Gerard Otto Facebook: Simon’s Self Destruction

Simon’s Self Destruction ( Continued )

Small pieces of Simon Bridges lay scattered in the debris.

24,000 scathing comments from furious New Zealanders now marked the moment on Simon’s Facebook timeline when Simon ensured all of his colleagues would stay in Opposition for three more years.

Pullya Benefit had to begrudgingly pick up the pieces and rebuild him – which was really pointless after what Simon had done.

It had to be asked – why bother?

The 2020 election was already over.

Simon, was no $6 Million dollar man.

Not faster nor better than before.

Still the same rubber faced fuck head.

Not even worth 6 cents.

Simon started by not allowing Grant Robertson to update the Epidemic Response Committee today.

Instead Simon rushed to ask personal revenge questions, focusing on the exact costs of a few more days in L4 Lockdown.

“Can yoos put any number on dis?” – said Simon as if it would be shocking if they could not

The numbers were bleeding obvious and had been exhaustedly repeated already before the committee.

Grant spelled out the Treasury scenarios again anyway and reminded Simon that decisions in Cabinet were made at an aggregate level.

“Do yoos accept dat the longer we stay in L4 the bigger the economic mess” – said Bridges as if he was lecturing a naughty child.

“The bigger the impact”said Grant, correcting the dead man occupying the Chair.

Grant repeated the Treasury impacts of each level while Simon added up 5 + 2 = 7 weeks.

“Yoos have increased da toyme in Lockdown, but yoos can’t say when we get out of level 3, can yoos?”

Grant tried to tell a hot steamy Bridges that Treasury Scenario 1A pretty closely mapped to the situation plus the wage subsidy scheme was for 12 weeks.

But Bridges cut him off

“Bluntly da Wage subsidy is not gonna cut it, for dem small and SME businesses, so dare…”

Which made Grant say something like…

“If you had let me speak at the beginning then you would know that a Business Loan Guarantee scheme ( 80% Govt risk share with Banks ) has been approved today…so small businesses or SMEs should contact their banks again now and they will find Banks are ready to help them”.

Simon blinked in outrage.

Turns out Simon did not understand that the Government had implemented a range of initiatives to assist businesses neither.

The loss carry back tax relief.

The Business Loan Guarantee Scheme.

The waiving of personal liability for directors.

The wage subsidy schemes.

And further measures were being looked at for retail and hospitality.

So Simon’s “Hold da Gummint to account” revenge plan – was fucked by his own ignorance.

National Bunny McClay and bespectacled Ferret Goldsmith tried to focus on comparisons with Australia ( yet again OMG ).

But Grant pointed out the truth – that retailers in Australia were sitting in empty shops – cos nobody turned up – and most retailers had voluntarily chosen to close.

Plus he pointed out that the Australian Treasury had not released Financial impact scenarios like we had – which made comparisons about as useful as Simon’s self serving revenge.

We’ll all just have to wait and see about the long term impacts on the two economies instead of rushing to conclusions.

Nobody in New Zealand media had done an in-depth analysis because there is a lack of evidence for comparisons.

National were cynically attempting to politicise this lack of information rather than being constructive.

In Australia – Pubs are closed. Clubs are closed. Hotels are closed. Gyms are closed. Casinos are closed. Night Clubs are closed. Restaurants are closed except for delivery services. Churches are closed ..and department stores were fucked, newsagents were fucked, book stores were fucked, clothing stores were fucked.

But booze shops were doing great, along with food stores and pharmacies.

In conclusion Simon and National were persisting with comparisons when they cannot be made – asking for information they already have – and dismissing information that is new.

Rebuilding Simon was a waste of time.

The Government have locked in the gains by extending the Lockdown and most agree that was wise.

The Health Outcomes and the Economic outcomes are tied together.

Something Simon still refuses to understand as he tries to seperate the two and pursue his ridiculous prosecution of a few more days….to get revenge.

Simon has learnt precisely nothing.

National are fucked.

Simon’s Self Destruction ( Continued )


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