Gerard Otto Facebook: National’s downward trajectory from 46% to 37% under Simon Bridges in just one year

From 46% down to 37% in just one year

It’s hard to point the finger at just one reason why about 9% of National voters have had a gutsful of National in just one year

Just over 103,000 Nat voters have defected across the border and ran to freedom since the 2017 election.

No doubt there are many reasons to escape the bitter, howling loserdom of lies and fake superiority.

Having close relationships with the Chinese Communist Party and keeping that hush probably did not go down well with some of the party faithful.

Booting hundreds of people out of houses needlessly over meth contamination was also seen as sheer crony fuckery by formerly loyal Nat voters.

The terrible underfunding of hospitals and closed ears to pay demands by nurses – may have influenced some to say well that’s not good enough.

No doubt the lies about $11.7 Billion holes that did not exist also stretched the plausibility of the liars to breaking point.

People see a surplus not a hole.

The refusal to apologise over Pike River Mine is another time bomb set to explode in National’s face – probably resulting in another 100,000 defectors.

The Jami-Lee revelations have coincided with a dip in Soyman’s popularity from – no fucking way – to fuck right off.

No matter how much Hosking gnashes his teeth and shakes his fist …it seems the decline is steady and on current trajectory should reach 28% this time next year.

The latest “We are listening” campaign is the surest sign of a sinking ship ever seen.

If Jude the Ripper is your next best option – you have no options.

Then there is the way New York threw out the red carpet and chased Jacinda around…she was in demand…unlike Sir John who had to pay for TV time.

The world has hailed PM Ardern as the most charismatic leader in the world and some National Voters – can’t stand denying this any longer.

Plus we’ve never seen such a great Waitangi Day for years as the one we had when Jacinda got stuck in and flipped some sausages to feed the hungry.

Jacinda has helped to bring things back together after National were so cold and distant.

The Queen really liked Jacinda and so did Angela Merkel who told the baying Nat Corp MSM they should be proud of their Prime Minister.

It looked like supporting National was like supporting leprosy.

Audrey and Clare seemed like has beens and whilst hundreds queued around the block in Dunedin just to see Jacinda – only 20 people showed up to Soyman’s meeting in Tauranga.

Duncan had tried banning Winston from the AM Show but Duncan just looked like a giant antidemocratic wanker.

The Nat Corp MSM looked like bitter lemons.

Nobody cared what they said anymore.

They had lost all credibility.

A baby was born and a smart woman proved motherhood did not mean she could not do her job…and many a Nat misogynist was proven horribly wrong.

These days’ it is very tired and uncool to support National and hip to support Labour or the Greens or NZ First.

Kind of like choosing between an old mothball ridden smelly closet – versus – a shiny new walk in wardrobe.

National had produced zero policies in a year and asked 42,000 fishing expedition questions in a cynical bid to overload resources …but still they had nothing and still they went backwards.

If Soyman is correct and he is still the Glorious Loyder by 2020 – then National should be on around 17% by the next election based on current trajectories.

From 46% down to 37% in just one year


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