Gerard Otto Facebook: National claim the credit despite the OBVIOUS truth about Simon’s belated poll

National claim the credit despite the OBVIOUS truth

After casting extremely premature doubt on the possibility of an election on 19th September, National claimed the Government had moved to implement mandatory quarantine for all arrivals based soley upon the pressure exerted by 40,000 people who signed their petition this week.

3.6 Million people are estimated to be eligible to vote in New Zealand so 40,000 represents a piffling 1.1% of possible voters.

Yes Simon Bridges is actually claiming that pressure from 1.1% of voters forced the hand of the Government at a time when internal polling shows the Government are on 49% and National are languishing hopelessly on 35%.

“Tell him he’s dreaming” – said someone from Bonnie Doon.

Furthermore Simon Bridges had nothing to say about exactly when it would have been feasible to implement mandatory quarantine.

“Ask me another question” – said Simon in his limo.

Obviously that was not a question cheering Nat trolls wanted to answer neither.

The sheer scale of numbers of kiwis returning meant such a decision could only have been made very, very recently.

Everyone knew it.

They also knew 99.999% of returning kiwis had self isolated – so this was about bullshit until we – faced coming out of lockdown and staying out.

But still mainstream media moved on and were sure to note National had been vocal about this for a while.

Obviously Pullya Benefit was acutely aware National had no show of election victory right now – as long as people remembered just how great Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been.

People needed time to forget and National had to rebuild the 10% support they had lost in the past month.

“Oh Gawd”, said Pullya, “what about door knocking, you can’t have an election without door knocking”

The desperation in her premature cries for a delay – were sure signals that National was shitting into it’s own shoe and at least 300,000 voters had deserted them.

The big boss down at the Electoral Commission, Lisa Wright said delaying the election was the LAST THING we want to do right now.

Which underlined the panic in blue HQ right now.

Nat Voters with baches tried to escape the reality of the crap job Simon was doing and got in their SUV’s and drove to their baches under the cover of darkness.

But 99% of them ran into roadblocks and were sent back home swearing with complete entitlement.

Yes support for the Government had never been so high and Simon’s fake news just made him look even more desperate.

Nothing Simon did was honest nor real nor worth it.

How long could Nat Media keep pretending – after RNZ turned on Paddy Gower today – and started to hold the bullshit to account.

Life was shit for National and nobody wanted a tax cut, a strike force raptor, nor even a sausage roll.

No wonder Simon licked the toilet bowl and acted with such pathetic dishonesty and fear.

A drowning man will grab anything.

National claim the credit despite the OBVIOUS truth


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