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G News – The Good News

What a fabulous start to the political year – as our much loved world famous PM Jacinda Ardern hands over to Chippy and Labour blindsides National who were sleeping at the wheel, thinking they were a shoe-in to win the 2023 election.

How the smug have fallen.

Who can forget Luxon declaring at National’s conference in Hamilton on 25 May 2022 that the cost of living “Tsunami” would lead National to victory in 2023.

Hosking ( the angry toilet brush bristling in its corner ) declared on the 25 August 2022 that “With roughly a year to go to the next election there is little, if any, doubt in my mind the Government has already lost. The only question is by how much”.

Welcome to today.

Today all bets are off as Chippy focuses on the cost of living crisis and the economy and spent his first day listening to big business in Auckland – about their number one concern – labour force shortages.

Notably New Zealand media have been freaking out – because now their blessed polls mean zero and we are back to the starting line.

Jessica MuckInMyEye looked grey, shiny and sweaty around the gills as the whole unforeseen transition of power played out – rendering all her previous supercilious words moot.

Last Night MuckinMyEye lashed out at Chippy by suddenly comparing him to world famous PM Jacinda Ardern – and saying he was more flat and low key and people did were not drawn to him.

Many people observed that MuckInMyEye never gave Jacinda that credit while she was PM – that her comments were ugly – negative and it was time for her to go.

Over at Discovery Inc – complaints came flooding in after Jenna Lynch ( Spouse of Act Chief of Staff ) made ridiculous claims that nothing tangible have been delivered by Chippy, 2 hours into the job – before the new cabinet was even selected.

Lynch’s double standard was obvious because nobody at NewsHub challenged National leader Chris Luxon to produce policy after two hours in the role. In fact it took 96 days for Luxon to announce any policy and media were very relaxed about that.

News Zealanders continue to exit watching TVNZ 1 News and Discovery Inc news – according to feedback on G News.

Failed National Party communications stooge and propaganda writer Matthew Hooton, reckoned that Chippy, Grant and Jacinda hatched up the leadership switch before Christmas – which was quite a cool story hypothesis based on barely any evidence.

Notably world famous PM Jacinda Ardern said in end of year interviews ( as early as 8 December 2022 ) that : “So we will be spending some time over summer casting our eye over the agenda to make sure that where we are investing our energy and resources, they are on those areas that New Zealanders expect us to be.”

Plus at most Chippy said Jacinda was going into the holiday period with thoughts about whether she still had enough in the tank…but no decisions were made until Chippy and a few others got a heads-up about a week before the rest of cabinet.

Hooton’s conspiratorial mind ran like a drugged up hamster around in circles as he imagined this was unfair on other contenders and gave them little time to lobby for power. But truth was the hamster was spinning in circles without any evidence as per usual.

Thomas Coughlan discovered over the summer holidays that :

“Most New Zealanders who own homes either have no mortgage, or a very small mortgage. In fact, New Zealand’s true median household with a mortgage (that’s not including people who own a house outright or don’t own a home at all), will see their interest costs increase by $175 a week since 2020, to about $350.”

Thomas discovered that only 32 per cent of New Zealanders have a mortgage and the average size of their outstanding mortgage debt was not $500,000 as derived in an example by Nicola Willis, but only $260,000.

Luxon had spent much of 2022 saying – “A family with a $700,000 mortgage is on the hook for $14,000 more a year in interest than this time last year.”

Naturally nobody in our media challenged Luxon – especially not TVNZ 1 News, the NZ Herald, or NewsHub.

In other news Nicola Willis made a bit of a jerk of herself saying Labour have raised the minimum wage too high and now cannot do much to help minimum wage workers this year.

Michael Wood said the 2022 minimum wage increase of 5.9% only added about 1 tenth of 1 percent ( 0.1% ) to inflation – and of course we must not let the wealthy stop us helping those who are most acutely impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Naturally the former ManBun of Act Party Discovery Inc AM lost his noodle about anything that might contribute to inflation no matter how tiny the effect ( unless it was a National Party tax cut ).

G News notes that the fuel excise discount has reduced inflation and PM Chris Hipkins has not ruled out extending it again.

Overall – Government policies are now seen to be working in alignment with Monetary policy – and singling out one measure ( an increase to the minimum wage ) from all the others – is typically poor reporting by media and – they should be holding Willis to account for her part in distracting the public from the overall context.

Nobody reading this is Gerry Brownlee !!! Hooray !!!

Gerry had to apologise and blame an emotional junior staffer when his social media account liked a post that called Jacinda a tyrant. National have such bad experience with staffers and they don’t ever want to talk about it.

Luxon made a knob of himself at Rātana and disrespected almost everyone with his political clap trap about co-governance and public services and a coherent single system – which made no sense. PM Chris Hipkins by contrast was well received and since then has made some remarks about articulating what is meant by a word that has now lost its meaning to many.

PM Hipkins said he would never use race relations to divide New Zealanders to win an election and almost all G News readers agreed that is exactly what National and Act have been doing for a long time now.

Media and the opposition have been trying to get ahead of the Government and dictate what items they must slow down about or scrap in their work programme. The real purpose here is to make Labour into National – to do what Luxon says – and when it does not happen sufficiently for right wing lunatics peddling nonsense – media will create wedges – and drive deeply into Labour supporters trying to split them up – like sheep dogs splitting the flock.

G News suggests that whatever happens to the speed and pace of change ( Three waters, New Public Media Entity, Income Insurance ) – not to allow the media to divide us – better to lose a small battle – and win a major war in the long run. Far left commentators will soon attack Chippy viciously for applying the brakes – too much – and Bryce Edwards will repeat their comments many times – but the same commentators don’t want Act in power do they?

Media headlines will always favour Luxon – so don’t allow them to split us up.

Grant is going to run as a list MP and not run for Wellington Central in the 2023 election :

““Post-election I want to continue as Minister of Finance, and devote myself to that role, without feeling I am not giving my full attention to the people of Wellington Central.” – said Grant.

Residents in Auckland and other North Island regions are enduring more miserable summer weather this morning, with heavy rain, power cuts, cancelled ferries and warnings that the city’s harbour bridge may be closed by heavy winds.

Somewhere out there Simeon Brown will be counting new potholes and blaming Chippy for them – in the same way nobody mentions the weather when it comes to food price inflation.

Brad from the flat has been on all channels talking about stubbornly high inflation sticking around even though it did not go up in the Q4 December 2022 quarter. Everyone’s asking can we get a better economist? But looks like here is only one that hogs 90% of the media limelight. So much for a plurality of voices.

Finally, I’ve been watching a bit of tennis in Australia here on my TV – and Novak is looking likely in the mens singles. I’m still catching up with who is who in the woman’s competition.

Things are going great – the media are crapping themselves, Chippy and Carmel are shining, Luxon is floundering. Willis is making no sense and our beloved former PM Jacinda Ardern can finally put her feet up – just for a while. She more than deserves it, and will be remembered all around the world as one of the greatest leaders of our times.

G News – The Good News

G 🙂

Luxon arrived at Ratana disrespectful and arrogant like he owned the place dressed up like Biden with ‘Dark Brandon’ shades on and proceeded to politicise Co governance to incite division and dog whistle to get his white racist base to jump back from the clutches of ACT bigot white supremacist Seymour


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