Gerard Otto Facebook: G News – We are in or near a polling period

Unlike the Taxpayers Union ( National Party ) polls which are run for a week at the beginning of every month now – the two major TV polls – NewsHub Reid Research and TVNZ Kantar polls are conducted closer to a quarterly basis. ( this is a rule of thumb which is not exact and different in election years )

For example, last year NewsHub commissioned Reid Research to run a poll between 22-29 July 2021 because it had been almost three months since the previous one back in early May 2021.

This year NewsHub’s last polling period was between 18-27 April 2022 so it’s reasonable to expect another NewsHub Reid Research Poll could be in progress around about now.

All of which brings me to how NewsHub and TVNZ newsrooms appear to step up the headlines that attack the Government during these polling periods.

I was able to pick we were in a polling period straight after Budget 2022 because of the furious media attacks on the government – a steep rise in manufactured negative headlines – incoherent comparisons between the cost of a block of cheese with $27 a week, petty spiteful arguments – you name it – it surfaced.

Now the same kind of anti government media swarm, manufacturing dissent, foot stamping and spluttering against Labour has registered on the “we are in a polling period” scale.

Yesterday and the night before – NewsHub reportedly published five headline articles focused on how world famous PM Jacinda Ardern chose to put a photograph of herself on Instagram before her 1.7 Million followers – where she and almost a hundred youth MPs were not wearing a mask in the reception of the Beehive for maybe a minute.

The greatly magnified issue featured on Tuesday night NewsHub news at 6PM and it led the AM show breakfast interview with Nicola Willis the next day – and carried on all day through Wednesday, before making the news a second day running on NewsHub News again last night.

There was some other news about the end of the world and Europe in flames from Climate Change – but that was not repeated quite as much as Jacinda and her mask.

Five headlines about Jacinda not wearing a mask blazoned on NewsHub like magnesium flares – burning so brightly – when the truth is – masks were worn at all times by the PM and the youth MPs except for a short moment at the behest of a photographer.

This was a huge media beat up by NewsHub and other media were not too far behind. In fact Corin Dann devoted his entire Morning Report interview to the topic on RNZ.

Dallas Graham demanded and expected a full apology from Jacinda here on G News – taunting and provoking the readers that Jacinda had really better apologise because she had made a mistake.

The squirrel nutkin pranced before the owl seeking a reaction.

Sadly the story about Jacinda not wearing a mask also highlighted other failings over at NewsHub inside the Newsroom run by Sarah Bristow ( formerly Paul Henry’s producer ).

NewsHub attempted to report about Jacinda’s speech on Local Government – an issue which is important to us all – especially concerning water infrastructure reform given a million of us are drinking sub standard water from our taps. But NewsHub deleted every single word spoken by PM Jacinda Ardern in her speech about these real issues facing New Zealand and instead told a story about the protestors outside, a few grumpy councillors and of course how Jacinda had not worn a mask at the Beehive with the youth MPs again.

In other words NewsHub ( Discovery Inc ) were censoring the voice of the New Zealand Government and campaigning against Jacinda Ardern and much needed reform for some reason unknown to the public?

It doesn’t stop there.

Famous author Val Monk pointed out the gender imbalance in the Newshub newsroom reporting under Sarah Bristow’s watch :

” Steven Adams gets praised far and wide for picking up his own dishes… our PM gets yelled at for every teeny tiny thing they can poke a stick at. I am sure Steven Adams is a nice bloke, but still. Imbalance.”

Several people noted the misogyny being stirred up NewsHub ( Discovery Inc. ) and their increasingly aggressive demands for an apology from the female PM – while National’s Matt Doocey ( assumed to be a man ) was not asked to apologise at all – but also had his mask off in the same photograph.

Most of the public knew that NewsHub and other media ( Claire Trevett ) had looked the other way about National Party leader Christopher Luxon’s ( a male ) ongoing habit of wearing his mask off the end of his nose with his nostrils exposed – AND – how he has posted many photographs of himself without a mask indoors close to others ( eg. Singapore breaking indoor mask wearing rules ).

There is a truckload of evidence that any media beat up about mask wearing would only be triggered if a woman broke the same rules men were breaking all the time.

It’s not okay for a female MP to do what male MPs do all the time at Discovery Inc.

Discovery Inc’s NewsHub were taking New Zealand back to the 1950s with one rule for men ( boys will be boys ) and another for women – and of course Discovery Inc – is run by a man named Glen Kyne in New Zealand ( Hi Glen ).

The NewsHub newsroom under Sarah Bristow’s watch also published the headline yesterday that :

“PM slammed over ‘appalling’ gift to Biden”

Now you may say “this did happen” and NewsHub were only reporting the facts – but as famous author Val Monk pointed out that there are many souvenir shops selling swamp kauri clocks, swamp Kauri coffee tables, swamp kauri wall art and swamp Kauri coasters around the world all the time.

No objection whatsoever from Discovery Inc / NewsHub until Jacinda can be accused of something.

To elevate the topic to headline status with the word “appalling” attached stands out for its selectivity and just feels like another typical reach into the gutter to throw mud at Jacinda during a polling period.

It’s been a week that feels like a polling period ever since TVNZ political reporters dissed the move to extend the petrol discounts and half priced public transport and dubbed this announcement as cynical on Sunday.

On Monday media went all out to highlight the soundbite “Inflation is the highest in 32 years” while ignoring the fact quarterly inflation rates are declining.

Maiki Sherman on TVNZ 1 News has run two absolutely ridiculous news segments bending over backwards to attack James Shaw based on the facebook comments of three youths on facebook and Jack Tame has gone real easy on Nicola Willis allowing her to keep suggesting that government spending is a big driver of domestic inflation ( pouring fuel on the fire etc ).

In this “distorted news” environment it’s not possible for the public to have faith in democratic institutions like the fourth estate.

They are giving themselves a very bad name as they seek to apportion all blame on social media.

I could not help but think how everyone is now suddenly seeing how decades of conservative fossil fuel led governments around the world refused to listen to scientists placing economic short term gain first – and how this ongoing menace to the future of humanity was propped up by media barons.

Some mainstream media like “FoxNews” and its ilk in other nations – have led us all to a situation where the UK and Europe are now literally on fire.

Is Discovery Inc. / Newshub’s Glen Kyne and Sarah Bristow leading us down the same old path – to elect Christopher Luxon who will strip funds from climate change projects because he pronounces ( wrongly ) this is “adding fuel” to inflation?

Many New Zealanders are so sick of the local media now that they have 100% rejected watching local TV news.

Something needs to be done about the people running the newsrooms at Newshub and TVNZ for the sake of all of us.

The manipulation of Decision 2023 by attacking Jacinda Ardern and giving Christopher Luxon a free pass during opinion polling periods needs to be called out and stopped.

The return to shareholders from a close election is not as important as our future way of life and its time our establishment demanded something better.

The ongoing misogyny and blatant electioneering by newsrooms must stop.

G News – We are in or near a polling period


G 🙂


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