Gerard Otto Facebook: Monday morning coffee – Maiki Sherman fabricates a coup to topple James Shaw to destabalise and destroy the Greens Party vote to sabotage a Government coalition partner

Monday Morning Coffee

Will Maiki Sherman assemble yet another one sided “news report” where only James Shaw’s critics are allowed to speak on TVNZ 1 News tonight?

It’s a good question many are asking now after they witnessed the ongoing one-sided – one woman personal campaign to influence Decision 2023 in favour of the National Party.

This campaign has played out now for several days while TVNZ 1 News tells one side of the story only – and stirs up as much momentum as possible to break the left wing Labour / Green voting block.

Campaigning like this is not journalism – it’s political activism with a microphone.

G News notes that Maiki Sherman had also done a political hit campaign on Trevor Mallard recently by claiming old Kantar Poll data taken just after the parliamentary protests in March 2022 was still an accurate reflection of public opinion about Trev’s job performance in early June 2022.

Referring to the old poll data as new – was misleading by Sherman.

In true campaign style Sherman even blocked the way through a parliamentary corridor trying to beat up on Trev after he was ambushed about the irrelevant shoddy out of date polling data in a committee meeting.

This is the low standard set by the TVNZ 1 News newsroom these days under the leadership of Simon Power CE – former National MP who has “nothing at all to do with the content”.

It’s all about manufactured tabloid gutter hit pieces in a ratings war – not what is good for New Zealand.

Sherman also castigated Labour MP Jan Tenetti for not living up to a very inaccurate Kantar poll in Tauranga and then seemed reluctant to admit that Kantar poll was a complete load of crap when Jack Tame confronted her about it on Q&A.

Political activism disguised as journalism has no real place in any professional newsroom in New Zealand and should not be rewarded.

Shame on TVNZ 1 News.

G News will keep an eye on Maiki Sherman tonight and this week and report on any one sidedness in her coverage of events.

As you know James Shaw has thrown his hat in the ring and is “in it to win it” and the world famous PM stressed repeatedly in her morning interviews that James has managed to advocate for more change and build enormous consensus so changes will stick.

Naturally TVNZ let the side down again this morning with Matty horribly out of date and – people shaking their heads at the unacceptable standard of Breakfast presenters who attempt serious political interviews.

A real disservice to New Zealand’s democracy.

In other news – Luxon is still nowhere to be seen after he said to Ryan Ridge on AM a fortnight ago that – he would absolutely spend more on Health and Education – at least as much more as inflation.

“At least as much as inflation – absolutely!” confirmed Luxon when asked to confirm that.

This very definite claim made by Luxon – was later walked back by Nicola Willis on Q&A eight days ago when she said National would have to look into that – and since that time Luxon has been a no show.

“Where is Luxon?” – says everyone.

Almost everything Luxon says is wrong and out of step with the National Party these days.

Luxon has run away like a coward rather than face the music about his absolutist throw away remarks in the past week.

This was not a strong leader – it was a bungling blind bowling ball crashing into the gutter on almost every issue.

It is now very clear to all switched on voters – that this is not some temporary communications error made by a rookie MP anymore – it’s a permanent design flaw and a complete failure of leadership.

Finally – there may be a post cabinet presser this afternoon and parliament starts up again this week.

Luke Malpass reckoned inflation and the cost of living will still be a big topic in parliament this week.

But it should not be.

Not if media did its job properly.

If Jack Tame had done a consistent job and asked Paul Conway ( Chief economist at the RBNZ ) about the relative size of the impact of government spending on domestic inflation from Budget 2022 – the public would now be better informed.

The impact on inflation is “small beer” compared to much bigger drivers.

But Jack Tame did not do a consistent job and religiously avoided that question in order to perpetuate the on going saga in the media to keep National looking “legit” to the misinformed swing voter.

Local NZ Media have now managed to spin out these fabrications and deceptions made by the National Party about the extent of government spending as a driver of domestic inflation for nearly eight months.

It’s vital for National that media never get to the bottom of this.

So media won’t.

Soon we’ll see National change the topic anyway as inflation starts to decline in the second half of this year but for now media will keep letting Nicola Willis off the hook – when she says “Government spending has added fuel to the inflation fire”.

Jack Tame did not go there with Paul Conway yesterday.

The fingerprints of a rigged election right there.

Many appreciate that National’s consistent attack on Government spending is really only so National can justify transferring enormous wealth to the most wealthy in promised election bribes ( tax cuts ).

National have to pay for their tax cuts somehow – so cuts and dumping public servants onto the job seeker benefit queue is part of that recipe.

This morning it’s all about James Shaw and whether Chlöe will throw her hat in the ring like Maiki Sherman appears to desire.

I’ve gotta run now cos James is holding a press conference.


Monday Morning Coffee

G 🙂

Enemy of Democracy partisan National Party TV1 media operative


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