Gerard Otto Facebook: NZ has had an utter gutsful of the negativity and Todd Muller calling everything a shambles except themselves

NZ has had an utter gutsful of the negativity
Imagine if every time Sir Richard Hadlee turned to bowl an unplayable out swinger Todd Muller commented on how he messed up those first few steps in his run up.
“He’s shambolic and should step aside, I mean not step like that. Step like me, straight and perfect.”
“He threw the keeper under the bus”
“As your opening bowler, I would expect more of myself”
Or as Sir Edmond Hillary reached the top of Everest and took that final step…Todd Muller was there with media.
“Shambolic. Total mismanagement, I would have done it faster and without the need for wasteful spending”
“What about the tent pegs left at base camp? And he forgot a kiwi flag.”
“Hillary has no plan. I have a plan. I would expect more of myself if I was a mountain climber.”
Or when John Walker broke the world record for the mile – Todd Muller was at the finishing line.
“What a shambolic shemozzle. He’s running in circles”
“He should have gone faster in the first lap and he needs a haircut like mine.”
“My team will deliver, imagine a runner called Walker? It’s a SHAMBLES!!!”
Yes New Zealand has now had an utter gutsful of Todd Muller running everything positive we do as New Zealanders down into the mud and crushing it in media headlines.
If Todd Muller says “Shambolic” one more time the whole nation is going to entirely switch off.
It’s bad enough having media highlighting the smallest negative issue and gaslighting people every single day to keep up public anxiety…but now Todd Muller has reached the point of no more shambles or no more election for you Todd.
Zip it egg head.
Give Hooton a clip on the ear and douse Ralston’s head in a bucket of Clearasil.
National are a dogs breakfast and have lost any undercoat of plausibility thanks to Todd and Woodhouse and Boag etc.
The “boy who cried Shambles” is a well known myth about a lying corporate egg head who raised the alarm so many times that when there really was a shambles – nobody believed him.
“Fuck you and your shambles Todd” – said everyone.
People have stopped listening to Todd.
Just like when Simon Bridges said we should copy Australia and come out of lockdown far too early.
National served up a serious risk to public health in favour of a few short term bucks and had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.
The public have no time for them anymore.
They can go boil their heads in all their donations.
Instead – the public just want these returning kiwis who are absconding from managed isolation to show some God Damned Respect for their own country.
I am pretty sure I am right about that.
Hell yes.
If 14 days of isolation is too much – they should ask for a mental health counsellor, cigarettes and booze – whatever – but jumping fences, breaking windows and cutting wires is not on – not one bit.
Who does that?
I seem to recall Australia will fine you $20,000 if you break the rules and now they are halving the numbers coming through as community transmission sweeps like a bush fire through Victoria.
Come on you buggers – you are letting down all the decent, positive Kiwis who are keeping to the rules.
Time for some positive news.
National should stick to announcing positive policies ( not more roads zzzz ) that might make a positive difference.
Media should stick to the facts and report some positive stories instead of the relentless negativity about what could go wrong but is actually nothing.
How about celebrating our freedom even just a tiny bit instead of constantly bad mouthing it?
Some heart warming stories?
You know the reality?
What’s the point of having a media who only ever bring us all down?
It’s like a million Mike Hoskings singing tragic opera in a sick bag.
Our negative National Party aligned media are making New Zealanders switch off for the sake of their mental health.
Just a break from the all the moaning and complaining.
Don’t even think of saying it Todd.
You’ve had your say
Might watch a doco or even some rugby…anything really…
You know what I mean.
NZ has had an utter gutsful of the negativity
G 🙂

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