Gerard Facebook: Chris Te Pukegate Luxon no one can trust and the media/expert complicity in fanning National’s narratives as they all deflect and scream out for expensive inquiries

Friday Morning Coffee

Inflation in Australia is now forecast by the Aussie Treasurer to reach 7.75% in December 2022.

New Zealand media at TVNZ 1 News, NewsHub and NewsCrap ZB will carefully avoid making any headlines about this new forecast.

Otto’s Law states that – the only times New Zealand media make comparisons to Australia are when the comparison suits National Party narratives.

So far this week NZ media have been quiet about inflation in Australia.

The good news for our Aussie cousins is inflation is also forecast to drop to 5.5% by June 2023, falling away to 3.5% by December 2023.

The fresh Australian forecasts also came with news that there are signs things are going to get better. Here is a quote from “The Conversation 28 July 2022 ” :

“There are now tentative indications that some of the disruptions to global supply chains that played such an important role in the rise in inflation around the world over the past year or so are beginning to ease. Especially in the United States, surveys that picked up some of the producer price pressures which subsequently showed up in rising consumer price inflation are now pointing in the opposite direction.”

Meanwhile back here at home our media are fanning the new National Party narrative that an inquiry into why the Reserve Bank of New Zealand did – what nearly every other Central Bank also did in 2020 – to stop double digit unemployment.

The sudden new need for an inquiry just after inflation is thought to have have peaked in New Zealand – centres around the notion we can all learn from a good expensive inquiry – never mind the costs.

Right now we already know that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand was the third earliest central bank in the OECD to start tightening the OCR up again in 2021.

So it’s getting pretty nit picky to suggest we should have been the first in the world – to boldly go where no other central bank on Planet Earth had been before.

“Outrageous I demand an inquiry”, screams DumbTown.

We also know that on 17th August 2021 we went into a nationwide lockdown because Delta was in our community before we had high vaccination rates. Many companies needed business support and workers needed wage subsidies for a further 12 weeks – and the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee decided to stall tightening things up by holding the OCR rate – on Monday 18 August 2021 for another six weeks until 6 October 2021.

Such an inquiry into these circumstances would make a useful political football for opposition parties if it could be conducted in election year, drag on – and the results come out – in the weeks before the 2023 election.

The Dominion Post editorial called it politics.

We are now thought to be passed the peak of CPI Headline inflation in New Zealand in the June quarter – so the National Party have likely long planned that there must be a transformed political narrative about inflation – implemented right about now.

Headlines must commence as former Governors of the Reserve bank who were appointed to power by National etc – suddenly all spring out from out of the woodwork and sing from the same Captain Hindsight song sheet.

Yes it’s pretty obvious – and there’s Brad from the flat ringing a bell chanting “Bring out yer dead” as the sad pack of stooges make hindsight noise in the streets.

Remember how earlier this year in February 2022 – Christopher Luxon told us all – he had seven and a half quarters to plan his election campaign to get one in two voters, voting for him?

Winning is Luxon’s singular goal and his entire focus is upon it – despite the terrible gaffes.

There is likely an election campaign plan per quarter – and this quarter ( July ,August, September ) part of the plan involves changing the conversation about inflation as it starts to come down and National’s nonsense about Government Spending being a big driver is a total giveaway.

Yes previous fibs now need some revision.

Evidence that Luxon has such a plan can be found on Saturday 28 May 2022 when Christopher Luxon spoke at the National Party North Island Conference in Hamilton and said :

“the cost of living crisis, that’s how we’ll win this election”.

Yes there’s a plan to use the “cost of living crisis” as a tool to win and this takes a team in the media and appointed “experts” to drive the narrative through certain gates.

Throw a dog in DumbTown a fake bone – and it will slobber all over it as if it’s the real thing – which is why so many National Voters already blame Grant Robertson who Luxon claims is “addicted to spending”.

Just don’t look at Australia right now and that dog will happily keep gnawing on that bone as Luxon blithers on repeating his script in small towns – according to his social media team lol.

Meanwhile rents are levelling out and falling in some places, petrol is down by twenty cents, tens of thousands of migrant workers are arriving in the country, 6000 migrant critical health workers are coming to the rescue in Health, exports are way up in the year to June, on average wages have risen by 6.8% and everyone had a massive laugh about Te Pukegate.

Despite all of the manipulations from National and some newsrooms who are part of National’s election planning – most kiwis can see that New Zealand has done a fantastic job of keeping science in the centre of our pandemic response – saving tens of thousands of lives – saving hundreds of thousands of jobs and we’ve also adjusted with new variants and opened up in tricky conditions as the pandemic is not over yet.

National and Act both called for even more spending on business support in 2020 and 2021 but now that it is 2022 …nobody in DumbTown really wants to be honest and own up about all of that.

Once again it all comes down to not being able to trust Christopher Luxon or Nicola Willis.

Both have been extremely economical with the truth and everyone saw that with Te Pukegate.

New Zealanders will give someone a fair go – but National are taking New Zealanders for fools if they think nobody can see what they are doing.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to be repeatedly lied to by Christopher Luxon with his revisionist sales script and his choir of Captain Hindsight cronies.

Media have propped this tragic misleading nonsense up for far too long already.

Friday Morning Coffee


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Luxon has sleepness nights over struggling Kiwis doing it tough with cost of living pressure and his heart is broken over flood victims but decided to have a family holiday in Hawaii to get away from it all [he hid from the public and lied about] because he deserved one

Gerard Otto Facebook: Proof why Luxon cannot be trusted on abortion a must see interview

Luxon gives NZ women huge clue he may flip flop over abortion

Christopher Luxon raised nationwide alarm bells again today – that he may strip away a woman’s right to choose if elected.

Women now have even more good reason to feel fresh doubts and it feels like nobody who cares – should trust the salesman and his promises. Luxon repeatedly refused to put his job on the line over sticking to his word on the matter, which showed he might easily change his mind downstream. Luxon repeatedly dodged the question whether he would resign rather than break his word – posed by Doubting Thomas Coughlan. The sheer evasive tactics from the slippery Luxon sent intuitive shockwaves of doubt like ringing alarm bells to everyone with a sixth sense. If he can’t pledge on his job – he is likely hiding the truth about what he thinks will really happen.


Gerard Facebook: Media throws distraction bombs to deflect from Luxon’s disastrous Te Puke-Gate Hawaii cover-up to deflect from the fallout after Luxon becomes an international laughing stock

Thursday Morning Coffee

The dead end look on Poor Maiki Sherman’s face said it all – after the deputy TVNZ 1 news political editor had a very bad week and nobody inside the Greens would challenge James Shaw.

Maiki suggested her catalytic story about the comments of three youths on facebook may have been the real reason the Greens ran their conference online – not covid.

To Maiki’s mind it was a sinister plot devised to avoid her glorious unfolding story and moderate Greens might have been making up excuses about Covid to avoid her eagle eyed scrutiny.

Such is the self aggrandising mindsets of “celebrity” reporters.

If keeping her story alive was the real motivation – it all came crashing down like a bowl of porridge plopped upside down on Maiki’s head when Chlöe did not take the bait.

Yes Maiki probably counted on Chlöe stepping into contention for Co-leadership based on the way Maiki had last week sourced pictures of Chlöe standing beside Marama and paraded these before the nation in her TVNZ 1 News “news reports”.

It was all about – trying to help the public see this pair of new co-leaders as the new Greens – in the minds of all members and delegates.

Giving them something to vote for – a vision – to topple James Shaw.

But alas for Maiki – Chlöe had more political sense so Maiki lurched – and clutched at Plan B – Dr Elizabeth Kerekere – who also after some reflection ( lol ) realised it wasn’t going to work.

At that point I heard the mythical “Fat lady sing” and I said it was all over here on G News – which only resulted in Maiki claiming that her story was going to keep on going for at least another month because Mr Tuiono might put his hat ( literally ) into the ring.

Tuiono called the press together to make the stunning announcement that he had not yet made up his mind.

I laughed my flip top head off.

Maiki just stood there with that horrified look on her face as reality figuratively slapped her hard three times and porridge drizzled down her face.

So this morning I reflected upon how – if aggressive celebrity media in the TVNZ 1 News newsroom – decide to intervene and take an active part in rocking the boat – stirring up rebellion inside political parties – they really should have gotten better information about where it was all leading to sooner.

“Shoulda done it sooner”, said Chris Bishop.

“That’s not a better outcome”, said Christopher Luxon.

Maiki may have succeeded in making a normal democratic process look unstable to some people – but look how steady the Greens really are now.

Shining with democratic stars and stability.

Yes it was a waste of time for TVNZ 1 News to run about seven consecutive news stories on this dead-end topic over a week while all the time – keeping the Luxon holiday in Hawaii on the down low.

According to Luxon media knew where he was – but according to media like Jessica MuckInMYEye they did not have any idea and nobody has reported the actual flight manifest and hotel details or commented on who knew what – where and when.

So many facts remain unreported as Doubting Thomas pens that all of this was an unforced error in a series of unforced errors starting with the abortion muddle, the slanging off at New Zealand businesses and now – Te Puke Gate.

National party aligned media are now lamenting that Luxon is messing everything up on a regular basis and praying that as long as they keep giving Luxon “the agency of the narrative” and depicting him a strong heroic man of action in their headlines – all may still be well.

National Party aligned reporter Jane Patterson at RNZ wrote :

“Frustration is building with Labour, and Ardern and her ministers will have to work hard to take back the narrative, rather than stumble through the election dealing with a slew of political challenges. That’s always made more difficult when you have an opposition at the top of its game. Luxon has made a solid start and is making ground on Labour and Ardern, but that’s ground that can be quickly lost. “Nothing to see here” might have helped him wriggle out of today’s controversy, but it’s been a blow to his credibility and will give his opponents plenty of Hawaiian-themed ammunition to fire off as 2022 rolls on.”

Yes you may have spat your coffee over some of that – which only shows you are fair minded and have a good bullshit metre.

I imagined Jane with blinkers on and her hands over her ears living in a National Party echo chamber, willing Luxon to keep going – to triumph and stop making errors.

Gotta defund those industry decarbonising climate projects and transfer the money to tax cuts for the wealthy…something like that.

This was a massive blow to his credibility – and it’s not tall poppy – it’s about being out of touch, “refusing to accept”, pulling the wool, speaking from a misleading script, revisionist versions of events, smug wiggling and crocodile tears of sympathy for Kiwis doing it hard.

He’s pulling the wool.

It goes to the heart of being a trusting kiwi with a flooded street or lawn – only just making ends meet – and then hearing all that detached and insincere – Kiwis are doing it tough” messaging, mixed with “Aloha from Te Puke”, followed by “I worked hard” together with “it was not misleading” followed by “We made a mistake” so let’s quickly move on.

A type of underlying media bias infests their clickbait and content. It’s our media who keep on “handing the narrative” to the Opposition.

I notice the way most media dress up clickbait headlines ten times a day in favour of the Opposition – with nearly all headlines being about what National or Act said – using dramatic action verbs like slammed, tackled, lashes the Government hard, takes aim at, spars with, goes head to head, and of course “rebrands the National Party”.

Aloha – look at the brand damage now.

Same old train wreck.

It’s enough to make Audrey Young reach around – clutching at straws for her deflated National Party audience – and suggesting National might win the 2023 election right at the very nadir of Luxon’s bungling journey so far.

It’s like Audrey is saying – fear not at this low point my fellow National Party fans – for National may yet win and who will replace Jacinda?

Truth be told Audrey likely just wanted people to call Michael Wood names – like “Napoleon” because he’s very good at his job – and that’s a nickname she thought was funny – so her clickbait headline amplified that. The smell of old moth balls in Granny’s wardrobe – fill up my senses whenever Audrey tries to be clever.

Yesterday I noted that Cushla Norman finally published an article about fact checking the drivers of inflation at 1 News and in it – she got someone to say “Government Spending” is only a small driver of inflation.

The article was eight months late – and was never a lead story even when – Mr Luxon boasted in Hamilton that “the cost of living crisis will sweep National to victory in the 2023 election”.

This fake news National Party narrative “that Grant Robertson’s addiction to spending” was “a big driver of domestic inflation” propped up the rise in National Party polling over the past eight months and much of our media fanned that fake news.

It’s hard when media want a National Government and nothing Jacinda does or says barely gets a positive headline or mention.

For example all that content about school absenteeism – media scrubbed from the public consciousness yesterday shows what I am talking about.

Nobody talked about the June CPI of 6.1% in Australia in massive headlines and instead – uninformed opinion articles from the likes of Mike Hosking misled DumbTown again.

It will be interesting on 16 August when the RBNZ give a media conference about the latest Monetary Policy Committee report – and what the updated forecasts about inflation have to say.

No doubt TVNZ will put Katie Bradford in between the facts and TVNZ’s filtered version of reality – so nothing that damages National’s election narrative can accidentally slip out into the electorate.

It’s all quite a game really – and of course it will be wall to wall with elementary second hand reckons from – Brad from the Flat again – rather than Paul Conway.

What do you think?

Thursday Morning Coffee


G 🙂

Luxon fails his leadership test on honesty integrity and trust `

Gerard Otto: Luxon’s Te Puke video and the confession of an emotional junior staffer

Satire – The Confession of an emotional junior staffer

Emotional Junior Staffer

Bless me National for I have sinned

National Party High Priest

Just read the script damn you!


Emotional Junior Staffer

It’s been a long time now, since Simon Bridges was there, since my last confession.

National Party High Priest

Hurry up and get on with it

Emotional Junior Staffer

It was me I did it, not Christopher Luxon.

National Party High Priest

( Impatient eye-roll )

Emotional Junior Staffer

Despite explicit instructions not to by Christopher Luxon, I, I think it says – I over road his command not to publish that Te Puke Video. Overrode not over road.

National Party High Priest

For God’s sake just read the bloody thing!

Emotional Junior Staffer

I alone am guilty – not Christopher Luxon – of authorising his maskless fake video about the logs going in and wood coming out which I maliciously and wilfully published on his facebook page despite direct orders not to.

National Party High Priest

Go on, …

Emotional Junior Staffer

I chose a time that would be most damaging to Christopher Luxon after the Prime Minister had been roasted in the media for not wearing a mask. Yes I did and I laughed with evil socialist glee as I imagined the damage I was doing to his election chances as I pressed that Post blue button on facebook anyway. That will teach you Luxon I screamed like a demon. Hey – I didn’t do any of this he told me to post it?

National Party High Priest

Shuttup and beg for National Party forgiveness.

Emotional Junior Stuffer

Well alright but it’s not true. It says here …So now I beg for forgiveness and accept full responsibility for all the bad things that have happened to the National Party in the past week.

National Party High Priest

And the last bit …

Emotional Junior Staffer

National always obey the rules when it comes to wearing a mask. Yes I like that bit – not very role model like though is it?

National Party Priest

Silence !!! Alright let’s finish this. With the power granted unto me by the Holy National Party Den of Thieves – I absolve you from your sin and wash away your iniquity. In the name of Sir John, Sir Bill and the Capitalist Spirit. You will do three press conferences, seven media articles and be stripped of your National Party membership forever in public as penance. Now go do it in the name of wealth inequality.

Emotional Junior Staffer

But I didn’t do it – and I don’t vote for National, it’s just a job.

National Party Priest

Get out and don’t come back – and send the next fall guy in.

Satire – The Confession of an emotional junior staffer

G 🙂

Never mind lying about his true whereabouts and misleading Kiwis in the process

Gerard Otto Facebook: Monday morning coffee – Maiki Sherman fabricates a coup to topple James Shaw to destabalise and destroy the Greens Party vote to sabotage a Government coalition partner

Monday Morning Coffee

Will Maiki Sherman assemble yet another one sided “news report” where only James Shaw’s critics are allowed to speak on TVNZ 1 News tonight?

It’s a good question many are asking now after they witnessed the ongoing one-sided – one woman personal campaign to influence Decision 2023 in favour of the National Party.

This campaign has played out now for several days while TVNZ 1 News tells one side of the story only – and stirs up as much momentum as possible to break the left wing Labour / Green voting block.

Campaigning like this is not journalism – it’s political activism with a microphone.

G News notes that Maiki Sherman had also done a political hit campaign on Trevor Mallard recently by claiming old Kantar Poll data taken just after the parliamentary protests in March 2022 was still an accurate reflection of public opinion about Trev’s job performance in early June 2022.

Referring to the old poll data as new – was misleading by Sherman.

In true campaign style Sherman even blocked the way through a parliamentary corridor trying to beat up on Trev after he was ambushed about the irrelevant shoddy out of date polling data in a committee meeting.

This is the low standard set by the TVNZ 1 News newsroom these days under the leadership of Simon Power CE – former National MP who has “nothing at all to do with the content”.

It’s all about manufactured tabloid gutter hit pieces in a ratings war – not what is good for New Zealand.

Sherman also castigated Labour MP Jan Tenetti for not living up to a very inaccurate Kantar poll in Tauranga and then seemed reluctant to admit that Kantar poll was a complete load of crap when Jack Tame confronted her about it on Q&A.

Political activism disguised as journalism has no real place in any professional newsroom in New Zealand and should not be rewarded.

Shame on TVNZ 1 News.

G News will keep an eye on Maiki Sherman tonight and this week and report on any one sidedness in her coverage of events.

As you know James Shaw has thrown his hat in the ring and is “in it to win it” and the world famous PM stressed repeatedly in her morning interviews that James has managed to advocate for more change and build enormous consensus so changes will stick.

Naturally TVNZ let the side down again this morning with Matty horribly out of date and – people shaking their heads at the unacceptable standard of Breakfast presenters who attempt serious political interviews.

A real disservice to New Zealand’s democracy.

In other news – Luxon is still nowhere to be seen after he said to Ryan Ridge on AM a fortnight ago that – he would absolutely spend more on Health and Education – at least as much more as inflation.

“At least as much as inflation – absolutely!” confirmed Luxon when asked to confirm that.

This very definite claim made by Luxon – was later walked back by Nicola Willis on Q&A eight days ago when she said National would have to look into that – and since that time Luxon has been a no show.

“Where is Luxon?” – says everyone.

Almost everything Luxon says is wrong and out of step with the National Party these days.

Luxon has run away like a coward rather than face the music about his absolutist throw away remarks in the past week.

This was not a strong leader – it was a bungling blind bowling ball crashing into the gutter on almost every issue.

It is now very clear to all switched on voters – that this is not some temporary communications error made by a rookie MP anymore – it’s a permanent design flaw and a complete failure of leadership.

Finally – there may be a post cabinet presser this afternoon and parliament starts up again this week.

Luke Malpass reckoned inflation and the cost of living will still be a big topic in parliament this week.

But it should not be.

Not if media did its job properly.

If Jack Tame had done a consistent job and asked Paul Conway ( Chief economist at the RBNZ ) about the relative size of the impact of government spending on domestic inflation from Budget 2022 – the public would now be better informed.

The impact on inflation is “small beer” compared to much bigger drivers.

But Jack Tame did not do a consistent job and religiously avoided that question in order to perpetuate the on going saga in the media to keep National looking “legit” to the misinformed swing voter.

Local NZ Media have now managed to spin out these fabrications and deceptions made by the National Party about the extent of government spending as a driver of domestic inflation for nearly eight months.

It’s vital for National that media never get to the bottom of this.

So media won’t.

Soon we’ll see National change the topic anyway as inflation starts to decline in the second half of this year but for now media will keep letting Nicola Willis off the hook – when she says “Government spending has added fuel to the inflation fire”.

Jack Tame did not go there with Paul Conway yesterday.

The fingerprints of a rigged election right there.

Many appreciate that National’s consistent attack on Government spending is really only so National can justify transferring enormous wealth to the most wealthy in promised election bribes ( tax cuts ).

National have to pay for their tax cuts somehow – so cuts and dumping public servants onto the job seeker benefit queue is part of that recipe.

This morning it’s all about James Shaw and whether Chlöe will throw her hat in the ring like Maiki Sherman appears to desire.

I’ve gotta run now cos James is holding a press conference.


Monday Morning Coffee

G 🙂

Enemy of Democracy partisan National Party TV1 media operative

Gerard Otto Facebook: G News – We are in or near a polling period

Unlike the Taxpayers Union ( National Party ) polls which are run for a week at the beginning of every month now – the two major TV polls – NewsHub Reid Research and TVNZ Kantar polls are conducted closer to a quarterly basis. ( this is a rule of thumb which is not exact and different in election years )

For example, last year NewsHub commissioned Reid Research to run a poll between 22-29 July 2021 because it had been almost three months since the previous one back in early May 2021.

This year NewsHub’s last polling period was between 18-27 April 2022 so it’s reasonable to expect another NewsHub Reid Research Poll could be in progress around about now.

All of which brings me to how NewsHub and TVNZ newsrooms appear to step up the headlines that attack the Government during these polling periods.

I was able to pick we were in a polling period straight after Budget 2022 because of the furious media attacks on the government – a steep rise in manufactured negative headlines – incoherent comparisons between the cost of a block of cheese with $27 a week, petty spiteful arguments – you name it – it surfaced.

Now the same kind of anti government media swarm, manufacturing dissent, foot stamping and spluttering against Labour has registered on the “we are in a polling period” scale.

Yesterday and the night before – NewsHub reportedly published five headline articles focused on how world famous PM Jacinda Ardern chose to put a photograph of herself on Instagram before her 1.7 Million followers – where she and almost a hundred youth MPs were not wearing a mask in the reception of the Beehive for maybe a minute.

The greatly magnified issue featured on Tuesday night NewsHub news at 6PM and it led the AM show breakfast interview with Nicola Willis the next day – and carried on all day through Wednesday, before making the news a second day running on NewsHub News again last night.

There was some other news about the end of the world and Europe in flames from Climate Change – but that was not repeated quite as much as Jacinda and her mask.

Five headlines about Jacinda not wearing a mask blazoned on NewsHub like magnesium flares – burning so brightly – when the truth is – masks were worn at all times by the PM and the youth MPs except for a short moment at the behest of a photographer.

This was a huge media beat up by NewsHub and other media were not too far behind. In fact Corin Dann devoted his entire Morning Report interview to the topic on RNZ.

Dallas Graham demanded and expected a full apology from Jacinda here on G News – taunting and provoking the readers that Jacinda had really better apologise because she had made a mistake.

The squirrel nutkin pranced before the owl seeking a reaction.

Sadly the story about Jacinda not wearing a mask also highlighted other failings over at NewsHub inside the Newsroom run by Sarah Bristow ( formerly Paul Henry’s producer ).

NewsHub attempted to report about Jacinda’s speech on Local Government – an issue which is important to us all – especially concerning water infrastructure reform given a million of us are drinking sub standard water from our taps. But NewsHub deleted every single word spoken by PM Jacinda Ardern in her speech about these real issues facing New Zealand and instead told a story about the protestors outside, a few grumpy councillors and of course how Jacinda had not worn a mask at the Beehive with the youth MPs again.

In other words NewsHub ( Discovery Inc ) were censoring the voice of the New Zealand Government and campaigning against Jacinda Ardern and much needed reform for some reason unknown to the public?

It doesn’t stop there.

Famous author Val Monk pointed out the gender imbalance in the Newshub newsroom reporting under Sarah Bristow’s watch :

” Steven Adams gets praised far and wide for picking up his own dishes… our PM gets yelled at for every teeny tiny thing they can poke a stick at. I am sure Steven Adams is a nice bloke, but still. Imbalance.”

Several people noted the misogyny being stirred up NewsHub ( Discovery Inc. ) and their increasingly aggressive demands for an apology from the female PM – while National’s Matt Doocey ( assumed to be a man ) was not asked to apologise at all – but also had his mask off in the same photograph.

Most of the public knew that NewsHub and other media ( Claire Trevett ) had looked the other way about National Party leader Christopher Luxon’s ( a male ) ongoing habit of wearing his mask off the end of his nose with his nostrils exposed – AND – how he has posted many photographs of himself without a mask indoors close to others ( eg. Singapore breaking indoor mask wearing rules ).

There is a truckload of evidence that any media beat up about mask wearing would only be triggered if a woman broke the same rules men were breaking all the time.

It’s not okay for a female MP to do what male MPs do all the time at Discovery Inc.

Discovery Inc’s NewsHub were taking New Zealand back to the 1950s with one rule for men ( boys will be boys ) and another for women – and of course Discovery Inc – is run by a man named Glen Kyne in New Zealand ( Hi Glen ).

The NewsHub newsroom under Sarah Bristow’s watch also published the headline yesterday that :

“PM slammed over ‘appalling’ gift to Biden”

Now you may say “this did happen” and NewsHub were only reporting the facts – but as famous author Val Monk pointed out that there are many souvenir shops selling swamp kauri clocks, swamp Kauri coffee tables, swamp kauri wall art and swamp Kauri coasters around the world all the time.

No objection whatsoever from Discovery Inc / NewsHub until Jacinda can be accused of something.

To elevate the topic to headline status with the word “appalling” attached stands out for its selectivity and just feels like another typical reach into the gutter to throw mud at Jacinda during a polling period.

It’s been a week that feels like a polling period ever since TVNZ political reporters dissed the move to extend the petrol discounts and half priced public transport and dubbed this announcement as cynical on Sunday.

On Monday media went all out to highlight the soundbite “Inflation is the highest in 32 years” while ignoring the fact quarterly inflation rates are declining.

Maiki Sherman on TVNZ 1 News has run two absolutely ridiculous news segments bending over backwards to attack James Shaw based on the facebook comments of three youths on facebook and Jack Tame has gone real easy on Nicola Willis allowing her to keep suggesting that government spending is a big driver of domestic inflation ( pouring fuel on the fire etc ).

In this “distorted news” environment it’s not possible for the public to have faith in democratic institutions like the fourth estate.

They are giving themselves a very bad name as they seek to apportion all blame on social media.

I could not help but think how everyone is now suddenly seeing how decades of conservative fossil fuel led governments around the world refused to listen to scientists placing economic short term gain first – and how this ongoing menace to the future of humanity was propped up by media barons.

Some mainstream media like “FoxNews” and its ilk in other nations – have led us all to a situation where the UK and Europe are now literally on fire.

Is Discovery Inc. / Newshub’s Glen Kyne and Sarah Bristow leading us down the same old path – to elect Christopher Luxon who will strip funds from climate change projects because he pronounces ( wrongly ) this is “adding fuel” to inflation?

Many New Zealanders are so sick of the local media now that they have 100% rejected watching local TV news.

Something needs to be done about the people running the newsrooms at Newshub and TVNZ for the sake of all of us.

The manipulation of Decision 2023 by attacking Jacinda Ardern and giving Christopher Luxon a free pass during opinion polling periods needs to be called out and stopped.

The return to shareholders from a close election is not as important as our future way of life and its time our establishment demanded something better.

The ongoing misogyny and blatant electioneering by newsrooms must stop.

G News – We are in or near a polling period


G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: National’s Five Point plan to tackle the cost of living crisis debunked

Not long ago Ryan Bridge asked Christopher Luxon how much rents would go down by if National reversed the removal ( phasing out ) of interest deductibility on rents.

Luxon was caught off script and his mouth gaped as he automatically deflected and blindly pivoted to alternative memorised spin about another topic to avoid the answer.

The truth is rents won’t come down by a single cent if National reverse the phasing out of a property investor’s ability to deduct interest between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2025.

Not one cent shall be returned to tenants in the form of a rent decrease.

Sorry generation rent – nothing for you from National reversing these changes.

The wider point I am really making is – removing costs from a business won’t bring prices back down ( market forces like competition or an over supply might ) – but adding costs to a business will often result in higher prices being passed on to the consumer.

Step one of National’s five point plan is to stop adding what they call unnecessary costs to businesses and employers.

By this National mean scraping proposed redundancy insurance and Fair Pay Agreements – both which can make a worker’s life ( the proletariat life ) a little better.

National ( the bourgeoisie ) would scrap proposed redundancy insurance which would cover 100,000 New Zealanders who lose their job each year through no fault of their own. The proposed insurance might pay 80% of a workers wages for seven months and is funded by levies on wages and salaries, with both workers and employers paying an estimated 1.39% each.

National see this 1.39% as an unnecessary burden on businesses who might pass on the cost in higher prices ( or not ).

With regard to Fair Pay Agreements – National think some businesses should be free to compete for contracts by reducing wages or employment conditions. National don’t like the Government creating an environment where businesses compete based on better products and services, rather than some trying to compete by driving down wages and conditions.

Notably when a Fair Pay Agreement applies to a sector – the government will contribute $50,000 to both sides of the bargaining process and we are talking about stopping workers being utterly exploited here.

So far National Party thinking all seems unfair enough ( lol ) until you consider the wider context.

According to the Annual Enterprise Survey New Zealand Business income increased $25.3 billion (3.5 percent) to $757.5 billion​ from 2020 to 2021 – while in the same period total business expenditure increased only $96 million (0.01 percent) to $654.4 billion​.

Yes NZ Businesses earned $103.3 billion in surplus before income tax – up $24.5 billion (31.1 percent)​.

If Nicola Willis was to include that factual background landscape in her pleadings New Zealanders would see the real picture about business profits.

National want to remove some piddling tiny costs to save us all from very small price increases which don’t have to happen anyway because most businesses are overall making a tidy profit at a growing rate in New Zealand.

There are not too many bankrupt businesses across all industries in NZ in 2022 – in fact there were more in 2019.

Yes there’s a good deal of fat cat profit in the margins which National prefer not to discuss in their simplistic five point plan because the truth is National are defending unnecessary wealth and greed baked into motives to get rich off the back of a worker’s labour.

The second step in National’s Five point plan is to reduce the so-called bottlenecks that are holding back growth.

Average annual GDP rose 5.1 percent through the year to March 2022 but now growth is slowing down all around the world as we fight inflation and flip monetary policy from stimulatory back to dampening demand in the economy.

As part of step 2 – National say they would tackle workforce shortages through better immigration settings and moving people from welfare into work. Notably the Reserve Bank warns that we are currently above sustainable employment levels already so National’s plan ( social investment to get people off the job seeker benefit ) may just pour fuel on the fire and be at odds with Monetary Policy.

Something Christopher Luxon has said is a no no when it comes to the “small beer” effect of Grant Robertson’s new spending in Budget 2022.

In other words Luxon is a hypocrite.

It’s worth considering what the Government has already done when it comes to worker shortages :

“The Green List includes 44 occupations that allow eligible migrants to apply for work visas from July 4, and residence visas from September. The occupations are mainly geared towards the construction, health care and IT industries and include roles such as civil engineers, surgeons and other medical practitioners, food technologists and software engineers. The Green List also lists another 16 occupations which will allow migrants to enter the country on work visas and apply for residence visas after two years. These include medical roles such as laboratory technicians, occupational therapists and registered nurses and other jobs such as secondary school teachers, electricians, mechanics and dairy farm managers.” –

So how are things going now with worker shortages?

“The latest figures from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment show that 5682 working holiday visas were approved in June, up from 2862 in May and 2331 in April, making that group the largest within the work visa category in June. This means the number of working holiday visas approved in June was higher than it was pre-pandemic, with 5223 working holiday visas approved in June 2019. The next biggest group were 2328 skilled workers followed by those obtaining their visa on the basis of a relationship (1401). Altogether, those three groups accounted for 85% of the 11,000 work visas approved in June this year.” – 18 July 2022

Yes our new Immigration settings are a solution that is working really well already and although it’s still in progress there’s nothing National have spelt out that they can prove would make much of a difference in categories where there is a world wide shortage of workers.

Just meaningless rhetoric from Nicola Willis.

Step 3 in National’s Five Point plan is to restore discipline to Government Spending.

This means tearing apart the public service and selling the notion to the public that anything that is not front line is bad.

Pretty vacant and Trump like really.

The blind rhetoric repeated ad nauseam by Christopher Luxon about 14,000 new bureaucrats in Wellington since 2017 and none of them being front line workers – is verifiably factually incorrect and stupid at the same time.

National have bet that misrepresentation is a risk worth taking as long as they have a compliant media who will allow any old lie to stand unchallenged from the Opposition.

National have decided that backroom staff like IT and communications staff are unnecessary and that despite increased work scope with many more projects to do – head-counts should remain static.

There’s a huge long list of white elephant spending ( mostly by MBIE ) associated with National’s nine years in government and the myth about National’s financial prudence is based on false perception.

Austerity won’t make anyone rich except slave owners.

National may understand the rigour built into Budget processes and all the financial responsibility rules observed by any Government in New Zealand but they are prepared to ignore all this to sell a myth in a few soundbites with a couple of anecdotes to justify cuts to services that will make ordinary lives suffer.

I personally see this bullet point in National’s plan as a code for a wealth transfer mechanism in step four.

Step Four in National’s Five Point plan is to give tax relief so kiwis can keep more of what they earn.

$2 a week is all anyone earning $45,000 would get from National while we all remember Tova saying to Christopher Luxon…

“If you got rid of the $180k tax threshold, your tax cut as CEO of Air New Zealand would be $270,000”

As Gordon Campbell pointed out :

“According to IRD estimates, this scrapping of the top tax rate would cost the country $2 billion in revenue annually. It would involve a huge wealth transfer upwards, to the already wealthiest group in this country. That money will no longer be available to spend on social services. But hey, it would help the top 3% to get back on the ski slopes of Chamonix and Aspen, now that the borders are finally re-opening.”

Yes National would have to underinvest in social services to afford this grotesque wealth transfer to the most wealthy who least need it – which is why National have sold the notion of “fiscal discipline” being a solution and “government spending” being an absolute villain.

Gotta fool the public somehow.

New Zealand simply cannot afford to allow National to rob us all like this.

In addition tax cuts would just pour more fuel on inflation working against Monetary Policy right now.

Step Five – refocus the Reserve Bank on price stability.

Despite ANZ Chief economist Sharon Zollner repeatedly reminding media that the Reserve Bank are already very very focused on Price Stability and how there is a very definite hierarchy in priorities being followed by the Reserve Bank – her words cannot penetrate the thick skulls in DumbTown.

The Reserve Bank would raise the OCR in exactly the same way with or without the additional remit to support maximum sustainable employment.

Maximum sustainable employment’ (MSE) or full employment means the level of employment at which the job market is tight, but not so tight that inflation is rising out of control.

National really don’t care about MSE and are actually seeking to depose Adrian Orr and replace him with their own puppet and to forget about people’s employment welfare.

This step will not solve anything for people in a cost of living crisis at all.


National’s five point plan to solve the cost of living crisis is a house of cards on shifting sands.

Step 1 hides the strong profits made by New Zealand businesses already and relies on very easily absorbed tiny costs for workers wellbeing being mistaken for significant downstream price increases.

Step 2 Is a vague solution that does not really articulate anything significantly different from the current immigration settings.

Step 3 Is a justification for Step 4 built on myth.

Step 4 Is an unaffordable wealth transfer to the most wealthy

Step 5 Is redundant and really about political appointments.

National’s Five Point plan to tackle the cost of living crisis debunked

G 🙂

Gerard Otto Facebook: TV1 News CYNICS orchestrate to call and accuse Governments surprise announcement CYNICAL

Monday Morning Coffee

Call me CYNICAL but whatever the government does to help you and the folks who transport food around in this winter of discontent – is all about self interest – according to TVNZ political reporters and the National Party who are curiously speaking with one voice about yesterday’s further extension of much appreciated cost of living measures.

Maiki, Katie and Simeon Brown all ran up the same CYNICAL tree at exactly the same time.

The stove piped message of the day from National Party HQ yesterday appears to be – to spread the word “CYNICAL” about as much as possible because the Government had not given TVNZ and the National Party sufficient notice that they were going to “do it sooner”.

The usual “shoulda done it sooner” attack line was now suddenly “Call me CYNICAL but they shoulda done it later”.

How dare the Government be agile.

Not giving TVNZ more than a few hours notice meant Maiki had to scramble a few camera bags together and move her arse down to the BeeHive Theatrette, barging Trevor Mallard out of her way in the corridor ( lol ), and setting up a question about the impact on inflation.

Not that Maiki would report how much these extended measures have helped reduce inflation so far cos that would not really help National.

So annoying to have your Sunday afternoon disturbed like that.

No wonder Maiki was compelled to talk about the CYNICISM of it all.

Plus the National Party and TVNZ did not have time to get Christopher Luxon before a camera early yesterday afternoon saying it was a bandaid upon another bandaid with no long term plan and no better outcomes.

That has to wait until after the CPI announcement today by Stats.

How much notice has the National Party given TVNZ today about their likely press conference?

Will Maiki and Katie complain about the short notice when it’s National?

Oh yes this is about a double standard as well.

Surely the Government needs to allow National and TVNZ more time to “get in first” like both Luxon and David Seymour have for months now to ambush all their announcements?

CYNICALLY ( lol ) the original set of these cost of living measures ran from April 1 2022 to June 30 2022 – and “CYNICALLY the Government refused to rule out an extension on the discounts way back then.

It’s almost as if the Government were monitoring the situation and acting based on the latest information about crude oil etc?

Then CYNICALLY on May 19 2022 the Government extended the same cost of living measures for two more months up until 31 August 2022.

Once again the Government CYNICALLY refused to rule out another extension back then on 19 May 2022 especially Grant Robertson who was “addicted to spending” unused Covid relief money which was already in the Government accounts and actually reduced inflation.

It was obvious to the CYNICS that the Government was being by not ruling out further extensions.

Simeon Brown was beside himself with CYNICISM like many Nat MPs.

Tonight’s a big night on TVNZ 1 News for Katie Bradford who will do most of the fast talking, paraphrasing the reality into a concise set of elastic sound bites using the same old rhythm and hyperbolic language.

The fact is today’s CPI headline inflation figures will tell us about the past – back in the June quarter – and it will go in the tin because it’s already a done thing.

Maybe it will be higher than expected – and if so – media will bask in the hype and DumbTown will gnaw on a bone growling about the squeezed middle going backwards.

Laughably Bernard Hickey reckons the “squeezed middle” are better off than National make out, having made around a 10% increase in income outpacing inflation.

However – it will be interesting to see how the afternoon pans out if there is a Post Cabinet presser today and world famous PM Jacinda Arden has something to say.

The PM is always able to smash the presstitutes who are always playing catchup and “shoulda done it sooner”.

There will likely be very little media coverage from such pressers because it will be the Katie Bradford show on TVNZ 1 News instead.

I suspect that TVNZ will shy away from any graphics that how where CPI inflation is forecast to go during the rest of 2022 and how it is forecast to decline to 4.4% by March 2023 by the RBNZ.

That would spoil the tabloid game of sensationalising a single statistic without real international context and where’s the fun in reporting minor variations from a forecast?

Here at G News we’ll keep an eye on Luxon and Willis today – especially any comparisons made to Australia before Australia updates its statistics for the June quarter.

The old tricks won’t work if the public keeps the pressure on.

Even the BNZ said things are not so bad really :

“We remain of the view that annual CPI inflation is peaking about now (Q2 2022) at about 7 percent,” BNZ said in its markets outlook late last month. “It is important to note that while prices continue to push higher, we remain of the view that they may no longer be accelerating.

TVNZ are already using the term “a three decade high” to describe today’s CPI figure before they know it and suggesting the government is “defending” its extension yesterday.

Call me CYNICAL but this looks like it’s about installing a fact poor National Party into government and pushing up TVNZ ratings …

What do you think?

Monday Morning Coffee


G 🙂


The usual biased anti- Government dribble by these two

Gerard Otto Facebook : NZH Hayden Munro exposes Luxon’s foot and mouth trashing and dissing NZ business and its people on the world stage

Gerard Otto

There was a knock on the door

Sure enough the NZ Herald was there on my doorstep again early this morning and as I picked it up I found an article marked with a red felt pen that someone ( Mr Louis ) thought I needed to read.

The talking cat was right again so here is that article.


What was he thinking?

It’s a common question that gets asked when politicians put their foot in their mouths.

But Christopher Luxon’s decision on his recent trip overseas to criticise New Zealand businesses for “getting soft” is a particular head-scratcher.

There’s the obvious “why on earth would he say that?” element – it’s not a great look for any politician to go overseas and try to talk our country’s business sector down.

It was an unflattering contrast to Jacinda Ardern’s recent wins for New Zealand overseas – landing major trade deals for our exporters, winning new rights for Kiwis in Australia, and getting rave reviews from business leaders for championing their cause offshore.

But it wasn’t just the bad optics that have people baffled – it’s the substance.

Because it’s been a week now, and Luxon’s done a number of interviews trying to clean up his comments, and journalists still can’t seem to get a straight answer of what he actually meant by it.

Maybe Luxon was just voicing the traditional small government idea that major government interventions in the economy like the wage subsidy actually just prop up businesses that would go under in a free market, and so are bad for the economy in the long term?

But no, National and Luxon have always been supportive of the wage subsidy.

On Morning Report he was asked straight “why are you dunking on New Zealand businesses?”

He replied:

“Well, what I’m saying there, very clearly, is that we have some great innovation and great creativity and great entrepreneurship in New Zealand, but we’ve frankly got a government that’s actually not recognising that business actually needs to be empowered and actually get out and do things in the world.”

Obviously, that reply makes zero sense.

If what you mean is the Government isn’t doing enough to help businesses, why say the problem is businesses getting soft?

Pushed again, he came back with:

“Well, we want to make sure that our New Zealand businesses are actually out exporting in the world, you know.”

Okay, that’s a bit clearer – he’s saying New Zealand businesses have gone soft because they aren’t exporting enough.

Except, hold on, in the past 12 months New Zealand’s exports were up 11 per cent to $80 billion – literally the highest amount on record. In fact since 2017, our physical exports, actually selling products overseas, has increased by 36 per cent.

That’s a great result for Kiwi businesses who have been doing it so tough during the pandemic. It’s especially impressive when you consider that tourism, one of our biggest export earners, has been hit so badly with the borders closed.

It seems to me the most likely explanation is that Luxon was just playing to the crowd – a conservative British audience – and got carried away trying to attack the Government.

The reality is though, that after two years of pandemic, New Zealand businesses aren’t soft – they’re battle-hardened.

Up and down the country, business owners, especially those running small businesses, have sweated blood to keep their businesses alive and keep people employed.

Think of the hospitality businesses who have gone above and beyond to adapt to covid restrictions, or the tourism businesses who reinvented themselves for the domestic market for two years.

No one who’s been paying attention would call those people soft.

Because, any way you look at it, the country having record low unemployment and record exports is a great set of outcomes in the middle of a global pandemic.

It’s much better than in many other countries, and something Kiwi businesses should rightly feel proud of.

Now for the Opposition, it might be politically tempting to ignore those things or try to talk down the country’s success to make a point. There can be a tendency to ignore progress because you’re worried that your political opponents in the Government might get credit. It’s a common trap that makes Oppositions overly negative in response.

But overdo it and, as Luxon found out this week, you end up saying things totally out of touch with what’s really happening.

And if you find yourself doing that to a foreign audience, don’t be surprised if it rubs people up the wrong way back home.


Yes Hayden was correct again and although he was late just like Fran they both likely had good reason to remind us all now what really just happened right before our noses.

Luxon had really shown us who he really is while overseas.

“Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out they don’t unless our media tell that story”, I said to Mr Louis who was overacting with those big “I am not guilty so feed me” eyes.

“Being right isn’t nearly as important as knowing when to shut up”, said Mr Louis as I poured cat biscuits into his bowl.

There was no comeback to that.

There was a knock on the door

G 🙂

Cartoon credit: Rod Emerson NZ Herald

Gerard Otto Facebook: Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by flim flan Fran O’Sullivan

Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by Fran

If there’s one thing that gets right up Fran O’Sullivan’s business centric nostrils it’s a lack of substance.

For years Fran had told the public that Jacinda Ardern lacked substance and how her stardust would soon settle – but now – like the Dark Lord’s Fireball Eye suddenly turning to Mount Doom – Fran focused too late on Christopher Luxon’s junket overseas.

There was a disturbance in the force ten days ago but it was all too late now.

Christopher’s popularity had taken a dive by 5.6% in yesterday’s Tax Payers Union poll ( National party poll ) and there were whisperings amongst the establishment that Christopher had taken a massive dump on New Zealand businesses by calling them too soft.

“It was the wrong call” snapped the snapping turtle pleading like a Luxon apologist with the public that Christopher’s prepared speech had some substance to it.

“There were some useful comments in his speech to the conservative Policy Exchange think tank in London.” – said Fran without detailing them.

Fran complained that although most of Luxon’s speech was pure boiler-plate, the undefined substance was ignored by local media and they had focused on a later Q&A where Luxon said New Zealand’s challenge was “unleashing enterprise”, and that “we’ve kind of got into a place where the public look to the Government for all their answers … now businesses are getting soft and looking to the Government for all their answers.”

The speech to the Policy Exchange in London on 6 July 2022 and now Fran was finally writing about it on 16 July 2022.

Yes with the benefit of ten days of hindsight bias Fran was now compelled to lash the errant hard boiled egg with a wet “wrong call” shoelace for daring to characterise the sacred cow of New Zealand business as too soft.

Fran’s bread and butter is the business community and she lamented how much more uplifting it would have been if Christopher had instead focused on how successful New Zealand firms have been offshore during the pandemic.

“For instance, Fonterra, Zespri, Mainfreight, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare — just some of the firms that have overcome pandemic restrictions and distance from markets to sustain their businesses, strong revenue and for the most part, increased profits.” chided Fran as she whipped the egg into a generalised scrambled mess.

Fran was only getting started, as she exchanged the “wrong call” wet shoelace for a “misleading disservice” flogger.

“In that same interview, Luxon claimed “we haven’t been out and about hustling as we would have been in the past,” pointing to the trade partnerships that Australia and Britain had signed with India as an example of where New Zealand had lapsed.” – wrote Fran as she flayed Saint Christopher the patron saint of safe travel for his sins.

“This is quite misleading and does a disservice to New Zealand’s trade negotiators”, wrote Fran spelling out that the Ardern Government has just beaten Australia to the punch by signing a free trade deal with Europe.

Truth is Luxon first started to put down New Zealand’s trade efforts way back on 1 June 2022 when world famous PM Jacinda Ardern met President Biden.

“”We’re a big trading country, we need to be able to do business all round the world, and frankly I think we’ve been a bit off the boil. If you think about the UK and Australia doing free trade deals with India just recently, and if you think about the US – having a free trade agreement with the US, there’s a lot for us to be able to do.” – said Saint Christopher on 1 June 2022.

Fran had missed the substance of these remarks despite other media reporting them at the time, but now Fran had transformed from snapping turtle with a wet shoelace into Madam Lash with her big boots on.

“It is true the Indian negotiations stalled. But that happened on the National Government’s watch in 2015, which was when the last round of formal negotiations took place.” said Fran as she walked around the beaten and whipped egg before administering the ball breaker ….

“Misrepresenting New Zealand offshore does not go down well.” – wrote Fran in eggy letters ten feet tall on the city walls.

A standing ovation for Fran and three cheers…hip hip hooray…I laughed putting my flip top head back in place.

Misrepresenting New Zealand is what Luxon did.

Yes Luxon had taken a massive dump on all of us and for ten days now New Zealand had been seething about the absolute diplomatic disaster Luxon has been on his junket.

Fran suggested too late that Luxon should have cancelled that trip and instead tagged along over in Australia – but it was too late now.

The Fabergé egg ( Fuxon ) had been unleashed and his habit of “sticking-to-script” meant any Q&A with Luxon was perilous for National – as Luxon only knows one script and it’s about putting down New Zealand so he can gain power for himself.

Unlike Doubting Thomas Coughlan who suggested Luxon really just had been unlucky while Jacinda was lucky in an obvious argument to moderation, Fran stuck the boot in about the actual substance – even about Luxon’s habit of insulting everyone with his incorrect mask use.

“Instead, there were photo-ops in Singapore – where he incongruously turned up without a mask, unlike his hosts”, wrote Fran with some haughty contempt.

Luxon was not the real Sir John after all.

Just an imitator with a script and no substance.

Yes Luxon’s visit was a massive diplomatic catastrophe and Claire Trevett and Audrey Young were 100% conspicuous by their absence of factual comment about just how bad it really was.

Partisan media sulked in the shadows while the Angry Toilet Brush lost almost a third of his Audience in Auckland and Tova’s squealing for attention gained her hardly any audience at all.

Over at Curia – David Farrar’s Tax Payers Union poll was conducted between Sunday, July 3, and Sunday, July 10, 2022.

A polling period that included only four days of reaction to the Policy Exchange Speech which we all know media refused to make a single headline about for days while Twitter raged about it and G News reported it.

Now that backlash reaction is finally echoing through media after Luxon had been allowed to explain – AFTER the polling period so things are likely much worse for National than the latest poll suggests.

Farrar commented that Luxon’s drop in Preferred Prime Minister ratings by 5.6% was about Luxon’s mishandling of the abortion issues surfaced by Simon O’Connor way back around 26 June 2022.

However Luxon’s catastrophic diplomatic bungling will have added to that despite media attempts to smooth it all over by bending over backwards to let Saint Christopher explain.

Gordon Campbell wrote that Luxon was once again flip flopping like an omelette in the fallout :

“…it does seem strange that Luxon had evidently not foreseen that his corporate donors might feel they were not getting bang for the buck from him telling the global competition that our exporters have grown “soft” and reliant on government handouts. Uh oh. The blowback evidently required Luxon to once again “clarify” what he meant to say, even if that involves him saying the virtual opposite today of what he said yesterday.”

Gordon noted that this flip flopping was pretty usual for Luxon while he was attempting to unsay what he previously said – but more important was the way RNZ altered their schedule to allow Luxon to make his flip flop omelette :

“It seems very odd that RNZ thought it was worth breaking into its normal programming yesterday in order to provide Christopher Luxon with a platform from which to try and explain away his latest outbreaks of foot-in-mouth disease. Can we now assume that any time that National wants a media megaphone on the campaign trail next year, state broadcasting will rush to provide Luxon with one by tossing out its normal schedule?” – wrote Gordon Campbell.

So it was that Fran was finally ( after the polling period ) compelled to take the lash to Saint Christopher Fuxon.

On the mishandling of the abortion issue Fran relented :

“As a newbie leader he allowed TV3’s Jenna Lynch to stitch him up with her question: “Is abortion tantamount to murder, Yes or No?” He replied: “That’s what a pro-life position is.” And ever since he has been misquoted as saying abortion is tantamount to murder.”

Luxon is a pro-lifer and he strongly implied what his position is.

Quibbling over the actual words does not shift the true intent and meaning behind them, nor does making apologies for Luxon’s lack of experience.

Overall Fran had redeemed herself somewhat today but it was notably too late – and like the dark lord of Mordor who took his eye off Mount Doom – the consequences are still unfolding for National.

“He is a smart man. But a future leader has to be very careful not to be seen to talk New Zealand down.” – said Fran as she took off her boots and left the room.

Luxon’s script writers will be working on rewrites now and G News guarantees there will be charter school rote learning and constant rehearsals happening in team Luxon before he appears on camera later pumped up and gagging for an All Black win tonight like a down to earth – every day kiwi bloke again.

It’s all about sticking to that script.

Stick-to-the script Luxon – flogged by Fran


G 🙂