Gerard Otto Facebook: TV Moves on from Young Nat Scandal After only one day – both TVNZ and Newshub have moved on from reporting anything about yet another embarrassing and serious scandal within the National Party

TV Moves on from Young Nat Scandal

After only one day – both TVNZ and Newshub have moved on from reporting anything about yet another embarrassing and serious scandal within the National Party.

A young Nat putting his hands on the face of a 17 year old and chasing her across the street to grope her – was not news according to TVNZ and Newshub this morning.

“Move on” was the directive on both channels from the top.

The same “move on” that directed the same breakfast TV shows to NOT talk about Gerry Brownlee bullying a young legal secretary so badly – that she had to go home for the day in tears.

Not news.

Move on.

Ironically there was no such “move on” directive about the Labour Youth Summer Camp …instead that story was repeated for several weeks – just like the Sroubek immigration case and just like the whole Clare Curran saga.

Weeks and weeks of politically biased coverage that aligned with the bias of TV producers and bosses.

TV bosses who are mostly National Party aligned – are shaping impacts concerning scandals – inflating and perpetuating impacts for the Coalition and minimising impacts for National.

Don’t believe me – consider the AM show this morning.

Duncan ( TmLoK ) went feral on Trevor Mallard ( Speaker of the House ) this morning.

Mallard has announced a review into work place bullying in parliament going back to 2014 and encompassing 3000 people.

The idea is to make it safe to work as an MP or staffer NOW – and really boils down to MPs who have not run a business nor had staff before – getting better at that.

Duncan went on and on like a dog with a bone about how Mallard punched National MP Tau Henare – way back in October 2007.

Events that occurred way back in 2007 are irrelevant to the scope of the review today – but Duncan could talk about nothing else – when Mallard appeared on the AM show this morning.

Yes – the Young Nat Scandal was not news – happened last week – but a 2007 incident – was today’s news according to Newshub.

Duncan refused point blank to mention that Tau Henry had goaded Mallard about his family before the incident occurred.

Tau had used bullying language and was looking for a fight.

He got one.

Duncan also refused to accept Mallard’s comments – that he was not perfect – but this was about today – not going over every old incident.

Duncan kept going about one old incident – anyway.

“Did you land one one on him?” – said Duncan over and over.

Again – Mallard tried to talk about the review now and how work place bullying could be minimised. Over 100 people had come forward already.

“But what about Tau – did you land one on him?” – persisted Duncan.

Mallard tried again to talk about the review today – but Duncan refused to talk about now and insisted that 2007 was relevant.

“What did you learn from punching an MP” – said Duncan

“Don’t go toe to toe with Tau” – said Mallard.

There was laughter – and it seemed like the AM show would move on – but no Duncan wanted to bully Mallard.

“What was it like punching him?”

You get the picture.

This carried on for five minutes on the AM Show.

This was not about today’s news – it was about a National Party aligned propaganda service that did not give a fuck about work safety today nor bullying today and certainly not about some 17 year old girl who was chased across the street and sexually assaulted.

Mel who was filling in for Gillies – said work place bullying was not okay.

But she was talked over by Mark Dickfaceson – of course.

Mark Diskfaceson said,

“Don’t let emotional sensitivity get in the way of progress”

Which sounded like the kind of attitude that does lead to National covering up bullying and abuse and incompetence and it’s aligned TV networks moving on when it suits them.

Ten minutes later Duncan said Lee’s Galloway made a terrible decision about Sroubeck despite Duncan not being privy to the report.

The way National aligned TV had inflated the Sroubek case had defined an MP wrongly and falsely and here was Duncan continuing to do so – rather than waiting for a few more days to be accurate and fair.

No wonder so many of you cannot be bothered watching the biased TV news services in this country anymore.

TV Moves on from Young Nat Scandal



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