Gerard Otto Facebook: Tuesday comment: Hipkins the real deal versus Luxon the fake

Despite both TVNZ 1 News and Three at 6PM both referring to incoming PM Chris Hipkins as a person “selling” himself as a “bread and butter” everyman who is “back to basics”, the fact is – that actually is who he is.

Unlike Luxon – Chippy does not pretend to be someone he is not.

The Chipster does not need a script to be the Chipster.

Kiwis like authenticity and can sniff out a fake – and its fair comment that being a fake “everyman” and working to a script, has been a problem for multi millionaire Chris Luxon from day one.

It’s just fake and it’s boring listening to circular word salads after a few hundred revolutions.

Selling Luxon as a regular community guy from a regular family was a constant challenge for National’s Spin Machine back in December 2021 – BUT – the “selling of Luxon” was never explicitly called out by TVNZ 1 News nor Three at 6PM at the time.

The black mercedes was a horrendous example of staged bullshite – and Jessica chasing it – just made it worse.

Nobody could compare the way Chippy just walked out of parliament to the waiting microphones with Luxon’s badly staged fake arrival.

Its obvious – authentic start vs fake start.

Truth is Luxon needed a rehearsed story about himself – and Luxon adopted the John Key story – to try and sell us that Luxon ( who had been out the country for 16 years ) owner of 7 ( now 9 ) houses and with a net worth of $30 Million was really just like every ordinary New Zealander, struggling along – but who wanted to succeed.

Luxon said he wanted the same opportunities for all New Zealanders – except for bottom feeders, who he does not feed.

Luxon was praised by Luke Malpass for occasionally wearing a black sweater rather than a suit.

It was part of the deception – and the fluffing.

Luxon boasted that he “used to run an airline” unchecked by media – and he kept going for months until John Campbell finally cracked up laughing in his face when he said it the ten millionth time.

Luxon was so out of touch “selling himself” and he was last to know the whole country was laughing at him – and it made Jessica quite cross – because people had to get to know him.

Jessica was speaking for all media according to TVNZ when she said we have been trying to get him to do more photo opportunities – after Mr Luxon flipped a burger for cameras – the day after fair pay legislation was passed. Legislation Luxon opposed while insisting he’s about raising incomes.

Almost a year after Luxon became leader of National and Jessica was still telling us that people still needed to get to know Luxon.

Luxon was – the guy who was saying he was in Te Puke but actually doing the “White Lotus” routine in Hawaii – during a cost of living crisis.

Luxon was the guy who was going to cancel Labour Day, the guy who called Matariki, Mata-you know rangi, the guy who slagged off New Zealand businesses and public servants at the Policy Exchange – and the guy who hid the Uffindell Report and the Terms of Reference from all scrutiny by the public, because Sam had done nothing wrong and was different now.

The bad taste of the fake act really did keep those preferred PM numbers low in the polls – compared to world famous PM Jacinda Ardern.

Yet Jacinda’s popularity slowly descended a few notches after a very hard year – and as the hate tornado grew – but Jacinda’s lowest PPM status was much higher than Luxon’s highest.

Today is Jacinda’s last official act as PM at Rātana apart from signing her resignation tomorrow, and it is still a bit like nobody can believe it. In fact the blood boils as the facts slowly come out.

Yesterday large parts of the population were shocked to discover the reality Jacinda had endured – the extreme abuse – 50 times greater than other politicians – and with the endless negative nit picking from local media thrown in on top of that ( ManBun ) – the abusers echoed each other – building the abuse – into a tornado of hate.

Mike Hosking does not consider himself a hater – but those who listened in to the vicious “back biting” over a long period – know better. The extreme hate and misogyny broadcast on some media – lived and grew in right wing radio audience nurseries.

Hate for Jacinda was watered and fed every day and that’s not all.

NZME had to pay up for abusing Clarke Gayford, Jason Walls ran amok attacking Siouxsie Wiles, there are many examples – it was all abuse really. Abuse our media deny – all day long – especially the ManBun.

The hate wasn’t just fostered on social media.

Yes the MSM in New Zealand certainly have participated in generating the overwhelming levels of hate – and now as TV media focus on Rātana – and how Jacinda will make her final words – they are also suggesting Chippie is “selling himself” when he’s just being himself.

Media were not just allowing Luxon to say “It’s just the same old team” and Labour have just moved an “open side flanker to a number eight” completely unchallenged.

Media were promoting these comments into lead stories on 1 News and Three at 6PM.

When Luxon was appointed leader of National he boasted about how a change to his party’s leadership and a reshuffle would get the right people into the right roles – and how leadership involved performance and unity – but apparently that does not apply to Labour – and neither Jessica nor Jenna will be pointing that out.

Once again media show their absolute bias and neglect to hold Opposition ( part of Government ) to account.

We’ve just seen National promote Judith Collins and Todd Muller in a defensive move to keep Luxon’s enemies closer – and to stop the leaking to the likes of Slater.

A move which really is about moving some really dead wood deckchairs on the Titanic, as if the leaks won’t keep coming.

The multi-millionare who pretends to be one of us is a fake – propped up by media – while incoming PM Chris Hipkins is the real deal – back to basics – bread and butter.

If only we had a fair and decent media – we would not be witnessing the kind of hate and burnout we have all seen.

New Zealand must do better.

Something needs to be done about it.

Forever Tuesday Morning

G 🙂


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