Gerard Otto Facebook: G news hones in on National party’s Gabrielle national emergency disaster response and lack of it and how they and aligned media will politicise the response

Thursday Morning Coffee

Media have noted that there’s not much the Opposition can do but sit on their hands and watch the Government do everything in times of crisis like these – and some think it won’t be long before the grumbles about daily press conferences will be raised again – and any spending on the recovery will be used by National as a weapon months down the track.

Yes I can imagine Nicola Willis narrowing her eyes about Government Spending – but never mentioning – exactly what spending she is talking about.

We’ve seen that for most of 2022 already as media just sit around like dumb wombats and ask no questions like – are you referring to the wage subsidy?

Instead National get a free pass – which is also evident today.

While Kieran McAnulty has inspired confidence and demonstrated a calm, visible competence co-ordinating and communicating the facts to a wide range of people in the middle of this National Emergency – Gerry Brownlee was nowhere to be seen.

Where is Gerry?

Many thought Gerry would “get things done” at times like these, especially after “getting things done” in Christchurch so quickly – lol.

Christopher Luxon said he was known for putting the right people in the right roles – and getting things done, so where is Gerry in this National Emergency?

Was it something to do with the Helicopter?

We still don’t know what caused that big shake around Paraparauma yesterday neither.

Gerry is National’s shadow spokesman for Emergency Management and surely he should be right in there – helping to manage things – while the Navy sends a ship full of supplies to Gisborne, five people have lost their lives and people are in shock having lost everything.

There’s more death to come according to a Helicopter Pilot who has been lifting people off roofs – and it’s a much more serious matter than some may think, like say – Leo Molloy and Kate Hawkesby.

Obviously Gerry may be in the thick of things in his High Vis Jacket down in the bunker – brushing aside orders to stand around doing photo opportunities like the rest of the Opposition – and we will find out soon – but at the moment he seems Missing In Action to almost everyone.

Perception is reality – as they say in bored rooms everywhere.

This matter of “Where is Gerry” is only made more acute when we recall how Gerry viciously attacked Nanaia Mahuta in mid 2022 for not travelling overseas while the borders were still closed in most countries.

Now the boot is on the other foot – and a warning to all voters about what will happen if National win an election in these times of increased floods, earthquakes, droughts and other natural disasters.

Can you imagine the shambles as David Seymour contradicts Luxon about everything and Winston applies an anchor to everything we all need done – and Gerry is in charge of getting things done?

Thomas Coughlan still thinks we will likely have a National / Act government at the end of the year – but looks like Thomas never counted on 2023 starting like this.

None of the media saw it coming and now the Angry Toilet Brush has to concede the “chatter” has begun about Luxon stepping down.

In typical fashion the Angry Toilet Brush bristled in it’s corner trying to explain that a Talbot Mills poll ( in late January ) had National on 36% so the more recent ( February ) Curia Poll was wrong to place them on 34.4% down 2.9% from the previous early January Curia poll.

There’s a reason they call it DumbTown.

In other news, questions have been raised about why Alt Right Barbie Girl ( Chantelle Baker ) is asking for direct donations to buy water for people in Hawkes Bay – when the correct channel is via the Mayor etc.

Where is all that money really going to – and why do the correct channels matter but not to Alt Right Barbie Girl?

Maybe it’s about working together in a team and being accountable – but sure enough Alt Right Barbie Girl thinks she knows best in her Alt Right Barbie world.

The words “scam” and “grifter” come to mind, but maybe everything is just fine?

Back at G News – the “easily offended” are still doing battle with the “dark humour” crew – who use sarcasm and twist things around – so only a few “get it”.

Some people enjoy satire – while others are not amused.

“Ah! Satire! The Donald Trump excuse for bad behaviour.”, said one poster yesterday, followed up by :

“If both sides are going to be nasty vicious pr!cks then it’s time for me to find something less destructive to do with my life.”

This morning someone asked me to drop the satire on G News – given the situation – and I am sensitive to that – but seriously where is Gerry?

Why did Luxon appoint him to the role? And is Luxon a dickhead?

I think it’s important to ask the hard questions – and satire has a legitimate place in difficult times – but there are times when we should tone it down temporarily.

What do you think?

Thursday Morning Coffee


G 🙂

Desperate to save his leadership stay relevant Luxon cynically resorts to pork barrel politics and election bribes in the middle of a national emergency and disaster is despicable and disgracefully insensitive, bad leadership and judgement when people have lost their lives and others have lost livelihoods and everything has been destroyed will be angry and mortified by Luxon’s response.

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