Gerard Otto Facebook: Crooked NZME and partisan National Party aligned media

Wednesday Morning Coffee

When I read the NZ Herald I keep in mind that NZME just paid out an undisclosed sum of money to Clarke Gayford for spreading baseless rumours that were not true about him and then fought Gayford tooth and claw until they were forced to apologise and hand over some compensation for the damage they did.

You’ve got be pretty special to double down and defend such gutter behaviour over an extended period of time.

Not only that but I remember how NZME currently employ a political journalist who recently attacked a female scientist for participating in a documentary which cost $20,000 of tax payer money that she did not gain anything from – while NZME accepted over $8 Million in government subsidies.

That’s like an attack on women and scientists at the same time and the attack created a swift backlash.

Despite this – there was no apology nor redress from NZME – who appeared to simply ignore this dangerous misogyny and hypocrisy on their part.

Tantamount to flipping the bird at female scientists really.

Plus I keep in mind that NZME brands like NewsTalk ZB and the NZ Herald tend to promote and support the likes of Heather Duplicity Allan who did say that the Pacific Islands ( including the people who live there ) are leeches – and who was shortly afterwards promoted by NZME into the 4PM drive slot.

To me all of these strands, the defended defamation, the brazen misogyny, the overt anti-intellectualism, the disgraceful racism, the naked hypocrisy – when woven together to form a thick rope of evidence – spell out that there’s something wrong with NZME deep down in it’s core.

This is what these people really represent to me – based on these verifiable examples.

So when I read the opinion of the Chief Political Editor – Claire Trevett this morning – I kept in mind that this is the same NZME culture that put this person into such a gateway role in our democracy.

Here is what Claire Trevett said today about David Parker’s answer to question 4 in parliament – in question time yesterday :

“Revenue Minister David Parker came in to clear it all up, due to the fortuitous international absences of both PM Jacinda Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson. Parker was perhaps the best choice. He dealt with it by using his most soporific tone and offering up lengthy dry, complicated explanations of how tax datasets work. By the time he was done, people still didn’t know the answers but had at least had a refreshing nap.”

I certainly was not bored nor sleepy after listening to David Parker yesterday – especially when he read out the statement in response to the primary question :

“Eligibility decisions are based on the best information that Inland Revenue holds. That information is and always will be high quality but is and always will be out of date at the margins. The vast majority of people getting the payment are hard-working New Zealanders who are entitled to it. We’ve got the balance right, providing a time-limited income boost to help out 2 million kiwis during a period of heightened cost of living.”

Nothing sleepy about that and Parker went on to say…

“IRD does not have perfect and up-to-date information in all cases and never will. The alternative would be to have required over 2 million people to apply for it. The cost of that would have been much higher than the savings and would have delayed the payment.”

These were answers provided by David Parker that Claire Trevett claimed people did not know after listening to them . But I suspect Trevett was letting her political bias get in the way of reporting the facts – the two sides to the argument. David Parker added about any alternative application process …

“We also know that the extra hurdle would mean many people who were eligible would not apply.”

Plus most damning to National and omitted by NZME’s Claire Trevett :

“It’s far better than alternatives like tax cuts that would give $2 to the lowest income earners and tens of thousands of dollars not just to CEOs but to overseas landlords.”

Trevett’s opinion was so one sided that she scrubbed all of that and panned it as being sleep inducing.

I wonder why?

Even when the estimated number of ineligible people who got the payment is estimated at only 1% – Trevett was still doing contortions to find some way to cast shade on such estimates.

Here is what Trevett wrote :

“It remains unclear whether that was 1 per cent of 2.1 million or of 1.3 million”

Franky that’s most likely to be a 1% of both – like a constant error rate – just like a margin for error in a political poll.

Can you imagine such ongoing over the top dramatic fussing over these matters if there was not some vital political issue at stake right now – for those opposed to Labour?

That vital matter is there is a Tax Payers Union Curia Poll starting around now at the start of the month.

Trevett and her cohort rubbished Budget 2022 for four days straight after one day’s grace – until the end of a Kantar polling period – and now we are seeing this huge drama playing out again – during a polling period.

In summary – Labour’s arguments and voice is crushed and buried in the fine print of media reporting – while at the same time headlines blaze and scream National Party messaging like one hysterical voice across all media.

Trouble is Luxon is inept and like an egg with a string – pull it and it repeats the bogus five point plan that will not solve anything.

When Luxon goes off script Willis has to correct him.

It’s looking increasingly like Willis is the leader and Luxon is the imposter trying to sweat his way through his lines.

It also looks increasingly like media are in the employ of the National Party.

There is hardly any push back on Luxon, hardly any challenge about his bogus 5 point plan to address the cost of living, dodgy assertions in TV stories that are factually incorrect or misleading about people sleeping in cars since 2017, abrasive badgering of the PM about her responsibility for inflation when media themselves have had an inability to quantify the relationship between government spending and non-tradable inflation for eight months, urging people to move on from Te Pukegate and to forgive and forget for Christopher’s sake, pleadings about honest rookie mistakes, omission about central banks with 100% focus on inflation, …on and on …it’s all so one sided.

Of course they deny it all – doubling down in their own defence.

In the exact same way they treated Clarke Gayford, Siouxsie Wiles, and the good people of the Pacific Islands …

Crooked as – and rotten to the core…that’s what I think.

Increasingly it’s up to us to keep calling it out.

Wednesday Morning Coffee


G 🙂


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