Gerard Otto Facebook: Amber lights on the dash and Luxon’s Uffindell cover-up shitshow

Amber Lights are on the dash

When Todd McClay saw those amber lights on the dash he immediately contacted an emotional junior staffer rather than Christopher Luxon because it was not his role to inform the leader.

It was the Party’s responsibility not Todd’s but he had gone above and beyond to let an emotional junior staffer know about a highly confidential matter that the leader should not be privy to.

That’s why Todd told media it was not his role to inform the leader after he had informed the emotional junior staffer – it all make perfect sense.

If only Christopher Luxon had known about Sam and that emotional junior staffer had ruined the open, honest process.

Luxon implied in hindsight fantasy talk that – he would have discarded Sam’s rights to privacy and the confidential Party process – and shown everyone in Tauranga what the victim had to say about Sam and made the case that Sam had changed now before the 18 June 2022.

You’ve got to make your case and take the people with you.’

It’s all about open, transparent democracy from a national, National Party who represents all New Zealanders.

Had Luxon held a press conference and declared there were amber lights on the dash before the Tauranga By-Election – then Sam’s former flat mate may have come forward to tell her story before the by-election as well.

Yes voters may have had the opportunity to be fully informed before they decided who best represented them. You know, aligned values, integrity and a deep respect for others rather than old school lying politicians covering up secrets.

National were past all of that now after the reset.

Billboards of women’s underwear hanging on the coat rack in Sam’s old Dunedin flat might have made a “very popular” billboard on Tauranga motorway off ramps alongside Sam holding a bed leg in his hands.

The opportunity for this type of honest open transparency was something Christopher deeply regretted as he told the press he was not telling them anything at all – about the emotional junior staffer.

Hindsight fantasy meets present day reality.

After bringing his staff into it Luxon said he did not want to bring his staff into it, even if they wanted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about a national, National Party.

Just like with Simon O’Conner, nobody had been gagged but who would come forward from within the ranks?

G News understands from a credible source that nobody knew Jami-Lee had lost his job as a swimming pool lifeguard for taking photos of girls in their bikinis.

Reportedly nobody who worked with him would come forward officially. Which is similar to the situation today about Todd and his weird choice to inform a staffer ( Luxon’s office ) but not Luxon himself.

Poor National such rotten luck with staffers who are not as reliable as email.

Todd really should have known by now and just copied in the staffer ( office ) and addressed his communications to Luxon instead.

That’s if Todd sent an email – because Luxon does not want to go there right now.

Todd knew that an emotional junior staffer had previously deleted a petition off the National Party Website and later got into a dispute with the National party after alleging media were lied to, two sources close to the situation said at the time.

Then there was that staffer who told on Nick Smith being abusive in a fit of rage …or something like that….and Judith knew about it. Nick had to go – bye bye Nick.

Yet despite all this Todd foolishly trusted staffers with this vital red flag information about Sam.

Todd knew the amber lights may not come up on the dash but he took the least reliable and least confidential path anyway.

Good one Todd.

More recently Todd also knew staffers were to blame for Luxon not managing his Te Puke video on social media and failing to change the captioning.

There’s a National Party bus with heaps of emotional staffers underneath it where they had all been thrown while media watched on.

No wonder Todd was being so oblique with the media on Tuesday 9th August – saying it was not his role to inform the leader about the amber lights on the dash.

They call Todd’s words – arse covering in the suburbs.

Luxon says he typically picks up a phone when there are amber lights on the dash and asks hard questions like how many people have come forward about Sam today, what kind of underwear and who else knows about that?

How many ICU beds do we have today and how many allegations are there against Sam Uffindell today?

Apparently a woman in the US is about to step forward about Sam according to social media reports and Luxon wants to know.

That kind of thing.

It’s proactive leadership really and Todd knows that.

So many amber lights now on the dash.

Amber lights appeared on the dash about inflation earlier this year but none appeared about Sam Uffindell so what could Luxon do?

The last thing Todd needed was Luxon being proactive, trying to get things done, you know – picking up the phone and asking if a “deep check” had been done on Sam, were there any amber lights on the dash, risk management and all that stuff a real leader would do…

Luxon was paralysed and could not pick up his phone unless someone sent him something first.

It’s what real leaders do.

Just sit there in your Crusaders shirt and make another video.

But of course Luxon now says we are where we are – because of that staffer and so nothing can be done about the whole murky mess – especially not bringing them into it after already bringing them into it.

Staffers make honest mistakes.

Should some staffers now come forward with evidence that Luxon did know about the amber lights on the dash – then that would be the end for Christopher so it’s not like there is any pressure on staffers to stay silent right now.

Luxon’s whole political career now rests on staffers staying quiet.

“We care deeply about staffers” springs to mind, especially when they suddenly have to go on jobseeker to just be free of the bullying.

Bringing Staffers further into this – so the public knows the truth is far too big a risk for Christopher.

They might go native on him, hey and we don’t want that after the National Party Conference and TVNZ’s poll.

So the truth must be covered up and we must move on soon so Christopher can be the next Prime Minister.

It’s all about who we really are deep down.

Underneath all of this people on all sides – people are worried that everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet in Wellington and where do we draw the line, because if we push too hard for the truth – a scandal war will erupt and crikey – all sorts of underwear will appear in the press.

Imagine the skid marks.

Nobody reading this is Gerry Brownlee!

OMG the association…is too much.

Yes we can’t handle the truth about that dirty laundry so Luxon is drawing a line – like he did about Maori Co-Governance in the public service.

Truth has to know its limitations just like those bureaucratic staffers from parliamentary services.

Staffers are some of the bureaucrats who Luxon is going to sack anyway to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy if he can win the 2023 election.

I hope those staffers have brushed up their CVs because there’s some very real amber lights on the dash and there’s plenty of room under that National Party bus.

Maybe it’s time one of those staffers thought about all the future victims caused by their complicity and silence.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Amber Lights are on the dash


G 🙂


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