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Forever Tuesday Morning

It may have come as a devastating blow for Jessica MuckInMyEye, BeenA dick Collins and the other one, what was her name again ( Maiki Sherman ), that none of them won the best political journalist of the year award from Voyager last week but trust me it got worse.

None of them were even finalists in the category.

The quality of their work was just not good enough.

It’s enough to make Simon Dallow grimace and ask for more on the story from 1 News political Reporter Jessica MuckInMyEye.

But shit – nobody in the TVNZ 1 News wants to report that news.

“We sucked badly”, was not going on a billboard at TVNZ anytime soon.

Yes it turns out that repeating misleading statistics about people sleeping in cars and crowing about National climbing in the Kantar Polls got Jessica nowhere.

Pointing a camera at herself has not made Jessica a better political reporter. Neither has ignoring Luxon’s mask use, how he’ll pay for tax cuts, nor which staffer knew what about Uffindell but failed to tell Luxon.

Jessica just wasn’t up to standard much like the rest of the TVNZ 1 news team in 2021/ 2022.

Maiki’s efforts to create a story about a Green Party Leadership Crisis was both too much, too little, and too late to score Maiki any points – and BeenAdick pretending Poto said things she never said about police crime stats just got him laughed out of town on 6 May 2022.

Even the semi retired Audrey Young ( former winner ) who now sits around doing her knitting at the NZ Herald between naps – beat the crap out of the TVNZ 1 News team according to the judges.

Audrey snuck into the list of finalists while Jenna Lynch from Discovery NewsHub took out the “prestigious” award despite being away having a baby for much of the year.

That’s about it really.

The winner was absent much of the time ( irony laughs ).

Which brings me to the point.

I don’t care about awards really because it’s mostly an illegitimate attempt to make these wallies seem legitimate, a kind of lozenge for a sore throat, an ego rush for insecure scribblers – while they collectively bury the real context of the events they report upon.

Right now who cares about the Sharma Drama other than wanting to see a naughty boy brought to justice for grandstanding and labelling everyone bullies?

Everyone is a bully apart from Sharma.

That’s the gist of it.

Yet Sharma never got beaten with bed legs in a bed, or had to jump out a window to run away did he?

Heart and centre of that story was Sharma who could not properly manage staff and three of them complained – one desiring death before he’d work for that Sharma fella again.

Sharma was offered help and a pause was put on his ability to hire more staff until he acquired the skills to be a much better manager.

Cue extreme kamikazi Sharma Drama – a helicopter of accusations spraying all over the place without evidence while the “award winning” media sit around unable to talk about anything else for nearly two weeks.

Next somebody will win an award for how they covered the Sharma Drama but truth is the whole thing is a distraction and right now it feels kind of fictional like House of the Dragon.

Loads of soap opera and bright lights but essentially about nothing really.

The news has grown thin and flimsy when there’s Climate Change adaptation knocking on our doors ( see Nelson roads ) which will make 100 year weather events happen every week soon.

The racist underbelly of rural NZ ( folks who don’t mix with city folk much ) is evident in “stop three waters” signs up and down the South island – while Kīngitanga rebukes Luxon over co-governance and he continues to spout his memorised “whites must rule your asses” spin to their faces.

“No say for you lot” at the white “public services” table under a Luxon government.

The same Luxon who barely understands there was a Maori version of the Treaty.

We’ve got the likes of the Wright family backing Squid face with more Maori bashing on The Platform.

Like you I rolled my eyes like I had swallowed a “Fuckery Grenade” and silently digested the ill effects – when I read that Mr Wright was so Mr Wrong about WFPM Jacinda Ardern and how she chose Jessica and Tova to speak first at 1PM Health updates during 2021.

Mr Wright thought that order of events was about media corruption by the government – when it was only about the fact that Television Networks went first by convention – associated with audience size.

Inheriting wealth does not make Mr Wright smart.

But Squid Face ( Plunket ) has a platform again as a result so we get to change the channel, knowing people with brains the size of acorns are up tight about 3 Waters again.

It’s all about poor critical thinking, white fright and fragility.

Don’t talk about chocolate bars.

Plus who can forget the possibility of forcing beneficiaries out of bed with all sorts of health disabilities, hitching them up to a heavy load with a job coach ( one Luxon can’t afford without privatising ) and cracking that rich man’s whip on their backs until they make a chart look better for Luxon to boast about to Jessica?

He cares so deeply.

But mostly about his own record, and if Jessica is down the road by then – it will be some other ambitious glory seeker in the media busting to win an award by being hard hitting.

A perfect recipe for more Gotcha sauce and an absence of context.

Everyone’s aware there’s another parliamentary protest happening today, but less than a thousand science deniers who hate democracy are involved and this time the cops are ready, blocking cars and all that other nonsense that lunatics rant about.

Alt Right Barbie Girl in her Alt Right barbie World will be layered up with all the required hair products and foundation, only not of FaceBook.

It’s kind of like a curiosity, maybe good for a few laughs?

If you take a step back from this theatre, there’s bigger stories that should have been told over the past nine months that our pretty useless, self praising media should have told.

G News is talking about the way the Opposition get in first when a problem comes along – selling “solutions” without showing you the money, claiming the government “shoulda done it sooner”, claiming “it’s too little too late” by the time the real solutions are applied – and hurrying on to the next topic before it becomes clear that the Government solved the issues and there were no terrible outcomes.

The “award winning” media never tell that story.

Remember tales of doom about the “Brain Drain” linked to cost of living, the “law and order crisis” and a spike in ram raids, “The gang crisis and guns”, the “health crisis in our hospitals” with raging Nurses, “the second omicron wave”, “the cost of living crisis” with no workers filling roles, “Inflation is lower in japan and Australia”, “$3.50 petrol at the pumps”, “talking up an inevitable recession” by Brad, and of course the usual anecdotes on the street about the cost of a block of cheese ha ha ha.

Yes just look at that pile of shite that media did not show the public any details about what was forecast ( no inflation forecast were published in any media ).

Look at how low Omicron case rates are now.

Look at how many migrants are flooding into New Zealand.

Look at how many ICU beds are free,

Look at how inflation is coming down.

Look how many nurses are arriving.

Look at the lower number of reported gun shots and ram raids.

Look at that EU FTA

Look at that pathway for citizenship in Australia

Media did not show you how the issues would peak and then ebb away as the Government solved these problems.

Finally Uffindell, the real bully, waits to hear his fate in secret after National covered everything up again.

Luxon says he wanted the voters of Tauranga to know the truth while covering up the report ha ha ha.

Yes G News is back.

No awards, no bright lights, just the facts.

And a little bit of humour.

Let’s keep moving.

Forever Tuesday Morning

G 🙂


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