Gerard Otto Facebook: Simon destroyed twice in one day

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Simon destroyed twice in one day

Not many politicians get destroyed twice in one day but then there is – Simon Bridges – who has the set the media on fire with his great self destruction.

At 7.25am Susie Ferguson skewered the Greasy Piglet by asking him several pointy questions while he roasted over her flame of scrutiny.

“You say that the government overreacted by extending the Lockdown..are you saying that you would have ignored the advice given by Ashely Bloomfield to cabinet?”

Bridges refused to answer this question four times and started to squeal loudly in shrill tones about how she kept demanding he answer it..

“Ployse Susie let moi answer”.

What a little shit.

In the end Susie had proven Bridges could not answer this question and utterly destroyed the slippery Poaka chops.

Two things Simon said were blatantly wrong along the way.

1. ) “Da advice to cabinet was to extend Lockdown by two weeks as eye understand it”


The advice given by Ashely Bloomfield to cabinet included three options – :

1. Do not extend L4 Lockdown.
2. Extend L4 till 27 April
3. Extend by 2 weeks.

Bridges should have known that because it was made public by Jacinda Ardern on Monday evening – but once again – Simon was not paying attention.

2. ) “Da medicine is worse den da cure.”

For fucks sake…. that made no sense at all…and Susie pointed that out.

Bridges should have said “The medicine is worse than the disease”, but Bridges’ muddled mind was not up it.

After destroying Bridges on several other points, Susie wound it up by asking if Pullya Benefit supported him as leader?

Simon said yes.

Hilariously, some say Pullya rushed to Twitter and published a backdated tweet so it looked like she said so at 6.54AM rather than at 7.35AM when Simon demanded she do so in a hot mess.

Ha ha ha.

Simon slunk off to the Epidemic Response Committee where he licked his sick burn wounds from Susie’s pointy reckoning …but things soon started to improve for Simon.

Simon saw an opportunity to rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes – and he began probing about PPE supplies, funding problems and any miserable stories he could get his tiny little fat hands on.

Simon tried to dig out any problems he could with the CEO of Aged Care, plus the CEO of the Pharmacy Guild, plus the President of the Dental Association.

Nearly all said PPE had been a bumpy start but PPE was now available and there was no longer a shortage.

Supply lines are much more secure now.

Overall – they all had their hands out for more money.

The Dental Association did have issues with almost everything and sounded like they were pulling their teeth out to be heard.

Simon and David Seymore grinned hugely.

Finally they would be vindicated.

The glory of it all.

Now Simon would strike down Jacinda and make her pay dearly for not getting everything 100% perfect.

Until Professor David Skegg said :

“Nearly all the issues raised here will disappear if we achieve elimination”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Skegg ripped Simon a new one when he also said :

“Because of our more stringent Lockdown we have caught up on the Australians”

Ha ha ha

But the Skegg nuked Simon into oblivion when he said :

“I am intrigued that Australia is not talking about elimination. Each day they delay making things more stringent – is a week at the other end. ”

And just like that – Simon was destroyed again.

Twice in one day.

Professor Skegg smiled as little bits of Simon Bridges floated down to the floor, although some parts clung to the ceiling.

“If both countries are successful we could consider an Australasian bubble” – said Skegg.

A tantalising possibility if we the public stay the course and do not blow it now, by listening to fuckwits like Simon Bridges.

“Da medicine is worse dan da cure”

Holy shit balls.

We have exceptional social cohesion and it is vital we all understand the opportunity we have.

Let’s do this.

Not that other bullshit Simon is cracking on about.

Simon destroyed twice in one day


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