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G News – The week that was

Media spent much of the week talking up the possibility of instability in the Greens, talking up damage to James Shaw next year, talking up the “need” for an inquiry into Reserve Bank’s pandemic decision making, talking up severe weather events and talking up the start of the Common Wealth Games.

At the same time media also spent much of the week talking down Te PukeGate ( just an honest mistake but smack on the hand for being out of touch – lets move on etc ), talking down the coming “Cost of Living Crisis” payment ( let’s dwell on who might miss out ) , talking down the behaviour of NZME ( confidential and let’s move on ), talking down the departure of the Head of News at TVNZ ( let’s move on nothing to see ), omitting inflation figures in Australia ( Let’s not cover that ), and talking down the domination of National by Labour in Parliament this week ( let’s make it seem like a close contest ).

Yes it’s almost possible to see a pattern of talking up National and talking down Labour – along with scrubbing out the good news – but there were also a few honourable mentions.

Honourable mentions include saying farewell to Ash after a magnificent job in really tough times, the reviews of Andrea Vance’s book which did not hold back, asking Luxon to put his job on the line over abortion, almost calling out Tova about her “brutally throwing Ash under a bus” media fiction, the publishing of an average rise in wages of 6.8% and the fact the average rent has levelled out and even gone down in some places across New Zealand.

Here’s my take on some of the coverage about the above topics.

The Greens are not unstable at all and without any data about the future popularity of James Shaw – media ( Like NewsHub’s – The Nation ) have no business seeding such speculation and casting aspersions upon James. It’s all just pure baseless conjecture and fanciful reckons from the cheap seats. Keven Hague spoke well about how the Greens might like to find a less public way to resolve differences of opinion than airing them in leadership votes and he pointed out that the whole Green Party decided to take the position they have in Government with Labour. Sue Bradford said it was a tactical error to vote to demote Shaw with no confirmed candidate to stand in his place. The only people to benefit from all of this overhyped talk – was really the National Act block and we saw TVNZ 1 News take an activist catalytic role in stirring up the matter. Ironically the Greens were up on social media clicks this week but this is a dead topic that TVNZ 1 News and NewsHub are desperate to keep alive but it’s over – like Tova.

We’ve just had an extensive review of the Reserve Bank legislation which started in November 2017. I understand there are three parts to this reform, two of which have already happened. Monetary policy reform was enacted in 2018 by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand ( Monetary Policy ) Amendment Act. The main objectives of that bill was to amend the objectives of monetary policy to require consideration of maximum sustainable employment alongside price stability in monetary decision making – and to institute a monetary policy committee to make decisions. National did not know if this was a good idea at the time according to their statement in the third reading – but now they definitely want to repeal this ( although Luxon is at the same time saying we need to establish in an inquiry if these changes had an effect on current inflation )

Yes – National’s five point plan is definite – about changing back to what used to be the single focus ( price stability ) – while at the same time saying they don’t know and need an inquiry to find out.

But wait there’s more – the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021 modernised the institutional arrangements of the Reserve Bank by replacing the single decision-maker model with a governance board, strengthening reporting and accountability requirements. National opposed this bill because it claimed it was not happy about efficiency and a few other minor quibbles about who can sit on the governance board. Luxon even made a call in the third reading on 10 August 2021 about this. On 1 July 2022 the new board was appointed – eight new governors including Adrian Orr and three new members who whakapapa to Nāti Rārua, Rangitāne ki Wairua, Ngāti Kuia, Tūhoe, and Ngāti Mutanga. Look no further for gripes amongst Pakeha National Party folk about these appointments …same old shameful story.

As you know Grant Robertson will most likely reappoint Adrian Orr as governor of RBNZ in March 2023 so big efforts to disgrace Orr are now in full slight from National.

Severe weather has been ravaging New Zealand with the wettest July for ages – and over in Europe Climate scientists are saying the European heatwaves are ten times more likely because of Climate Change. Kiwis and media are waking up ( apart from Groundswell and some National party folk ) that Climate Change is upon us and – we are all slowly discovering that insurance for low lying houses will be a thing of the past soon. Next month the Government will release its Adaptation plans and while Luxon promises to get drilling for gas off Taranaki and to cut incentives to decarbonising projects – the rest of us will do what we can to help those likely to be hit hardest.

Yes we won gold in the cycling and silver in the triathlon ( what about that 10 second penalty ) and rank second overall so far in the Commonwealth games – but these events are on late at night so it’s annoying – but there it is.

Te Pukegate was massive because it showed how callous and out of touch Luxon is to be pretending to care about struggling kiwis while he suns himself on a flash holiday and appears to cover it all up. The way Luxon handled this was just more of the same bull in a china shop attitude that turns people off. Media quickly moved to suggest it was all just an “honest mistake” and apologists for Luxon quickly urged us all to move on. Yet I doubt many of us will just close our eyes to this …it goes to the heart of how privileged people think about the wage slaves and bottom feeders.

On Monday several thousand people will miss out on the first of three cost of living payments and Chris Bishop will rip his spleen, open his torn sack and beat his tail on the mudflats – while media make headlines everywhere. It’s 100% predicable. Negative headline making from a media on the same side as National will abound on Monday. There will be vox pops, anecdotes, references to bandaid solutions, poor implementation and no real context about inflation coming down now. It’s all so depressingly predictable in order to stamp out the good news and help National win the 2023 election.

How dare NZME treat Clarke Gayford so poorly – putting him through the whole wrangle when they were so wrong. Most fair minded people are disgusted with NZME and the way this matter was shut down to limit damage to NZME was typical of the same low lives who drag others through the muck for weeks and months. The dogs of DumbTown are howling and so many morons can’t believe how gullible there were.

Inflation in Australia is forecast to rise until December while back here in New Zealand we are all waiting on an update from the Reserve Bank on 16 August. The session will be a media event so that’s good – cos we’ll be able to see the whole statement and forecast and Q&A about things – not just Katie Bradford’s simplified reckons about things.

World famous PM Jacinda Ardern totally smashed Luxon in parliament this week – especially about school attendance figures and actions. There was a media black out about the details in order to help National and keep Luxon’s spin about school attendance alive. Media did not cover the topic at all – and were more interested in the “battle of the refreshed National team with Labour” than the facts in the exchange.

Nobody reported how David Seymour was booted out of the house neither.

Over at TVNZ – the fact nobody knows who signed off on the deal to employ Yuri’s mate – was buried under the idea that Yuri never told key people like Simon Power about the missing reference checks. Excuses, excuses when there was no solid policy in practice for presenters and the Angry Toilet Brush said he has no CV – and just gets shoulder tapped for jobs cos he’s so magnificent. ( vomit ) As per usual – nothing to see here and TVNZ closed the issue down after leading with the story once – and moved on as fast as possible saying the dark days are over.

Ash did a magnificent job by New Zealand and will be missed. Not often that someone is adopted like this by most people – and if anyone deserves some kind of recognition it’s Dr Bloomfield. His parting message was not to give up now, keep fighting the good fight cos we are not out of the woods yet.

Tova’s name was not mentioned by NewsHub at all – when it turned out Ash 100% denied that he felt thrown under a bus by David Clark. Yes Tova made it all up and was applauded for asking the tough questions – when this was blatant fake news and muck raking.

Andrea Vance’s book lacked the heft of evidence from the likes of someone like Nicky Hager and read more like a pile of insider gossip from people who did not wish to be named. However it made good reading in parts and suggests Luxon is a bit susceptible to the latest fancy idea and not fit for the complexity of the job. Willis is painted as very tactical and with her eye on the prize if Luxon should fall. I have not read the book – just some reviews…so please add your comments if you have read it.

Luxon would not put his job on the line about future flip flopping on abortion this week. This signalled a flip flop might happen in future if a brand new caucus formed after a hypothetical National Party victory in the next election. Whateva, lol.

Wages are way up and petrol is down by twenty cents – signalling that times are getting better as inflation starts to decline. This should have been much bigger news – but wasn’t.

There’s always a list of things I missed out, ( You forgot about Matty finally pushing back and you forgot to mention the covid cases coming down from a peak of around 10,000 on July 15 to just under 7800 on Thursday ) but on the whole that’s how I saw the week.

A week where National sucked in Te Pukegate and Labour shone in parliament, where media covered up everything they absolutely did not have to report – and moved on fast when it suited National, but lingered too long over the Greens non story.

Looks like world famous PM Jacinda Ardern will be on Q&A tomorrow …and it’s time to go for a walk while the sun is shining.

G News – the week that was

G 🙂


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