Gerard Otto Facebook: Proof why Luxon cannot be trusted on abortion a must see interview

Luxon gives NZ women huge clue he may flip flop over abortion

Christopher Luxon raised nationwide alarm bells again today – that he may strip away a woman’s right to choose if elected.

Women now have even more good reason to feel fresh doubts and it feels like nobody who cares – should trust the salesman and his promises. Luxon repeatedly refused to put his job on the line over sticking to his word on the matter, which showed he might easily change his mind downstream. Luxon repeatedly dodged the question whether he would resign rather than break his word – posed by Doubting Thomas Coughlan. The sheer evasive tactics from the slippery Luxon sent intuitive shockwaves of doubt like ringing alarm bells to everyone with a sixth sense. If he can’t pledge on his job – he is likely hiding the truth about what he thinks will really happen.



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