Gerard Otto Facebook: National’s bandaid tax cut falls off

National’s bandaid tax cut that Christopher Luxon pretended to be a permanent solution to the cost of living crisis during March, April, May, June, July 2022 suddenly – turned out to be just a temporary bandaid.

It was a bandaid solution.

A fake bribe for votes.

Nicola Willis knows that National’s permanent tax cut to solve the cost of living crisis – was really National promising to pour more inflation onto the inflationary fire and she cannot take this policy to the election.

It was all make believe.

A story told for votes while Claire Trevett clapped and said “well, well, well Mr Luxon – take a bow”.

National had not done full costings – but many others had and despite some of our media repeatedly telling Luxon that his tax cuts won’t help – Luxon doubled down and basically blew off every criticism.

Luxon mocked Grant Robertson – but look at Luxon now.

The bandaid tax cuts – were backward tax cuts – and it was all about winning in the polls – not what New Zealanders really needed.

It was a deliberate ruse, a trick a sleight of hand, a pure deception to fool voters over a period of five months.

National knew Treasury had said tax cuts would be inflationary for months – but they persisted with misleading voters until they had no other option but to admit they were faking it.

“They made it up on the fly”, springs to mind, “and they got their deception done”.

National have been manipulating the public with tax cut bribes they did not intend to deliver.

“It’s our job to oppose and propose” roughly translates to “It’s our job to oppose and flip flop on fake bribes for votes”

A blood relative of mine who loves National so much he wears the blue shirt, poses for selfies with Luxon and appears sure of a win in 2023 – described National’s five point plan on 1st August 2022 as :

“Nothing make believe just facts”

I must admit I worried about him this morning – now that National had sucker punched him so badly in the guts and betrayed his blind faith in them.

It’s really hard even for the most ideological party faithful to take this cruel punishment. Why did Luxon and Willis do this?

The media appear to be in a kind of shock this morning.

The only article about Luxon’s massive flip flop on tax cuts is at the NZ Herald – and the topic is not featured anywhere else yet.

Had the Tax Payers Union – sent some of David Farrar’s “disturbing” initial poll results to his mates at the NZ Herald?

Alarm bells are ringing, while media keep a stiff upper lip and carry on.

By mid morning today – the only news about Luxon on most major news websites is about how he will join the “immortal” with a puppet made in his likeness at Back Benchers.

Will Luxon even make it to the next election? Can media save their hero?

I went around all of the political pages on Stuff, RNZ, TVNZ 1 News and NewsHub and all of them had hesitated to headline the huge flip flop on the bandaid tax cut – as if they were all waiting for something?

This was a chilling sign about how our media may have been captured by a political party and were doing its bidding in broad daylight.

This looked like “Fear” and “Favour” from our media to me.

Surely Claire Trevett must eat this crow now – and address these major issues – not just in fine print – but in big headlines as the Political Editor for a major New Zealand news outlet?

Come on Claire it is your job?

Hopefully Fran O’Sullivan will give National another lashing for misleading the “soft” business community about tax bracket shifts now National have mucked them all around again?

Where is the certainty that is so precious to National?

Where is Jason Walls criticising National’s big bandaid tax cut deception and lack of certainty?

What about Doubting Thomas – will he ignore this headline news at the expense of his credibility for all time down the ages?

What has Chris Bishop got to say about delivery right now?

Surely we can trust Chris Bishop to be honest lol?

Have media been caught here – with their pants down in the middle of a polling period?

There is panic in newsrooms.

So many questions like this are facing all of us as we wait for media to do their job.

Even Act reportedly began to call National out for being so misleading and riding the recent waves of popularity in the polls earned by – bribing the population with a pretend solution that could never stack up.

Yes today’s news was entirely predictable.

G News pointed out recently that now that New Zealand is thought to have passed the peak of inflation at 7.3% in the June 2022 Quarter – that the coming months were the “last dance” for National – as inflation will now start to decline.

National eventually had to fess up to the facts despite Luxon’s blind blinkered adherence to his script.

There’s a CPI Inflation forecast graph from the Reserve Bank from the May MPS that shows the forecast decline – and G News reported that right now was National’s “last dance” as we now pass that peak.

National can see ahead to the 16th August 2022 when the RBNZ will produce its updated CPI Inflation forecast which is likely to show inflation coming down for the rest of 2022 without the need for any permanent tax cuts.

There is no longer any way National can sell the need for permanent inflationary tax cuts that were targeted to help the wealthy the most – people who really do not need it.

It’s all become untenable.

Now the bandaid tax cuts have fallen off and media are in shock.

National shot up in a TVNZ 1 News Kantar Poll that was conducted in early March 2022 when Christopher Luxon used the peak of Omicron to deliver his message that National will repeal Labour’s tax laws and how simple tax bracket shifts indexed to inflation will solve things for the squeezed middle.

Media amplified this March poll result for weeks to build momentum.

The way media repeated headlines about that poll looked like media crafting a “close race” between Labour and National.

Yesterday Christopher Luxon doubled down on how a simple shift in tax brackets indexed to inflation will solve the cost of living crisis in an interview with Stuff’s Luck Malpass.

But welcome to today.

Will Luke hold Luxon to account for this now? Or will Luke look the other way?

Will Jessica, Maiki, Benedict and Katie just move on and pretend none of this happened on TVNZ 1 news at six tonight?

If our media do just continue to ignore this – then we should all be deeply troubled about them – and what is actually going on?

National need to front up to media today and explain.

Who is running the show Luxon or Willis?

Why did Luxon double down on bandaid tax cuts for five months in his plan?

Will Jack Tame mention any of this on NewsTalk ZB on Saturday morning?

What about Tova over at Rova?

OMG the bandaid tax cut has fallen off – and you could not make this hypocrisy up – especially after National have made such a fuss about “getting things done” and “poor implementation”.

The hypocrisy is rank in the air.

Women take note about National’s flip flopping and how they cannot be trusted at all concerning abortion law reform.

National will say one thing today and flip flop about it tomorrow.

Labour and Green voters must be wondering why media have produced dozens of scathing negative articles on all channels about the 99% successful cost of living payment for three solid days – but now suddenly – something has got media’s tongue and this massive flip flopping news has been swept under the carpet as if it was not even newsworthy.

It’s dirty, it’s rotten and they all appear to be scoundrels.

Hopefully they will attempt to redeem themselves soon.

National’s bandaid tax cut falls off


G 🙂


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