Gerard Otto Facebook: Simon vows to fight fairer tax system

Simon vows to fight fairer tax system

The unfair kiwi way of life is under threat according to Simon Bridges who vowed to fight any tax reforms that make it fairer.

As a part owner of four investment properties Mr Bridges is entirely neutral and impartial when he says he will fight tax on the income he stands to make from those properties after April 2021.

He will fight fairness in the cities, he will fight fairness in the countryside, he will fight fairness wherever it may be – he will never surrender.

Other greedy tax free property investors have added their voices to the cacophony of wealthy investment portfolio owners crying like purple babies today.

“Wah wha wah, waaaahhh”, said the Property Investors Institute.

Sales of tissues and nappies were up today according to major retailers, who struggled to keep up with the rivers of tears and bullshit.

Audrey Young rushed to the rescue and reminded multi millionaires that after the last two decades of rampant property value inflation, everything had levelled off.

Like the bloated multi millionaires already had the gains before the proposed new CGT would be implemented and it’s not retrospective.

But the crying was feverish and only increased in volume and intensity.

Angry super wealthy tax avoiders rushed to attack legislation that did not even exist yet as the recommendations from the Tax Working Group included options and ranges, and was not a done deal at all.

Amy Adams ( a member of the Adams Family ) whinged like a squeezed lemon in a tax free juicer about investors buggering off overseas where nearly every other nation already has a CGT.

It all made sense, given all those properties Amy is deeply involved in getting richer from.

No reasoned argument required.

Increased wealth inequality has been one of National’s proudest outcomes after nine years of making life harder for the poor and maintaining tax free welfare for the increasingly rich.

Simon Bridges was determined that all that fine work should NOT be buggered up by this pesky government dragging the property bludgers and parasites who feed off tax free property investment to a day of reckoning.

That would be so much more fair and that will never do.

It goes against everything Simon believes in.

Remuera shifted in it’s gold plated chair.

The population is roughly split down the middle about a CGT with a Newshub poll suggesting 46% were in full favour before it was even sweetened up.

A fairer tax system must be fought hard by all who want an unfair society.

Only if we have more of us sitting back getting rich off each other’s need to live in a house – will National voters be happy.

National are determined that those who missed out on affording a home of their own now work long hours for life in a renter and get taxed for going to work – while property investors stay tax free.

This is the unfair kiwi way of life so cherished by Simon.

This is the ideal vision Simon wants for all New Zealanders in future and he is prepared to fight anyone who wants to put it right.

Deep down unfairness is in the hearts of most National supporters and it’s time to stand up and shout loudly with every unfair fibre of their unfair values.

Don’t change the unfair tax system, they cry.

However not everybody is that self serving and the more we think about fairness, the more people may come around to voting for it.

Simon vows to fight fairer tax system


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