Gerard Otto Facebook: National have lost the argument against a CGT on rentals

National have lost the argument against a CGT on rentals

There’s going to be a CGT on rental houses and everyone will move on and Jacinda will still be the Prime Minister in 2021.

Take it to the bank and cash that.

Simon will be crushed and not even Nikki Kaye dressed in white – will be able to foot it as his replacement.

The long memories of voters about the shit they have endured for nine years under National and it’s cheerleaders will reinforce what we all know.

National are losers.

National are nation wreckers.

National all alone.

National go home.

In the meantime Kate Hawkesby will occasionally do a Marie-Antoinette like she did this morning in her gold plated ivory tower.

“Let them eat cake but rents will only go up”

Speaking from her $4.7 Million mansion by the sea, Kate has no idea what it might be like out there for the vast majority.

Naturally she is chosen to lecture us and guide us all from her position of total detachment and ignorance by equally detached, ignorant cocks in the senior management team at NZME.

The falling profit margins reflect that lack of touch.

As a consequence that disconnection feels uneasy and fake, even to the knobs who try to believe it.

Yeah it’s just not right is it.

Same with Simon Bridges – he feels like he’s talking in a circle and never convincing anyone.

His popularity is swirling like bath water down a plug hole.

His words are like badly deformed ponies prancing round and round but never making a valid point, until people just turn away and find something else to do.

Nobody gives Simon’s words much credit because it’s so full of donkey droppings and spider webs.

Simon Bridges does not have any coherent argument to make about kiwi aspirations.

He’s the symbol of all that killed the aspirations of hundreds of thousands of young New Zealanders to own their own home.

He stood around and watched as prices went from $300,000 to $450,000 to $650,000 to $800,000, to over a $million for a shitty old shed in Auckland.

He is the symbol of the bygone thieves that stole the future off these young people to fatten up their own guilt free lives.

The enemy who made life so much harder.

Plunderers and looters.

Simon is part owner in four investment properties so him telling the population that steps to fixing the housing crisis is just “the politics of envy” – does not wash anymore.

Fuck that.

He is part of the problem not the solution.


Simon says he believes in education, and that education was his meal ticket to success.

But Simon ditched law like he never even had that meal.

Why bother doing a law degree if you never really do it and bugger off into politics?

It’s just more bullshit.

National have lost the argument because it’s full of shit and their talk is way off target.

National’s best counter argument is to gut the RMA and build more expensive “million dollar plus” houses for wealthy landlords to buy – and then rent to struggling people at very high rents.

Whoopty shit.

Fat load of good that will do.

That is what gutting the RMA will do.

Fuck all.

Plus they have not even gotten around to releasing the RMA policy yet, because they are really lazy and slow.

It’s been nearly a year and a half and tick fucking tock, but things have changed.

People can’t be scare mongered anymore by Judith about what terrible increases could happen, because they know to wait and deal with what actually will happen instead.

Pull the other one you grinning botox vampire.

We’ll wait for the truth.

These tired old games from monsters of “elections past” just make National look like the last dumb cucumbers to catch up.

None of them appreciate that “cat piss bad” sales routines are just pissing the population off.

The very sight of Amy Adams trying to tell us about why a CGT is a bad idea just makes people yell at their computer screens.

Amy owns far too many houses during a housing crisis to tell New Zealand anything about how she cares.

A wall of boos and jeers and rotten fruit are automatic responses now.

This is not the vibe of a strong opposition.

It’s the sure smell of certain loserdom in 2020.

For all of these reasons a CGT will become a reality in 2021 and PM Ardern will still be Prime Minister.

Which is fine by the majority these days.

National have lost the argument against a CGT on rentals


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