Gerard Otto Facebook: The filthy rich trying to hoodwink the poor again

Gerard Otto
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The Wealthy hoodwink Kiwis

Remember how it was preached from newspapers that wealth would trickle down from the wealthy to the poor and for three decades everything slid as the rich got richer and the poor got the picture?

Same shit different day.

Today Audrey informs us that the Coalition are in a terrible position because 20% of the most wealthy who own 80% of the assets may have to pay a CGT.

Worse still – according to Audrey – despite the CGT being a long way from legislation – any reporting that accurately describes the fact not all recommendations may become law is a cardinal fucking sin – and a sure sign the government is on the ropes.

Audrey is really doing a massive back flip to make this argument seem real. The same spinning contortions are being hammered at the public by Soper and Hosking.

Suddenly every recommendation must be adopted or the disaster that awaits us is dire and the end of all life.

This is like wiping a dogs bum before it shits on the pavement. It just looks wrong although we get it. The dog may not even take a dump but wiping its ass seems a bit OCD and like the wealthy owners are freaking out way too much.

The fanatically frightened wealthy are making ridiculous arguments all over the place to make their case about the downsides of any CGT.

Rack and ruin will trickle down – this time.

Perhaps the biggest load of bullshit ever uttered is the notion that a CGT will be a disincentive for saving and investment.

Consider the impact of the disincentive ordinary workers have faced from income tax for their entire lives?

Nurses, doctors, accountants, factory workers, chefs, professionals – all went to work five days a week despite the tax.

Big business carried on employing these taxed workers and all arguments about the disincentive to get out of bed and go to work were utter dog Pooh.

Same applies to the nonsense spouted by Kirk Hope today as such pathetic arguments are made by the wealthy to defend their entitled indefensible exploitation.

Notably you cannot educate people who are stupid enough never to learn from “trickle down” economics.

Instead you can only appeal to the minority of people with open and inquiring minds still forming a view about what they are hearing and reading every day.

There’s is no compelling argument against a CGT only a political assessment of how much can be digested.

That is all really but the wealthy are jumping hoops like they always do when they need to fool a population into keeping the uneven playing field that profits them.

The wealthy hoodwink kiwis




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