Fran and three cheers…hip hip hooray…I laughed putting my flip top head back in place.

Misrepresenting New Zealand is what Luxon did.

Yes Luxon had taken a massive dump on all of us and for ten days now New Zealand had been seething about the absolute diplomatic disaster Luxon has been on his junket.

Fran suggested too late that Luxon should have cancelled that trip and instead tagged along over in Australia – but it was too late now.

The Fabergé egg ( Fuxon ) had been unleashed and his habit of “sticking-to-script” meant any Q&A with Luxon was perilous for National – as Luxon only knows one script and it’s about putting down New Zealand so he can gain power for himself.

Unlike Doubting Thomas Coughlan who suggested Luxon really just had been unlucky while Jacinda was lucky in an obvious argument to moderation, Fran stuck the boot in about the actual substance – even about Luxon’s habit of insulting everyone with his incorrect mask use.

“Instead, there were photo-ops in Singapore – where he incongruously turned up without a mask, unlike his hosts”, wrote Fran with some haughty contempt.

Luxon was not the real Sir John after all.

Just an imitator with a script and no substance.

Yes Luxon’s visit was a massive diplomatic catastrophe and Claire Trevett and Audrey Young were 100% conspicuous by their absence of factual comment about just how bad it really was.

Partisan media sulked in the shadows while the Angry Toilet Brush lost almost a third of his Audience in Auckland and Tova’s squealing for attention gained her hardly any audience at all.

Over at Curia – David Farrar’s Tax Payers Union poll was conducted between Sunday, July 3, and Sunday, July 10, 2022.

A polling period that included only four days of reaction to the Policy Exchange Speech which we all know media refused to make a single headline about for days while Twitter raged about it and G News reported it.

Now that backlash reaction is finally echoing through media after Luxon had been allowed to explain – AFTER the polling period so things are likely much worse for National than the latest poll suggests.

Farrar commented that Luxon’s drop in Preferred Prime Minister ratings by 5.6% was about Luxon’s mishandling of the abortion issues surfaced by Simon O’Connor way back around 26 June 2022.

However Luxon’s catastrophic diplomatic bungling will have added to that despite media attempts to smooth it all over by bending over backwards to let Saint Christopher explain.

Gordon Campbell wrote that Luxon was once again flip flopping like an omelette in the fallout :

“…it does seem strange that Luxon had evidently not foreseen that his corporate donors might feel they were not getting bang for the buck from him telling the global competition that our exporters have grown “soft” and reliant on government handouts. Uh oh. The blowback evidently required Luxon to once again “clarify” what he meant to say, even if that involves him saying the virtual opposite today of what he said yesterday.”

Gordon noted that this flip flopping was pretty usual for Luxon while he was attempting to unsay what he previously said – but more important was the way RNZ altered their schedule to allow Luxon to make his flip flop omelette :

“It seems very odd that RNZ thought it was worth breaking into its normal programming yesterday in order to provide Christopher Luxon with a platform from which to try and explain away his latest outbreaks of foot-in-mouth disease. Can we now assume that any time that National wants a media megaphone on the campaign trail next year, state broadcasting will rush to provide Luxon with one by tossing out its normal schedule?” – wrote Gordon Campbell.

So it was that Fran was finally ( after the polling period ) compelled to take the lash to Saint Christopher Fuxon.

On the mishandling of the abortion issue Fran relented :

“As a newbie leader he allowed TV3’s Jenna Lynch to stitch him up with her question: “Is abortion tantamount to murder, Yes or No?” He replied: “That’s what a pro-life position is.” And ever since he has been misquoted as saying abortion is tantamount to murder.”

Luxon is a pro-lifer and he strongly implied what his position is.

Quibbling over the actual words does not shift the true intent and meaning behind them, nor does making apologies for Luxon’s lack of experience.

Overall Fran had redeemed herself somewhat today but it was notably too late – and like the dark lord of Mordor who took his eye off Mount Doom – the consequences are still unfolding for National.

“He is a smart man. But a future leader has to be very careful not to be seen to talk New Zealand down.” – said Fran as she took off her boots and left the room.

Luxon’s script writers will be working on rewrites now and G News guarantees there will be charter school rote learning and constant rehearsals happening in team Luxon before he appears on camera later pumped up and gagging for an All Black win tonight like a down to earth – every day kiwi bloke again.

It’s all about sticking to that script.

Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by Fran


G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Five key narratives complicit media are fully aligned with National to keep them foremost in the news in order to help Nats/Luxons high poll ratings to ensure they win the 2023 election

The alignment between media and the National Party

The National Party needs media to focus on the following five narratives right now in order to help Christopher Luxon win the 2023 election :

1. ) Huge numbers of international nurses are being put off migrating to New Zealand because we make them work as a nurse for 2 years to gain residency.

2. ) Gang crime is out of control and rising because the Government is too soft on gangs.

3.) Everyone new in the public service since 2017 is a bureaucrat wasting money in middle management and the public service is massively bloated and needs to be stripped down to “the right size”.

4.) We are going into a recession because consumer confidence is down and government spending has driven up inflation because Grant Robertson is addicted to spending. Run for the hills, doom and gloom – listen to Nicola Willis not Adrian Orr.

5. ) National are surging, skyrocketing and leading in the polls because they get things done.

None of the five narratives are based on facts but it is clear that media are telling these five stories as best they can to suit National and to maximise audience engagement.


This morning NewsHub’s Ryan Bridge spent most of his interview with world famous PM Jacinda Ardern prosecuting the hypothetical problem around immigration settings with making nurses work as nurses for two years.

Laughably Ryan Bridge had no idea if the settings were a problem or not.

No idea how many nurses he was talking about who decided to turn away from New Zealand because – they have to work for two years as a nurse here.

Yet NewsHub simply adopted the National Party idea that there must be thousands of nurses no longer interested in New Zealand as a direct result of this requirement.

The rhetoric usually leads to whataboutisms – what about this other group who does not have to work for two years etc.

Last Friday NewsHub’s AM teamed up with Erica Stanford about immigration settings two against one – on Kiri Allen about these sorts of matters.

National’s special focus is about immigration settings because it’s one of Luxon’s points in his five point plan to get the economy going again.

National need to be able to point at something tangible and say – see Nurses they are being turned off New Zealand and what a bottleneck caused by immigration settings.

Erica looks good on camera demanding evidence but providing none of her own.

National are less interested in training or paying nurses more and media tend not to make headlines out of what is actually being done to attract nurses and train them.

It’s up to the government to report how many new nurses have recently signed up or how many are on their way here.

Media are not interested in reporting that unless Shane Reti has something to say about it.


Every night TV News tries to fit in at least one violent crime story – whether it’s a shooting of a house, a ram raid or just something scary.

Line producers are hungry for shocking stories to attract larger audiences. They want to grow the audience share and ratings and National want to show there’s a crime spree that’s out of control that Mr Plod would fix in a jiffy.

It’s been getting harder to find gang crime stories for the National Party in the past month – but right now Jarod Gilbert pointed out if you ask anyone in New Zealand – they will tell you the number one crime issue is violent gang crime because they’ve been saturated with stories about it for months now.

National must have a deal going with media lol.

Jared Gilbert says – gang crime is not the number one type of crime going on in New Zealand.

Instead family violence is much more deadly :

“Ask any Kiwi right now what the most significant crime issue is in New Zealand and gang violence will likely be the answer. But there are many that top it; family violence, for example. On average once every five weeks a child is killed in the home; gang violence is more topical but not remotely close to as deadly.”

Media have once again aligned with the National Party and made gang violence much more topical than more serious crimes.

This is so there is something tangible in the public mindset that Christopher Luxon can point to and say – we need much tougher gang laws and we have proposed them.

Think of the votes from frightened people.

It’s a win win for National and the media to work together on this very special combined focus.


The ideological narrative that the public service in Wellington has grown by 14,000 bureaucrats since 2017 is sheer bollocks.

So is – how not one of them is a frontline worker.

This Luxon narrative is about justifying future cuts to public services to pay for massive tax cuts for the upper class.

You will rue the day Luxon wins an election.

Nobody in media has taken Luxon to task about this factually incorrect rhetoric.

It’s astounding if you believe media’s own account that they get the balance about right because they are criticised on all sides.

Instead Stuff published an opinion by Andrea Vance yesterday where she talks about how she gossips over coffee in cafes with Wellington politicos about egregious examples of wasteful spending in the public service.

Vance is horrified that we have a new ministry for the disabled and don’t even mention the horror about the Maori Health Authority.

The fact we have a super market commissioner nearly made poor Andrea choke on the nails she was chewing.

There is no hard data about levels of spending by consultants in the public service nor public service head counts in any of Vance’s opinion.

An opinion which reads like Sir John wrote it for her and she simply pressed the publish button.

The purpose of Vance’s opinion appears to be to reinforce the right wing ideology that growth in any form of government is bad.

Time to slash it to pay for the wealth transfer to the top 3% .

There appears to be no need for facts about the real needs New Zealand has as it evolves and grows and provides new and better public services.

No journalist in New Zealand is able to dig into this story.

Media have been missing in action on this topic now for seven months which seems to show how they are working closely with National and helping Christopher Luxon win the 2023 election.


TVNZ 1 News generally uses Katie Bradford to reduce what Adrian Orr has to say every six weeks – down to one sentence only.

That way Katie gets to interpret the news in her “analysis” and the public does not really hear what the Reserve Bank is saying.

We’ve all seen how the Chief Economist of the Reserve Bank ( Paul Conway ) was 100% sidelined by TV media when he said government spending has a negligible impact on the OCR track.

That incredibly pertinent comment along with “Government Spending is “small beer” as a driver of domestic inflation” directly contradicted Luxon’s spin about Grant Robertson being to blame.

Katie Bradford appeared to help the National Party by obscuring these matters six weeks ago.

You’ve got a friend Luxon.

It will be interesting to see how National’s spin will be supported on Wednesday this week when the Reserve Bank faces the media again.

Over on NewsHub “Brad from the Flat” is the “go to mouth” to do the talking about the economy and Brad is always good for a dire prediction about doom and gloom that never comes true.

Getting Brad to do all the talking instead of Adrian Orr is a way to help National and NewsHub may have learned to keep Adrian Orr away from AM this time.

Adrian Orr is dangerous to the National Party narrative.

Q&A had to pull in Don Brash and so did Mike Hosking to do damage control last time media allowed Adrian Orr a few words.


No matter how well world leading PM Jacinda Ardern does overseas with her 5 FTAs, pathways for citizenship in Australia, extended youth mobility visas with the UK, speeches at Nato, meetings with President Biden and all that world wide praise – Luxon is surging ahead.

The skyrocketing and surging is not based on merit nor substance – just the fact that media had sided with Luxon and his requirements for seven months now.

Luxon actually has instructed media not to focus on him.

However Luxon started to sweat like a ball of rancid butter about a “tantamount to murder” issues before he fled to the airport a couple of weeks ago.

TVNZ 1 News did not cover his recent junket nor any of the embarrassing diplomatic moments ( refused handshake in Singapore, half mast mask wearing and especially not his dreadful speech to the Policy Exchange that betrayed New Zealand ).

Line producers at TVNZ did not consider it important to hold National to account and this helps Luxon “free pass” his way up in the polls.

Luxon has a real friend in Simon Power’s TVNZ no matter how much the newsroom may be fuming privately.

The NZ Herald’s Claire Trevett seems to love to refer to Luxon’s polling and defends her favourite politician often – even against David Seymour who said Luxon was really only in it for the status of being PM on Q&A.

Media is abuzz about Luxon’s climb in the polls as if they are more excited than he is about them.

Luxon likes to talk about “When I am Prime Minister..” and “The government that I lead..” as if it its a signed deal and in the bag already.

TV Polls have a kind of momentum of their own – and political parties love it when media create polls that influence voters to back them.

We’ve seen some shoddy polling methods recently – like the Kantar Poll in Tauranga that was so far off the end result – Maiki Sherman did not want to talk about it.


I think it’s useful to think in terms of what the National Party needs media to focus on right now.

It’s also alarming to find the local NZ media aligning with a political party’s needs almost like a well fitting glove.

It smells like corruption really.

The UK Tories used a strategy where they held back all policy ideas and fought on rhetoric alone with sympathetic media to win the last couple of elections.

It’s likely this is a strategy planned out in the remaining quarters with media before the 2023 election.

Right now National have very few policies of any real merit and it’s only because of media alignment that they can possibly have risen to where they are now.

Luxon is full of gaffes and mistakes and he has a shocking lack of diplomatic skills as we have all seen recently.

Tantamount to murder really.

National need all the media help they can get – and they are getting it in spades the way I see it.

New Zealand’s democracy would be so much better off if I was wrong and everything I have just written is just my personal bias.

But the facts remain.

And there’s no escaping them.

The alignment between media and the National Party

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Media cold shoulders world famous PM Ardern and her erudite Chatham House address Q&A then splashes dirt on her white dress to misogynistically distract from the successful end of her European trade mission

No matter how much admiration was expressed at Chatham House by international media, think tank experts, researchers and staff – to world famous PM Jacinda Ardern after she delivered a fine speech and provided fabulous answers to questions of global importance …the local media coverage of this exchange back in New Zealand was thread-bare, ho hum and close to a bucket of cold shoulder soup.

When many New Zealanders witnessed the contents of our Prime Minister’s Chatham House speech and answers to questions for themselves on Youtube – it would be fair to say most glowed with new found pride and even greater admiration.

As if – the rumours must be true …she really is that great.

Greater than that even.

That level of exclamation from viewers of the Chatham House Speech and Q&A – by itself informs us that our local media have deprived us all of something really good back here in New Zealand.

They have covered her in barbs and thorns and silenced her voice – replacing it with babbling go betweens – breaking it down in their so called “analysis” so morons understand the “reckons” in less than one minute.

Yes – New Zealanders were served with the bare minimum of reporting over the past few days about how concerned Jacinda is with rebuilding trust in democratic institutions, how Climate Change is the number one issue in the Pacific, how diplomacy and dialogue must come first when we have disagreements to avoid escalations into war and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, how it is not helpful to talk about “The West vs the rest” or “Democracy vs Autocracy” if we are to maintain peace and stability.

Yes we barely heard a damned thing about any of this really from an entire sector of thousands of journalists, and what we did hear was scant, negative and like listening to arm chair critics sucking on lemons and who knew bugger all really.

New Zealand media devoted more time and priority to bashing local Maori about money that had already been returned after a billing glitch – than any of these much more significant issues we all face today.

It was as if such lofty topics had to be spat at, clawed down to the gutter, flushed down a drain and largely ignored back home.

All tall poppies were cut down, especially the female ones.

The articles I read about Jacinda’s Chatham House experience – talked in worried tones about how PM Jacinda Ardern had taken a “dark turn” concerning China – how she criticised China for being “assertive” and how we’d signed up to a Western alliance agreement in the Pacific and tried to hide it.

Yet the content I watched was all about maintaining peace and stability in a rules based order – and how we must keep talking?

We must not exclude any players like that …or we further distance them.

Local media curled its lip and mansplained why Ardern was somehow wrong again using their favourite hawk faced academics like jack in the box arm chair experts – to say there is no Plan B other than trading with China.

Some readers of G News noted with a mouthful of disgust that the NZ Herald had focused largely on the copy cat nature of the style of dress worn by the female PM rather than her fabulous in-depth answers to a wide range of questions.

It’s all part of the “silly little girl” misogyny on some level.

Very few media in New Zealand gave our female PM her due and because of this disgraceful overt bias – they are way out of step with the thinking public.

There were precious few exceptions to this pattern in media.

The Standard wrote of the many benefits to New Zealand from this very successful mission to Europe by PM Jacinda Ardern and the underlying misogyny at work in a pattern towards her over the past five years in local media …which now literally screams in all our faces today.

Whilst media had downplayed Jacinda’s brilliance they had also protected Christopher Luxon from any criticism about his bungling ineptitude.

Local media are doing Christopher Luxon a massive favour by not pointing out his bumbling diplomatic gaffes overseas – the tragic handshake post in Singapore hastily removed from Instagram – the half mast mask insults in Singapore that so embarrassed us all – the signed rugby ball and gloating at the Irish after the ABs won the first test.

Kind of like everything we don’t ever want to be.

You know that feeling when you step away in horror at something disgusting.

Today Luxon managed to get a photo-op with nameless kiwis abroad and post it on his social media to prove his junket was really worth it and delivering better outcomes for all New Zealanders.

It was all about a few nameless kiwis living in Dublin and what they had been up to recently …but whatever that was… remained a mystery, because it was really all just a sad excuse to show that this out of touch multi millionaire was an international “everyman” with a “common touch” and 100% irrelevant really.

Clearly this crap did NOT warrant a 12 thousand mile trip around the world.

Just imagine if Trevor Mallard had been on this trip – the headlines would be barking for blood in bottles – but not a single woof could be heard as Luxon literally wasted all that money.

Luxon is protected by our media – fear and favour in bucketloads.

There was no NewsHub poll about whether Luxon’s trip was a wasteful junket where 77% of the public said yes – like they did to Trev.

No such polls would ever be manufactured in our National Partry aligned media in New Zealand because that would balance media behaviour up and “balance” was not one of our local media values in practice.

Only in theory.

There was no balancing blockade of any corridor by Maiki Sherman demanding answers from Christopher Luxon about what has he delivered so far on his junket and what does he say to people about hustling for trade deals now?

How many trade deals had Luxon closed recently?

How much has he expanded our export markets by?

Why does he refuse to wear his mask properly?

BeenAdick Collins did not jump out of the shade and claim Luxon had no answers about what his junket had delivered, no trade deals on the go – and no evidence that gang patches would stop gang crime.

People are increasingly over it.

TVNZ has lost a huge amount of public trust as a brand recently.

TVNZ is now seen to be helping National to win the 2023 Election and the optics are very bad with Simon Power, a former National MP fulfilling the role of CE of TVNZ while it all happens in front of us.

All of the incompetence in evidence and wasteful spending on a pointless junket by Luxon was swept aside as a non story by local journalists.

They simply refuse to criticise Luxon for being an insulting bone headed meat axe who is spending like a pokie machine addict on his self serving policy development in the middle a cost of living crisis.

The squeezed middle must not know so there’s blanket silence about this fact.

Do no harm to National is part of the media code according to the evidence before us.

Instead media find a distraction …

The Tax Payers Union and TVNZ 1 News opened up with flame throwers on Matthew Tukaki for paying back $60 grand ( he paid it back end of story ) – but the same Tax Payers Union were silent as church mice about Luxon’s extravagant trip around the world for no real outcomes on the Tax Payer dime.

Oh that’s different, darker shades of skin tone and a Maori bashing agenda are involved.

This is all just more proof in the pudding that TVNZ has really lost their way and how much they have lost the trust of the public in recent times.

A former netball player and weather man take on all the political issues of the day each morning on TVNZ Breakfast.

That speaks volumes in itself.

What do you think?

Tuesday afternoon tea

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Honorable Dr Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern PM of Aotearoa- About that Stardust, Shine and Honeymoon

About that Stardust, Shine and Honeymoon

On 26 August 2017, Audrey Young noted that there were 28 days to go before the election and that the National Party were waiting for the “stardust to settle”.

On 7th September 2017 Bill English said at a televised election debate that Jacinda Ardern was “stardust” – but Jacinda Ardern replied straight back that “This stardust is not going settle”.


On 12th September 2017 Audrey Young wrote that Bill English got his wish as the Jacinda Ardern “Stardust” appeared to settle in a TVNZ poll.

Fran O’Sullivan appeared on NZ Herald interviews around now saying Jacinda Ardern lacked substance.

A proliferation of misogynistic memes about being a pretty communist, a horse and working in a “fush n chup” shop spread all over the place on social media as Stephen Joyce dug himself an $11.7 Billion hole.

On 17th September 2017 Bryce Edwards wrote about a new post-election book called “Stardust and Substance” written by Victoria University.

On 19 October 2017 the BBC wrote an article headlined ” ‘Stardust’ ousts experience in New Zealand.”

Ha ha ha sorry Bill and sorry Fran and Audrey but the stardust would not settle.

If the stardust would not settle – then surely the honeymoon would soon be over because of the lack of substance? – wrote Audrey and Fran in various articles in late 2017.

In September 2018 Jacinda Ardern made world history by attending the UN General Assembly with her baby.

Jacinda was talk of the town in New York and they rolled out the red carpet for her.

John Key had to fork over $10,000 to get on letterman but Americans loved Jacinda.

On 3 October 2018 – Fran’s Mood of the Boardroom – a survey of mostly male Nat business owners who rated Jacinda Ardern pretty average ( not like a money focused man at all ) and the report said “the Honeymoon was just about over”.

But everybody else still loved Jacinda and she consistently polled around 40% the most preferred PM all through 2018.

That damned Stardust had to settle eventually and media kept trying to drag it down …but ….

Simon Bridges had spent $113,000 in a three-month period on travel expenses and Crown limo costs – and a PWC report had fingered Jami-Lee Ross and a self-saucing National Party trainwreck played out.

We all heard the tapes as Simon Bridges went into hiding and Pullya Benefit tried to cover it all up like one of Marg Simpson’s sisters.

On 18 September 2018 – Audrey Young wrote that the honeymoon is over. This time because NZ First were “reportedly” grumbling and there had been an earlier Summer labour camp scandal. But no – the honeymoon went on.

World famous PM Jacinda Ardern featured in Time Magazine’s top most influential people in the world list in 2018.

On 20 January 2019 Fran O’Sullivan wrote that Jacinda had a chance to shine but can she show some substance in her upcoming visit to Davos?

Yes the relentless undermining of Jacinda by the ( honeymoon, stardust and shine focused ) media was still going as hundreds of thousands of butt hurt National Party misogynists frothed at the mouth at Winston for appointing Jacinda PM under MMP – a “communist” female from a fish’n chup shop who lacked substance and was all stardust.

Ooh Nat women were so jealous their eyes were green.

On 15 March 2019 we all witnessed a massacre of 51 innocent people by a crazed racist terrorist in Christchurch and the whole world stood still.

Nobody could speak for a whole week at G News out of deep shock and respect.

On March 23 2019 the tallest building in the world lit up with image of Jacinda Ardern… embracing a woman at the Kilbirnie mosque in Wellington.

The lights shone in media all over the world…

Media in New Zealand ( Audrey, Barry, Mike, Heather etc ) suggested Jacinda was not important enough ( being a female with no substance ) to get a meeting with Chinese Premiere Xi Jinping unlike Sir John Key a man – but on 1 April 2019 Jacinda met with Xi Jinping in Beijing.

The light shone on …and for a short while we put aside politics and banned semi automatic weapons.

World leaders and tech giants all over the world followed Jacinda Ardern’s leadership in the Christchurch Call to action.

John Key never did anything remotely like this on the world stage – instead he was named at the centre of global tax avoidance scheme as National Party people looked over their shoulders next to the shredding machines.

In October 2019 world famous PM Jacinda Ardern made a video that went viral around the world where she listed some of the long list of things her government had delivered in the “Year of delivery’ in just under two minutes.

Copy cat videos followed ( eg from the PM of Scotland ) but Nats insisted nothing at all had been delivered.

Media all agreed that not one thing had been delivered ( only National deliver things ) and as for this Jacinda from the fush n chup shop – well the honeymoon must be over soon surely just like that stardust?

On 8 October 2020 Bloomberg rated New Zealand’s Covid Response number one in the world.

In October 2020 Jacinda won a landslide victory and the stardust and shine still refused to fade or settle.

Bloody stardust. Damned honeymoon.

Longest honeymoon in history now.

On February 21 2020 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appeared on the cover of Time Magazine as you do every day.

On 14 May 2021 – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern topped Fortune magazine’s world’s greatest leaders list…like well nobody from National ever…

On 7 October 2021 – Fran wrote that “the honeymoon is over” because the same male businessman in the mood of the boardroom survey reckoned “her most impressive attribute is PR and comms from the podium of truth”

In November 2021 The Conversation asked Might Jacinda Ardern stand down because of a small change to Labour party rules?

And a billion rumours started among Nat trolls who hated Jacinda because she had no substance – that Grant Robertson would take over soon.

The same Nats mocked that Jacinda did not have a meeting with President Biden locked in – in late May 2022 while Jacinda recovered from a mild dose of Covid.

In late May 2022 Jacinda gave a speech to over 30,000 people at Harvard University and it rocked around world media.

On 1 June 2022 President Joe Biden told Jacinda that the US needed her guidance about matters in this region – something no US President had said to any Nat PM and they took 90 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes to chat – and Jacinda concluded a star spangled visit to the USA.

At the same time Jacinda maintained a 13 point lead over the closest rival in the latest Talbot Mills Poll in New Zealand when it comes to who is New Zealand most preferred PM.

Nobody else comes close.

About a week ago a commissioned article was printed in the NYT and shopped around local media that said Jacinda’s shine is fading at home …because party votes had shifted a bit after covid and some male political commentators didn’t think much of her at home – you know pick a reason – child poverty had improved but not enough for them or something?

Oh the patriarchal old boys misogyny sexism

After five years of running her down every day surely her shine and star dust must be about to settle soon?

Subsequently Jacinda was invited to speak at Nato ( unlike any National Party man ) and she made history talking about diplomacy and peace and the rules based order on our behalf.

All in a day’s work really as Jacinda closed the fifth Free Trade Agreement under her five year watch so far – two days ago with the EU.

Huge win – massive gains. Nobody was happy in the media.

They say she has no substance…well some still keep saying it…mostly older men and jealous women or maybe junior reporters.

Popping into see Boris in a classy cream dress and signing off an expanded youth mobility visa was all in a day’s work yesterday.

Hanging out with Prince William was very relaxed at Kensington Palace this morning as she extended an invitation for another royal visit to him.

There was so much more as you know but we’d be here forever detailing it all and we all know Jacinda saved tens of thousands of lives ( probably mine too ) over the past two years.

There was no international travel in 2021 due to Covid and Nats were negative all the way through it about everything – from tests, to vaccines, to traffic lights – moan moan moan.

As of July 2022, World famous PM Jacinda Ardern has made twenty international trips to twenty sovereign countries, two associated states and one dependent territory of New Zealand, since her premiership began on 26 October 2017.

Our Jacinda is very admired around the world AND at home.

Her track record is outstanding and she’s really put New Zealand on the map unlike any other Nat.

I really don’t think the shine is going to fade.

The stardust is not going to settle.

And the honeymoon just stretches on forever.

About that Stardust, Shine and Honeymoon

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: Jacinda’s EU FTA agreement signed sealed and delivered to the annoyance of the opposition allied presstitutes and resentful red meat export sector

Friday Morning Coffee

On 1st June 2022 the NZ Herald blazoned the following headlines across it’s front page…

“NZ needs to hustle for more trade – Christopher Luxon”

The NZ Herald gave the National Party the “agency” ( the strong man of action and delivery ) again in its headlines – by neglecting to mention New Zealand had just signed a Free Trade Agreement with the UK on 28 February 2022.

That was only three months earlier.

It was crucial to omit that amazing recent FTA outcome under Jacinda’s leadership in order to manipulate election polling results for the top 3% back home and maintain the myth repeated by Luxon that …no matter what sector you looked at …this government had not delivered any improved outcomes.

The strong man of action ( Luxon – tantamount to murder ) tried hard to pour cold water on world famous PM Jacinda Ardern’s gobsmacking success – reconnecting New Zealand to the USA by suggesting we are not hustling enough to get FTAs over the line.

Welcome to today Mr Luxon.

Welcome to today.

Today’s FTA with the EU is massive for exporters in a wide range of sectors and it’s largely a done deal thanks to the direct efforts of world famous PM Jacinda Ardern.

Clearly there were rumblings of concern earlier this week amongst the top 3% that Jacinda might pull off an FTA with the EU and somebody took the extraordinary step to commission a freelance writer to publish a “her shine is fading ” article in the New York Times as soon as Jacinda Ardern flew off to hustle for this deal.

New Zealand media wasted no time earlier this week promoting the opinion article in headlines.

The opinion article was based upon opinion and arguably fact poor when it comes to the premise of the article when PM Jacinda Ardern is clearly the most preferred PM in New Zealand by a margin of 13 points and nobody else gets over 30% in any poll.

Wealthy capitalists had already pledged their support to the “strong man of action and delivery” and so every effort had to be made to drag the female PM down in local media.

This unprecedented negativity in our media was partly about misogyny and partly about sheer greed, because a significant tax cut was on the table for the most wealthy, fair pay agreements could be scrapped, bottom feeders refused all pay increases, Maori ambition could be stalled, big petroleum was under pressure, supermarkets were being forced to become more competitive and of course Groundswell hated the communists lol.

So all week long local media sharpened their knives getting ready to plunge them deep into the heart of an EU FTA success pulled off by Jacinda Ardern – in the exact same way media had rubbished Budget 2022 for fours straight days in the middle of a Kantar polling period.

There was no limit to the efforts made by media to tilt the playing field for the small minority upper class, and last night we all witnessed Mark Mitchell make a massive buffoon of himself in a Justice Select committee – but there was not a single headline about this.

Our local media were just not really interested in how thick and dishonest Mark Mitchell really is compared to the vicious campaign they dealt out against Poto Williams.

Talk about better outcomes, it looks like there’s been no further drive by shootings related to gangs for quite a while – and all of this has happened thanks to the work of Poto, the Police and Chippy ( who has only been in the job two weeks ).

The latest outstanding success of world famous PM Jacinda Ardern is contrasted with the bumbling delays by Christopher Luxon to speak out about Roe vs Wade and the removal of a post by Simon O’Connor ( liked by Simeon Brown ).

When Luxon says no improved outcomes have been delivered – he means the UK FTA and EU FTA now in 2022 alone – along with all the fabulous economic results that never make headlines in our local media.

“Well, well, well take a bow Mr Luxon”, was the headline written by Claire Trevett when National caught up to Labour at the peak of Omicron in our community in the first week of March 2022.

Such glowing headlines were based on nothing more than unscrutinised spin and an election bribe, ( certainly not policy ).

Already the NZ Herald has shifted away from the EU FTA headlines and rushed to publish “‘Wrong and regrettable’: China hits back after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comments on superpower at Nato summit.” in order to throw shade on Jacinda’s historic speech at Nato.

It’s all hands to the negative pumps in our media as they work hard to bring down women in leadership positions.

Meanwhile the strong man of action ( tantamount to murder ) was last seen skulking around in a Singapore Junk before slipping away to a first class seat on his way to self serving meetings with invisible capitalists and Tories – all on the tax payer dime.

I’m really pleased this morning that Jacinda has been able to secure this massive outcome and deliver it for so many sectors of New Zealand exporters.

It’s all just a day in her working week as her star shines so brightly that all the freelance writers getting paid to serve up “anti Jacinda hit pieces in international newspapers”, have got to wear shades.

What an outcome.

If you are a Nat – it must all seem tantamount to murder that a woman can outshine all the swinging dicks so spectacularly.

Standing ovations from G News.

Friday Morning Coffee


G 🙂

Tony Veitch : John Key’s Rockstar economy what was the results and outcomes delivered that Luxon blathers on about

Tony Veitch


1.During the Key years, the Natz created the so-called ‘Rock Star Economy.’ This consisted, largely, of four main aspects: Immigration Real Estate Asset sales with tax cuts thrown in as a sweetener. Let’s look at each in turn:

2.Immigration. During the 9 years of Natz mismanagement of the economy, over 400,000 new migrants came to NZ. Most were unskilled. This had the desired effect of creating a pool of unemployed and so depressing wages. But it did add to the GDP!

3.Real Estate. The Natz failed to build houses and other infrastructure for the growing population, with the result house prices rose. (L, at last, are getting ahead of the house demand!) This was good for the GDP figures, not good for home buyers.

4.Asset sales further enriched the rich. Don’t believe the ‘mum and dad’ investors BS – the vast majority of shares went to the wealthy or super wealthy. But, once again, GDP figures benefitted.

5.The bonus, for the already wealthy, was tax cuts. But these had to be paid for: for ex, in two years the Natz made NO new capital investment in the health system, and budget increases didn’t keep up with inflation. Over the Natz period, our social services went backwards!

6. Now
, have you heard anything from this present crop of Natz (very much like the last harvest!) that suggests they will do anything differently?

7.Luxon is an evangelist – women’s rights will take steps backwards with the Christian right in control.

8.He also has little concern for the ‘bottom feeders’ of our society – about his only announced policy is to give the wealthy much more money, and the bottom $2.15 a week. This is Neoliberalism, trickle down economics, which DOES NOT work, not for the majority of the citizens.

9.God knows, Labour are not perfect, but at least they are trying to make NZ a better place for all its people, not just the 1% and their 9% hangers-ons. It would be a sort of collective suicide to vote in the Natz next year – like the turkey’s voting for Thanksgiving!

10. As you will probably realise, I don’t know how to create the ‘thread!’ Still, as always, #NationalNotFitToGovern

Media whistle blower: Corrupt colluding NZ media is waging a dirty politics campaign working for National to unseat this Labour Government

From a media journalist whistle blower

As a regular writer for a notable media company I am astounded by their editor’s failing to publish my writings for the reason that (in their sole opinion) it could negatively affect democracy and simultaneously rile their advertisers. Thus, I am so outraged at what the profession has become that I have decided to leave my position effective immediately and tell my story here instead….


It has been reported to myself via a very reliable and credible source high in the ranks and privy to sensitive information of the National Party that they are in fact running scared behind their wall of brazen bravado. Scared that the world is fast changing away from right wing governments in lieu of left leaning social initiatives in the search of greater universal infrastructures and climate protections. Scared also that if predictions of NZ’s inflation recovery, growing GDP, low unemployment, declining house values, and FTA’s with both the UK and EU coupled with closer ties with Australia and the US beds into our domestic economy then the results of the 2020 election would be proven to be no outlier for many years, if not decades to come.

My blue-blooded blue-rinsed source is also leaving their once beloved National Party citing ongoing embarrassments such as the despicable behaviours of Michael Woodhouse and Ms Boag during the pandemic, and every day continuance of ‘dirty politics’ and the fallout of such that has already cost many prominent MP’s their positions on both sides of the political divide; but ultimately her latest learnings have been the final nail in the coffin for her. “We no longer have a democracy driven by policies for the people – rather, we a democracy driven by a few people for the policies of a few, no matter what the personal, social, or financial costs amount to. This is not what I signed up for, and I want no further part in what is simply a boy’s club pandering to corporate donors”

According to my source, huge sums of corporate donor money have been invested into media analytics, market research, and political strategists on an agenda that can only be described as “very ugly.” Over recent months we have already publicly seen a small taste of what is actually planned in entirety for the remainder of this political term and the upcoming 2023 Election campaign. “Think UK and Jeremy Corbyn, and that’s pretty much what it will look like, and after the recent failing of Scomo in Australia, the stakes have been raised even higher. It’s all there sitting in a bunker like war-room, and the Commander is not who you think it is” said my source.

The already petty and fact deprived personal attacks by National MP’s upon Labour portfolio managers (described by many as misogynistic) form nothing more than part of a choreographed list of identified targets designed to undermine the Labour government at every turn. This week, it is the (re)turn of Todd Mulller to attack Jan Tinetti fresh from a by-election loss saying she is not focused on her (now expanding) portfolios.

Also fresh from haranguing Nanaia Mahuta and scalping Poto Williams, even if Tinetti had won the age-old right-wing dominated safe seat of Tauranga, the plan always was to attack and bully her following the result. Just as the media and PR plan was always to boast the victory as a major swing in public mood away from Labour (despite factually being no different than 2017). “It was always fated that Simon Bridges would vacate his safe seat. The plans for this have been in place since prior to 2017, even as far as back to when Christopher Luxon entered into the Botany By-election”, she said.

Wow, and there you have it, guts spilled and spelled out for all to see. Intriguing and entertaining surely? For many politically attuned and savvy minds this scenario has long been known but never vehemently proven. True or not, it’s captured your attention – the attention of a mind looking for greater understanding of its surrounds. If a bored old man can pen this and capture your mind this easily, then just imagine what all the professionally targeted and produced materials that fill our media are doing to you and your daily judgements. Materials designed by marketers, political analysts, and strategists to fool you as described above. That for sure is real, even if the rest of this is just me pulling your leg.

Gerard Otto Facebook: Saturday Lunchtime Coffee

“The Committee agreed to further reduce the level of monetary stimulus at this meeting by increasing the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to 0.5 percent. The Committee noted that further removal of monetary policy stimulus is expected over time, with future moves contingent on the medium-term outlook for inflation and employment.” – said the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on 6 October 2021.

This was the first shift back up in the OCR ( and interest rates ) to reduce stimulatory conditions – and this move was consistent with signals sent by the Reserve Bank back on 18 August 2021 ( One day after NZ plunged into level 4 lockdown for Delta ) when the Reserve Bank said :

“The Committee agreed that their least regrets policy stance is to further reduce monetary policy stimulus to reduce the risk that inflation expectations become unanchored. However in light of the current Level 4 lockdown and health uncertainty the Committee agreed to leave the OCR unchanged at this meeting.” ( 18 August 2021 )

The reason I have written the two quotes from the Reserve Bank last year is because Bernard Hickey made the interesting remark on NewsHub Nation this morning that support for Labour started to ebb away around about October 2021 and the record shows that in most polls – the news that interest rates were going to climb again did result in Labour falling from around an average of 45% down to the low 40% range from October onwards.

There was some large group of voters ( approximately 500,000 ) who shifted their voting intentions away to an alternative based mostly on their own personal financial situation after house prices had ballooned to unsustainable levels and now the signs were – the party was over.

The profits on paper were going to slide because the Reserve Bank now had begun to drive up interest rates and this thing called an “OCR Track” showed that interest rates were going to climb in the medium term.

In other words that shift in the polls had nothing to do with government policies nor performance ( although some might argue another lockdown did not thrill some people when money is more important than human life ) – and to some extent it showed that large sectors of our electorate don’t give any political party agency if they are taking a hit financially in their own bank account.

Scrolling forward to today – media are trumpeting that “National have the wind in their sails” while at the same time National are saying they are still working on their policies.

It’s ridiculous really that National can be in the lead when they will transfer so much wealth to the top 3%, drive up inflation with tax bracket shifts, and take a knife to the Public Service to pay for it all.

Perhaps this insanity is mostly an “Anti Government” payback for a few dollars lost off a house value or kiwisaver account – rather than anything to do with who has the best interests of New Zealand at heart?

“This is the worst government ever”, is a catch cry heard in DumbTown from Trumpanzees as the Angry Toilet Brush stands supreme over them all – the knower of all things as per usual.

It’s laughable because it is so tragic really.

Small brains seeking to apportion blame and being led around by the nose by an angry toilet brush.

Right now Media are upbeat about “don’t look at your Kiwisaver account balance” for a few years – and talking up the dire prospect of “a recession” as reporters tell the class of “DumbTown ignorance” – what a recession actually is – for the billionth time now. The lowest ignorant denominator always needs a reporter to say slowly that a – recession is two quarters of negative growth. And then everyone is an expert and all experts runs for their lives bleating that they blame Grant Robertson and his “addiction to spending”.

However despite the fact the US is 95% likely to go through a recession, and Brad from the flat is on every single media channel warning that “we’re gonna bounce around” – most people know that the tiny eeny weeny -0.2% negative growth in the March 2022 quarter is mostly to do with the impact of Omicron and there will be a bounce back in the June quarter.

I mean it’s obvious to anyone who looks into it.

For sure Brad reads the Reserve Bank monetary policy statements which informed him about a period of global economic volatility right now – just like most people who take an interest – but it is possible to pin point that polls took another hit for Labour around the peak of Omicron in early March 2022 – which collided with rising petrol prices and soaring food inflation.

That’s when Luxon did his “inflationary tax bracket shift” speech in the middle of a Kantar polling period.

It was all PR – but it was precisely timed – and it was about tapping into public anxiety and worry.

Again this was all about a financial hit on people’s wallets that had precisely nothing to do with whether the PM said the word “crisis” ten times a day or whether the minimum wage and benefits were set to rise by huge amounts on 1 April 2022.

Christopher Luxon wriggled in his chair with glee and the smuganometre exploded such was the smugness that now inflated National party politicians – because even with an inflationary tax cut that meant austerity was the future for DumbTown’s middle classes and a neglected public service would be slashed to ribbons once again – National surged, soared, and skyrocketed in the polls as voters paid the government back for their 1st world problems – like spoilt selfish children throwing their rattles across the political spectrum.

Naturally the war in the Ukraine, Covid, Supply Chain delays and international factors were positioned as just a big Government excuse by Luxon who repeatedly said domestic inflation was being largely driven by record government spending while media cheerleaders nodded in 100% agreement and Matty McClean gave Jacinda the death stare.

However as you and I well know ( lol ) Adrian Orr made it more than clear to media in May 2022 that Luxon was talking about a “small beer” effect on domestic inflation and because of some dangerous media code of silence and failure to focus scrutiny upon the Opposition – nobody wrote a headline about this except NewsHub. It was like media intentionally setting up a pathway for any old dishonest tyrant to grab the wheels of power in New Zealand.

“We are thrilled to have you in the studio Chris” was the tone rather than “Why are you bullshitting New Zealand?”

All of this was frustrating for some who saw Labour’s support being chipped away at by people in the media who seemed to have abandoned their part in all of it.

Yet as previously mentioned many people just looked at their wallets and were not even paying attention to media.

Yes it’s a sad reflection on the selfishness, greed and stupidity of a large band of swing voters who vote for money in their own wallets before anything else, and how media simply pour fuel on that fire.

The government made Luxon look ridiculous when it cut 25 cents off the petrol excise and reduced public transport by 50% – but turns out nothing the government does ( short of gifting everyone $250 grand and raising their house price again ) will shit the dial just yet.

Perhaps the Government can take some solace in the fact that while they continue to govern extremely well and implement big changes like Health Reforms, the Maori Health Authority, Water Infrastructure Reform, Climate Change Adaptation and Emissions Reductions Plans as well as introducing competition to the Supermarket duopoly, merging TVNZ and RNZ, bolstering Police support, relieving the Gib crisis, securing Trade Deals and strengthening our regional Foreign Policy – that what they are seeing in declining polls is not a reflection upon all of their excellent hard work and all the better outcomes this work will bring in the long run.

It’s more about some greedy people thinking whether they made or lost money off their house value in the past few months or how their Kiwisaver account is down by 10% on its earlier balance – and lashing out like spoilt brats about it.

“Down with the Government, I want my theoretical money back that was made from record low interest rates in a pandemic “, is the bitter cry in DumbTown.

As far as I am concerned we should not be too down hearted by the fact that some people are the way they are about these ups and downs – because you nor I can really change anyone else but ourselves.

I do think it’s vital we kick up a noise about the dangerous media approach to the Opposition we have in new Zealand while it operates with almost zero scrutiny upon evidence free Opposition rhetoric and it’s probably comforting to realise that when inflation begins to fall later this year ( not yet we have to get past the July period first ) down to around 4.4% in March 2023 that some of the selfish vote will return as house prices bottom out and by October 2022 the rising OCR track will reach a peak and level out.

Some voters will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and with it the stupidity of Luxon’s nonsense – while the swing vote will see money came back to them again slowly.

In summary 2022 is difficult because political clowns with no good policies get to strut up and down with trumpets blowing up their arses from our sycophantic media and for short while it seems everything is dark, cold and miserable as you curse your fellow kiwis for their ignorant fickle selfish detachment and lack of gratitude through Covid.

But keep your eyes on the beginning of 2023 when everything starts to come back and if by then there’s no more new dangerous Covid variants – the sun will start to shine again and Luxon’s plan to crush the poor ( bottom feeders ) and fool the middle classes with inadequate tax bribes will come more clearly into focus.

That’s why I am not feeling too despondent right now.

It’s a longer game.

I know that world famous PM Jacinda Ardern is correct when she says it is just a difficult time right now – as Nato invites her to attend its Leadership summit ( ha ha unlike Sir John ).

So let’s keep our chins up and see the longer game as it tilts back towards Labour and the Greens after this period of “the Smug Emperor’s New Clothes” passes by like a long cold winter full of pompous Nat shite.

We’ve got the best government in ages and they’ve just moved some crack troops onto the front lines with more to come as the swirling economic circumstances gradually swing back in favour of the government.

Think I might have a ginger nut to celebrate the near future.

Saturday Lunchtime Coffee

G 🙂